jennifer I remember
I was sitting at one of the
marathon plays
next to you
I couldn't focus on the show
I could only listen to you breathe
slow steady
every four beats or so
a short gasp
just like my father
I listened and couldn't pay attention
to the show
you asked if I liked it
all I could say was yes
birdmad "but i am barely breathing
and i cant find the air
i don't know
who i'm kidding
imagining you care"

1997 duncan sheik

(pardon...was having a pop moment)
Shae I lay at night
listening to you breathe
and i wonder what you would say
if you knew what the simple sound
did to my soul
The slow intake of humid air
and release in a sharp gasp
I'd like to listen forever
it let's me know you're there
unhinged when you where i around i forgot how to breathe...i never had enough oxygen when we where together. i miss the way you smell. 010106
the repeater florescent light
everything is beautiful.
Even, the red beads tying the black braids of the homeless woman sprawled out under the lonely dark sky's damp avenue - oozed in the thin trickles of red that was her life.

Disease,war, wonderment, amazement, childhood expressions of innocence, nature, every singing snowfall, every thunderstorm, every raindrop creating its path in raw circles of swirling confusion down the lush spike of an evergreen tree, every nine year old rocking, sobbing, rocking, feeling so much pain, yet numb, repeating until he can't speak anymore, repeating, repeating, "I wish I was dead", repeating; every fucking tear that falls off his face is beautiful. And every tear that falls off of mine is too.
Rayne Something I wish I could stop doing. To stop me from feeling and thinking. This is something that is keeping me in pain, keeping me alive. Help me find a way 010417
girl sometimes when i sleep i'll stop breathing. its only for a few seconds until im suddenly awakened by myself, gasping for air, looking like i was waking out of a nightmare and maybe i am. something inside me in the seconds before i awake knows i cant breathe. it doesnt seem to care. it is only when instincts and reflexes kick in that i breathe again. 010808
sabbie and before i had you, years ago
i found it so difficult to breathe
ilovepatsajak breathe into my hands, i'll cup them like a glass to drink from 011217
ClairE At the moment, Creeper Lagoon is asking, "Can't I just breathe?"

The sound of breathing is a base rhythm. I like to hear you breathe
when you hover over me
ragged and urgent

and then again
when you fall asleep
and I touch your hair.
ever dumbening i in her
she in me
one breath
one continuous breath
sabbie ILPS- thats really beautiful.

thank you for that image. its been added to my blather_mental_gallery
ilovepatsajak well then you should listen to the song. it is glass vase cello case by tattle tale. 011218
pralines&cream inhale 020118
pralines&cream (hold you breath) 020118
pralines&cream (hold your breath) 020118
User24 quick, heavy, light, sexy, scary, scared, lack of

so many different types of breathing.

We'll encounter all of them oe day in our lives.
birdmad in fumes

the day trudges on as if it were on tank treads

slow, inexorable,

and of late very heavy
AlmostAutumn the walls are breathing
its cracking the sealing
the pieces fall to the floor
so im picking them up
and putting them in boxes
saving them for a rainy day
so i can fill the holes you left
when you left
and lefte me here
blown cherry missing you already I told him how I'd been having trouble all night,
just not quite getting the air I needed,
straining to get the full intake.

But as soon as our heads touched the scary midget that had been sitting on my chest all evening got up and ran back to his island.

All of a sudden I was at perfect ease,
completely comfortable,
and content with the world,
for once.

I could breathe,
long deep breaths,
full of the oxygen
he supplies.

But now I have to keep breathing without him.
I promise to try,
but no guarantees,
squint late at morning early in the night
combining the time slipping into
the cracks of time zones
dividing us,
we spoke softly into phones
on beds
under sheets
with intimate whispers
sighs and smiles
illuminating our rooms,
encouraging the blinking clock
to slow down
and let us breathe
together slowly,
imagining all the if-onlys
that are playing in the back of my head
prying for a taste of you.
time and space can melt away
in your breath
and all the obstacles
are blown away by your whisper
so that we are pale and alone
against the sky together
with nothing to stop
your lips from grazing mine anymore.
Sailor Jupiter 'Cause I am hanging
on every word you're saying.
Even if you don't wanna speak tonite,
that's all right
all right with me.
'Cause I want nothng more than
to sit outside Heaven's door and
listen to you're breathing.
That's where I wanna be.
phil breath the life out of me
so I can breath it in again
vicious something i do when i'm not smoking 021121
Mahayana swathe my mouth with your lexis, take hold of gullet and constrict till no more is no more

i am the one wrong i am the one wrong i am the one wrong i am the one wrong
so fucking do away with me end this agony
take it all away

accumulate all my last respirements in miniature rusted boxes that way youll be sure ive breathed my last
DavesHeroinGirl I keep hoping with each inhalation you pull me through the phone to you. 030201
ferret once i had a dream, you were in it though i don't know when. i woke up gasping for breath, strait from the empty socket that was my soul. You hurled a question at me, it was a question of life, it was too great for me to hangle, it made me stop breathing so i woke up, at the last moment remembering to breath, out by the bikeracks..... 030202
jane breathe out

so i can breathe you in

hold you in

-- foo_fighters
-- everlong
Syrope it's sort of like breathing
when you don't want to
there are some things you just can't fake.
breathless less 030212
sylphide breathing and looking away, when your name is on my lips, about to be pronounced.
I'm breathing becuase there's no faith in your name.
megan so simple, so ordinary, but when done with you, it becomes a being, powerful. enveloping me in a wondrous remedy, that i want to spend forever in. 030423
miss empathy Breathing out what you're breathing in, I feel that much closer to you. 030426
nomatter I'm talented at breaking, especially exhaling,
so that my chest will rise and fall with yours.
nomatter I'm talented at breathing, especially exhaling,
so that my chest will rise and fall with yours.
pipedream oh, i blathed on 'breathe' then.

breathing fascinates me. i never got to hear your heartbeat, tucked under your chin. pity.
Death of a Rose in anger 031023
hopeisnowhere constant pattern that you have.
changes once were in that strange moment.
the way that I have never known you before.
they say i will never know you again.
at least like that,
i left you there in that bed
in my head
stuck in thailand.
miss you sometimes.
hope to orgasm like that again
maybe I shouldn't do so many drugs.
it was a morning.
days after i turned 16
in a bedroom of a friend
in the middle of the bad area of central islip
and everyone was in the other room
it never meant anything to you
but i think about us from time to time
i guess in that room,
thats where we got what we wanted.
and thats how we died..

bobbi is what happens when there's nothing else that can be done 040330
puredream still breathing heavy. 040630
asphalt is overrated 041113
nathalie marcom she is not breathing
her body is still
like a calm lake on a summers morning
she is cool
like the winter in ontario
her colour is pale
like milk poured from a carton into a glass
but the glass shatters
she does not wake
Mister Brightside ragged but not shallow,
marked by the rasping sensation
at the top of my throat
dot breathing one breath with you
over and over and over
dreaming together cuddling til sleep
can we get any closer
emmi things that are harder to do at night 051120
In_Bloom You're driving with my head in your lap
You pet me, your happy creature
And I know you're smiling
Against your belly my ear tunes in and paces my own breathing to yours
I'll keep this happy memory
In_Bloom It's my way
To make every good thing count
Cause I can't get back that Time
So I'm going to honor what was love
As I felt it, as I believed in it
No matter what it was to you
That's how I'll keep breathing
hsg that is honorable. 080821
past is a bit less comfortable than it should be. at least nothing's broken. 080822
hsg labored 080823
ungreat I can't believe I still am. It's all I keep thinking. 120328
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