Catherine it's the way i wish i felt right now.... 990622
cares when you kissed me
my world become black
my heart opened
all I want now
is to shut it
girl its all i want when u come to visit me again 000327
birdmad something i have not done since you left 000401
emily i miss the way it used to feel,
words couldn't describe the way i felt,
now it just seems ordinary,
what happened......
MollyGoLightly My first kiss made me late to ninth grade history class. 000519
gregg after my first kiss, i couldn't stop staring at this girls mouth...i was just enthralled that it could feel like that... 000519
Tiffa Ever been kissed?

I've been kissed by a girl and it felt warm and sweet, the scent of her mouth still clings to my nostrils. Her heat has melted any sense of thought from my mind as my hands reach out to touch her. Its my pure desire that clouds my mind, it's her kiss that urges me forward as we tumble onto the bed. Its that kiss that sends the shivers through my spine and makes me tremble. No longer the girl that pervades my dreams and makes me wake up in a cold sweat and a heart of longing. Its the kiss. If death could only be so sweet, its her kiss.
Tiffa Yeah, Ive been kissed, but it was a dream.
The man I see has a mouth like poisen. Its pure LSD with the trippiest effect, through a kiss my mind is lost. Yeah I've been Kissed. In my dreams its the man with the sexy laugh that pulls me down. I call him a bitch and back-hand him, but its that kiss i dream of. The sweet smell i know i will recognize. The love i have and the love that is sent back may be different but i want that kiss. Its that kiss i smell its that kiss i feel and taste.
Yeah Ive been kissed, but it was a dream.
unhinged i don't think i've ever been kissed in love. if it ever meant anything.... leave me to ruminate in my loneliness. 010131
alkalinepixie when he kissed me fer the first time last nite. it felt so beautiful i stopped and put my head on his shoulder and you could hear me kinda breathing heavy. and i wonder if he took that the wrong way .. 010304
silentbob its been too long
both for me talking to alkalinepixie, and for being kissed
alkalinepixie i miss you silentbob and id kiss you if i could legally drive to yer house. hehe. 010304
johnny west It's like tennis, melting into the shrivelled belly of a kangaroo. And that's a good thing! 010304
caite we're walking home next to the empty road, hospital, abandoned burned school
you pull me next to you and quickly bend your face to me
a break, mended soon in chatterings
and i can still taste your
love and wet
on my raw lips
i love you
firehunden hmmmm....

not by a girl since....

spring of 97'

i am really picky.....or is it something else....
penis flying A kiss on the fucking cheek.
That's what you get for being yourself.
That's what you get for wanting it.
I'd bite your lip if you let me.
EMPATHY Stop it, Penis Flying! You're giving me a boner! 010310
penis flying That was the idea... 010310
mikey i want on right now. 010310
mikey one not on. grrrr i hate typos 010310
kate oh shit. i just kissed a girl and i haven't stopped shaking since. 010317
johnny west Interesting, that. I've often wondered myself what it's like to kiss a girl. But y'see...I'm a guy, so that makes it a little different. I suppose my being slightly "insane" has rendered me unkissable. That's interesting too. 010317
Aimee Johnny, If I could, just make you feel better I'd give you a real kiss but I hope this helps :::Kisses Johnny::: 010318
mikey kissing is such a sensual thing. everyone kisses different. some use tongue, some dont, some like to keep it little simple "pecks" on the lips and cheeks, some like to nuzzle kiss, some like to lick mostly..etc.... fun part is the beginning kisses both people feeling out the other and finding out just what kinda kisser they are.

Kissing Dr. Mikey, MD. (tm)
johnny west Thanks, Aimee. Just the fact that you would think something like that makes me feel good. Maybe I am kissable after all. 010318
jennifer he holds it over me
invading my dreams
and my waking nightmares
my heart for ransom
Teddybear Then there is pathetic me, who has never been kissed. Not even as a little kid by my mother or father (sigh) 010412
unhinged he kissed me on the cheek today

it's just too bad
birdmad one night...
our lips drew closer and closer
i closed my eyes
just as i could feel the warmth of her breath mixing with mine when we were only an inch away from each other

she pulled away.
banana i sit and watch as he talks to me about nothing, all i can think about is pulling him close to me ... kissing his bottom lip. the pout of his mouth is all i can stare at ... i'm listening to him, but all i want is that one sudden kiss that seems to stop time 010619
Fire&Roses For the First time... Sitting so close... talking and your lips meet... like an accident... he knows about accidents, but it wasn't because we stayed that way. Lips clinging passionately... he knows it wasn't an accident. 010812
jestification you did it without asking and the drama rose to the top of my head and i got a high and it was in front of the stage and he had to see it happen.....
god saw it happen.
the cameras saw it happen.

so i ran to the back of the room and you looked like i ran away...
and i wanted you to do it again, but he was there and i was so conflicted.
i don't know why because he don't even care.
because he'd never kiss me in front of the stage.
because he'd only kiss me in back of the bus.
and i need more.
so the next week i found you and i didn't kiss you in front of the stage,
but i made it apparent i wanted to.
and he.
he came and pinched me but i pushed away.
so i stayed away from the stage all together and found your lips at the after party.
and we kissed without asking.
ClairE by death.

Kissed so many times
in so many ways
in many ways the same

and the best ones were journeys.

A kiss.
whoknows when we wanted each other. and oh! when we kissed...

when we kissed
rocket_boy Kiss me with the Kisses of your mouth, for your love is sweeter than wine, you come to me with a voice like rushing waters:"Come away with me my love". I answer the lover of my soul and run after my true love into a quiet, desert place where the only life is that created between me and you as you approach and touch my lips with thine. 020228
girl_jane I haven't been kissed the way I want to be kissed in a long time. I won't be kissed the way I want to be kissed until the next warm rain. The next warm rain won't be until the summer. I'm anxious. 020228
lycanthrope then i saw that look upon your face,
one last kiss, and then fall from grace.

I've looked at her lips untill they mouthed kiss me, i've looked at her eyes untill they closed. And i closed mine the dark it's amazing we found each other, we had to stay connected, we had to keep moving, if we got lost, it would become cold, and it had to stay warm...
shatazap thats what happened.
then we broke up.
wanna kiss freakizh? two comments on kissing:

1) yesterday i had another weird dream (different from the_weirdest_dream), in where the love of my life, who i haven't seen in almost two years, kissed me with wonderful and soft lips, that were so round and tender that i almost thought there were from a girl.

2) i hate kisses as a way of greeting. not because i don't want to, but because it makes her to kiss me, with her small mouth, with no sexual intention, and all i can do is to kiss back, almost anywhere, but definitely not in her mouth. that wouldn't be greeting, but a "stay-by-my-side-forever" plea.
- . 020803
me i havnt yet. and it makes me feel like a loser. am i? 021201
abia marie i have been kissed by the one i love and i am blessed
after our lips meet that is all i think about for days
i miss him so much but i shall see him again tomorrow
devalis hate that past tense. 030130
Glynyrd I have kissed and been kissed.
Nothing compares to the feel of a gentle kiss. Nothing arouses the mind and body like a long deep wet kiss.
Yes! I would like to be kissed again just as I would like to kiss again.
Lilac kissed on the coffee shop couch.

memories memories
orangine loose boots, too big
flapping and slapping
sidestepping around ice
making slow languid trails
new snow crosshatched with our paths

down-feather flakes
a veritable pillow fight that ends
lying in a heap
melting everything with body heat
entangled limbs, uplifted faces
kissed by hard cold sleet
love & hate When we first kissed,
the sky parted,
the angels shon down on us,
the darkness faded,
the demons stepped back.
When we first kissed,
the whole world stopped,
the human race stopped breathing,
and the wind didn't even blow.
When we first kissed,
i fell even deeper in love,
i fell into a bottomless pit full of you,
i fell into a bed full of pillows,
a hot chocolate full of marshmallos, a glass full of jim beam, a room full of flowers, a pool of love which i want to drown in.
When we first kissed,
my heart skipped a beat,
so did yours, i felt it.
When we first kissed,
everything changed,
all for the good,
all for the better.
When we first kissed,
i knew i wanted you,
only you,
for the rest of my existance.
I knew it was you all along, the one, the one people only dream of meeting let alone being able to touch them, feel them, taste them.
For that, i am the luckiest person in this world. And will be as long as the memory lasts. One day i hope it is refreshed. One day. You tell me.
sisyphus it was me kissing him 1st
him kissing me 2nd
or maybe some variation.
it's all confused
L0v3 Is Fr3 "I want to make sure that first person you kiss loves you. Okay?"
"Okay." She was crying harder now. And I was too, because when I hear something like that I just can't help it.
"I just want to make sure of that. Okay?"
And she kissed me. It was the kind of kiss that I could never tell my friends about out loud. It was the kind of kiss that made me know that I was never so happy in my whole life.

~Perks of being a Wallflower
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