typhoid you come and go
too quickly for me to show
you anything or communicate anything useful.
not that what i say needs have a use,
but this fidgity abuse
of information leaves me far from full
nighean_siofra it happened so quickly
like the crash of wave
i never saw it coming
i used to feel so secure
content and sure of my place
but now like a dropped penny
my world is falling away
i feel like
i have no real use anymore
that my place is gone
i've nothing to work for
no lines to memorize
no music to play
no songs to sing...
and the penny says
what point in being here
if no one even needs me?
andru235 would you rapidly hurry it up an rush speedily? 051022
dr. gonzo "QUICK, like a bunny!" 090227
what's it to you?
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