Caine Songs about women should be sung in Spanish. Everything else finds a better venue in the English language, which is less sensuous but more versatile. Despite popular opinion, French is a terrible language with which to compose poetry.
emma under the language is a good place to hide. 981022
k me encanta el españ lengua es la más bellísima...también italiano...las canciónes en español son las más llenas de amor y sentimiento. ahhh.

excuse my imperfect spanish. (translation: i love spanish...the language is the most beautiful...also italian...the songs in spanish are the fullest of love and feeling. ahh.)

sometimes i like to hide behind my own language though. i find others to be happier. more interesting. something to keep me from going out of my mind. maybe that's why i amuse myself by studying mindless things, like irish and scots gaelic, welsh, and the greek and phoenician alphabets. hah ;)
emma my potential school for next year won't let me take two languages until a year after, which makes me sad. how am i supposed to speak japanese after two years of classes? because i really would rather study french.

also they dropped latin recently, which is too bad. i do so like latin.

(but i always failed spanish.)
ceorl projections of thoughts, extensions and sharings of consciousness, intertwined fingers of minds. Sometimes just noise. 990418
meeker is a great crevass in which to hide when you prefer to say nothing while pretending to say quite a lot 990510
leslie changes constantly. What is the name of that French organization that regulates the admission of new words into the language?

isabel moi, j'adore presque toutes les langues du monde...francais, espagnol, italien, anglais, etc. 990531
emma i, similarly, used to think the whole idea of francophones getting all worked up about "franglais" or whatever sort of reinforced our stereotypes about francophones but now i really see where they are coming from when i, an anglophone with french, read a french sentence with a bunch of english words in it: it just sounds really dumb. well funny also. funny and dumb. 990611
lee a bitter joke that universal order has played on the hearts of poets. 990706
Joana Esperanto: la internacia lingvo.
Cû vi volas paroli esperanton?
OTK Soon I will know (ahem) German, Greek, Japanese, Latin, and a smattering of French, Spanish, Russian, and English.

So far English is the hardest. Especially as spoken on television.
jared_d ...Always fails me when I need it most. 990923
Gigo Loma boop oop de doo
i love my language, english. arguably one of the most complex on the planet, with one of the largest vocabularies out there. borrowed words from french, spanish, and various native american languages (for american english, of course), and a nice amount of our germanic brethren's sound set... dutch, german, yiddish, and flemish -- not to mention the celtic undertones. all these wonderful factors coalesced into what we speak today -- one of the most beautifull spoken languages that has ever been (yes, the other languages are just as amazing... they all do their job, after all) not many other languages can boast the range of sounds and meanings that can be conveyed with so many different words. none of that affixing and infixing for us, oh no, we have all new words to mean different things! such a diversity allows blathering to go on and on and on... pondering the meanings of words by comparing them to other words... so many synonyms so little time.
thank goodness (or the other one) for such a versitile system that we humans have for conveying thought to others. our ability to create meaning from simple sounds is really quite amazing. language is one of the strongest forces that bind us together as we see ourselves... culture and language go hand in hand, if you and i speak english natively we have many things in common. If you speak Spanish natively, then we have less things in common, perhaps only our understanding that we have achieved some type of language. but this should be enough... we know that each are human, we have that bond between us, and isn't that all that really matters?
so in the end language is only a tool. a tool that lets us understand who we all are. a tool that when used correctly can bring so many people together... or drive them apart. language has the darker aspect of showing us all how very different we are... but one *must* look past that, language is just a tool, we are all humans. use what we are given for the good of all humanity, not just those who *seem* similar. (and when writing things like this at six o'clock in the morning one tends to ramble...)
amy Language, by design, imparts cohesion to the chaos. (if you're postmodern) 000106
Christy the complex combination of symbols that humans have created to confuse others and to hide the truth. 000302
non nome Je ne parle pas Francais 000417
vxbda Tengo una guitarra in el bano. It's all I remember from Spanish Class. Adios! 000526
amorfus "Whereas nature is multidimensional, language is linear, scrawny. If you identify what something is with how it is described, it's like eating dollar bills and expecting to have a nutritious diet."
Grendel "Nature is a language,
can't you read?
Nature is a language,
can anybody read?..."

stephen patrick morrissey
tourist Remember Esperanto? it was a language invented to become a one world language
maybe as far back as the fifties. Never caught on though the U.N. was backing it (I believe) There are still groups that meet and speak it still.
I read that it still has a lot of potential not as a primary language, but as a syntax bridge for automated translators . You know like the universal translators from Star Trek.
Reducing syntax errors and clarifying meaning while translating dissimilar languages. It would work by translating a language first into esperanto Then from Esperanto into the Tongue you wish to hear. IE.Japanese/Esperanto/Navaho.
or English/Esperanto/Persian.
If all goes well we might see portable translators that speak to people in their own tongue on the market in a couple of years.
jerrym -seems to have died here about five months ago ^.

too many words
not enough talk.

You mean a little back and forth dialogue?
Yes, but even something a little more one-sided.
What do you mean?
Well, I couldn't *mean* anything without language, could I?

-is music is language.
but music was first.

other animals sing/make music, but they cannot tell us that their parents were poor but honest.

-is our greatest invention/creation. only we seem to have it, just now.
So we listen, and wait.

maybe we should meet here
very fertile ground
or is it
just words
which is one

too many threads
which is three words
don't go there

and i
can't find my way home
by blind faith
is that what "don't reload"

and not unrelated
Bucky Fuller words.

i love threads
quite a concept.

what language are you written in?
where is the translator?
every once in awhile you speak in a language i can understand
you talk directly to my heart
and i feel that i could know you
but then as quickly as it it started it stops
and i am once again a foreigner in my own mind
i forget what it was i thought i once knew
and the sight of you suddenly makes me feel as if i am lost
ellen cherry charles "Speak to me in a language I can hear
Humor me before I have to go
Deep in thought I forgive everyone
As the cluttered streets greet me once again
I know I can't be late
Supper's waiting on the table
Tomorrow's just an excuse away
So I pull my collar up and face the cold
On my own" Thirty Three, Smashing Pumpkins
tit my language is one that this world has taught me. it is full of: no and hurt and pain and fear and maybe and leave and alone and scared. and then you find me in the darkness that has become my soul and you whisper strange words of possiblity and kindness and laughter and hope. i've never been a linguist. ive never been able to feel a foreign tongue. but yet your words surround me in my dreams. words i cant comprehend fall off my tongue. 020220
Eowithien the only true language is music and the next best thing is none.

why waste a voice in plain speech when you can express yourself in song?
JMC the brits think jello is jelly, which has to have something to do wit language 030615
anotherblatherer what's with all tis suff bout different languages why not just say language is different everywhere? 030817
Clooneman 2000 I propose we re-introduce the genitive case into English, and perhaps let the definitive and indefinitive article incur changes accordingly. 'Twould be mad shit altogether. It had vanished by Shakespeare's day, unfortunately, and ditto from the King James version of the Bible, so we don't know what exactly it was like just before then... at what point did English lose gender and case? Imagine if it had them today.... then wouldn't the language be wierd? You'd have very strangens contortionens wordens, and very wierds rules in orderem to effect them. In factem, the language would probably be pretty very very different from the languagem that we know today, what with endingems cases, changedems orderems wordeses; and as a result, you'd have an awfulen loten neweses learnereses. Yes?

(If anyone wonders what happened there, I added -en to all nouns that were in the accusative case, -em to those in the dative, and -es to those in the genitive, just like in German, and similar to old English. And then I added an -(e)s if there were plural. And I molested the adjectives the same way. Majick.)
celia beautiful and overwhelming if you think about it hard enough. 031204
celia beautiful and overwhelming if you think about it hard enough. 031204
divine madness a deep thought en Espanol o en Italiano, en francais aussi. always a deep thought for no matter what language it would be, for it shall always be a deep thought 040114
zeke its a virus from space. 040115
oE i just LOVE treading water when
linguists hold forth on the eclectic and esoteric realms..really though..i loved a sun haired aspiring linguist once..she was pretty bright..pretty quick..comparitively speaking ahead of me in some areas..linguists..
munkeh Once shared a house for 3 weeks with german speakers. Ended up dreaming in german. I don't speak german, but i guess i can when i'm sleeping. cool. 040115
dudeinanigloo Eye kin reed eend rite reel guhd in inglish! noe wundir eym teh best pesht centrol giy een aul uf cunadia! 040122
quotree "Language is a cracked kettle on which we tap out crude rhythms for bears to dance to while we long to make music that will melt the stars." - Gustave Flaubert, `Madame Bovary' 040301
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