aaron when old wounds heal, the pink flesh binds together again, or maybe something that you can't see at all. 000803
stan and where it has mended, it is stronger than before 000803
sp00n I'll leave my mark, trust me. 000804
knife i could leave a better one 000804
misstree the places
where you have been.

trophies for surviving
another wound.
misstree "Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. Realize the strength and move on." -H. Rollins 001113
cazzi i have too many 001228
green_tenedril i used to sit and cut my legs
hoping that i could do away with myself
and all the pain i felt and caused in the world.
i finally stopped 5 years ago.
if you are one who does it
realize that you were born for a specific reason.
you are important, and if you try to eliminate yourself, you scar the rest of the world for not getting to know you.
bluedaisy33 cutting is almost hte opposite of trying to do away with yourself because wen you cut yourself you do it because the pain is comforting but when you kill yourself you do it because you can't stand the pain anymore... 010403
green_tendril you know, you may have a point there. (no pun intended.) i stand corrected. thankyou.
i guess that i am more the suicidal type, not the pain relieving type, though.
body image problems, thought my legs were too big, and wanted to cut them until the icky fatness would just fall away. just hated me, hated this mortal shell.
things are better now...
small sad self too many to talk about. 010428
eddie monster the scar over her lip
brings out
her pearly white teeth
the scar over her lip
tells a story

she gave me my first kiss
so gentle
her tongue moist and playful
tells me the things i don't want to know

i haven't seen her
since that kiss
i can only imagine
the things i miss

she's sad
she sais it's held her back
i'm sorry
i think it's wonderfull

like a birthmark
like a earing
like a tattoo
right now it's the thing that attracts me most to you

a blemish that will never fade
an attraction i can't understand
i love you
i love your every fault

her facial scars
blown cherry I drove past the tattoo parlour today
and thought to myself how good it would be to get a tattoo of a deep scar, an ugly, ghastly gaping wound
- to have some shocking external representation of the excruciating pain and scarring that love has given me within.
eddie monster on your face?
your cheek or forehead?
i may propose to you

i don't know what it is
that i'm so infatuated
with facial scars

this stupid program won't let me
dedicate a whole page to FACIAL SCARS!
please someone help
love......blown cherry?
phil today 020729
blown cherry eddie, did you put an underscore between facial and scar?
eddie your a princess bc 020801
blown cherry funnily enough I have a bookmark that claims that Cheryl means princess :) 020802
eddie are you flirting with me 020805
blown cherry Soz, I've got a boyfriend now,
flirting is kept strictly to absolute minimum, only what I need to pass as human and female.
I can't imagine anyone worth risking him for
(but I'm sure you're very nice too,
I'm sure sooner or later someone will get a blather_crush on you)
eddie shut the fuck up


not you bc
your sweet
but for some reason
thats how what you said makes me feel

kudos to him and you
a bird with a striped eye facial_scar 020808
one more time facial_scars 020808
eddie i want to scar you
physically and emotionally
i want to beat you
to a pulp and leave you hopeless
girl_jane Take your pick. I'll decide if I want to tell you or not about the story of it got there... 020912
EDDIE tell me, tell me
tulip bruises fading,
my white skin,
crossed through with purple and white lines,
every time i look at my arm,
sickness deep inside,
left over from what,
no amount of bloodletting could get out.

the intoxication of pain,
the beauty of blood,
the questions of onlookers,
the challenge of cutting right through to the other side,
hiding the pain every time i moved,
releasing the poison created by you.
your plague. I have more than scars from you.
They have become personal reminders.
/anon I left a bunch on my leg one night and i dont really know why. i tell people i do it because it lets me not think about bad things like suicide and why i hate myself and stuff like that. but really i dont know why.

im so fucking angry and confused and tired.
voodoo you have scarred me
physically and mentally

i love all my scars
they remind me of you
and make me smile

you touch the one on my hand
ask if it's healing yet
i don't want it to either

one more thing that reminds me
of you
Julia no scars on my legs
and no one here is being compelled to slash away at invisible forces my good fellow

I am NEW
kiwibird Her scars blurred,
breached out,
and intertwingled
with the lower back of my brain
caused my arm to stroke her skin
and my heart to squirm in fear
ungreat The spot that reminds you of the appendix you used to have. You told me it felt weird when i touched it, so I kissed it to make it better. 070809
LoverOfLight I asked
"show me where the bullet went in"
I wanted to see the spot where some frightened metal thing flew inside

Inside where I wasn't allowed no matter how he encouraged me to burn, sweat and claw my way into making him memories
*ikonaj* i have a sadness
it's called you

convinced that love is about negotations with the self.

here i tug
here i don't

kiting along and threading precariously in glass. this is how i think. now.

this blinking scar
raw as compassion

sea-kisses. add salt to it and watch it shriek roses.
what's it to you?
who go