intimate that's what we should be, yes...then no need to escape, to worry, to eat, to sleep, to stare at the moon, or turn away from the sun...and i don't mean it like you think...i mean mixing our minds and our goals so the world cannot tell which one of us is the source of the problem or the escapist from solutions... 980819
jade what holds us back but reluctance to be intimate with ourselves? the barrier for me is that i won't be what you want. 980905
jessica there's no such thing as being intimate anymore. our relationships are shared with handfuls--even bowlfuls--of other people. our secrets are betrayed. we have online journals and webcams. we have aids and stds. we have suicide. it's an epidemic of the loud and obnoxious. but there's no more quiet. and there's no more intimate. 990927
amy two spoons 000203
Brad This word should be so nice... but it's come to be kind of creepy. They always use it when talking about condoms and STD's 000310
girl theres more...much more... 000326
birdmad the sense of closeness and completeness with someone that exists for it's own sake. Trust beyond words, beyond gesture.

What i thought we were.

And you thought i was just trying to get into your pants.
MollyGoLightly you've reached an intimate knowledge of your second language when you can do impressions. 000506
sunny intimate is, went to your house, stayed till all my senses merged into the love that you radiate and slipped away from all the fake in the univrse to out in the real, to the assylum of our being as we learn to finish each others sentences, and became an intergral piece of one another 000509
moonshine we dont have to be naked to be intimate but i m not sure you ve realized that 000626
silentbob sunrise
close talks
gazing eyes
true love
true love
true love
a shared frappacino
comfort when sick
true love
i'll never stop loving you
rubbing of skin
brushing of lips
i love to just breathe you in because oxygen doesn't smell nearly as good as you my sweet
miah completion.
when looking for true love we look to be completed.we look for that one person-our other half, our soulmate, who will will find our deeper level and show us that we are not as shallow as we feared we might be.
intimacy is when we show ourselves completly to another person hoping that they will find in us what we never could. hoping that they wll complete us.
piercedjenny when will you realize that being intimate is more than being inside my body, its being inside my mind and soul? 011112
birdmad i want to tell you a joke that won't make you laugh until some strange inappropriate moment when you are in the company of strangers who are glancing at you and wondering "what is so funny?"

to be the remedy for that ache which sometimes threaten to overtake you

to be the aftershock of your heartbeat

to be the song you can't get out of your head
Sonya Intimate was what we were...
when we exchanged those sweet words,
when we shared our hopes and fears,
when we laughed until we cried,
when we debated and teased,
when we played on our desires,
when we opened up our souls.
Intimate was what we were, but it is what we can never be now.
I bid you an intimate farewell...
Destination? I see inside you, paths and valleys, not seen by the clothed eye. I walk inside what we have laid before the altar and expressed to heavens alike. You can feel me without my presence know, with out my beat being heard. You are inside of who i only aspire to become, i am inside you yearning and redemption. Your movements whispers softly to my skin and aches for the touch of yours onto mine. I am a void with out you near and come alive when you are here. We lose ourselves in this idea of conscience thought that we are no longer unique in way of form but yet one mass moving within the same tide, swell and crash, we now rise and fall repeatedly inside one another, until our decent upon the shore and our return to reality to the tick of the clock and the rise of the sun, i was lost inside the intimacy of one. 020916
god we're closer than canada is to mexico 030620
jezabel i do not want this.

i wanted, want, you laid out as buffet, not bared as mirror to my own...

i wanted to brush up against you
to gather your essence,
to heal with you,
to revive with you,
but instead,
i am faced with deadly mirror
of what brought me back,
what sparked my need.


i needed you to be simple and indescript,
and instead i am left with
such a small taste on my tongue
and the promise
of nothing more,
not ever,
you and i
are too intimate
for such sharing.
Meow 26 years and seems like I've just begun to understand my, my intimate is no one 040106
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