Death of a Rose her slightest inclinations.
brand your mind with her signature laughter.
scar your fingers with her skin.
break your legs as you follow her.
crush your trust as she bends over you.
slash your tongue as you try to fail to utter the words she seeks.
freedom every scar on his body
every moment he says he loves you
the way it feels when he holds you tight
what his smile looks like
what his kiss feels like
because it might be awhile..........
three words 9000000000000000 memorize blather_facts 100415
Ouroboros bullshit classes in school = memorize, take the test, pass the test, forget everything you just memorized, repeat 100415
unhinged photographic_memory

after i dropped out of grad_school i had time to memorize the details of my life that i actually wanted to remember
amy nada noir. 100416
what's it to you?
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