typhoid Little zooks, of whom no one was fond,
They shot towards the roof and beyond;
The infant's trajectory
passed him over the rectory,
And into a lily-choked pond.
forlorad i try too hard. 000707
Elana where i wish i could be.
where i could find comlete freedom and release from this beyond hell place.
screw the world, i am already dead.
Josie from the Pussycats i like to fly, flying is fun. birds fly. they fly because they have feathers. feathers tickle your nose. my nose is stuffy. my bears name is Stuffy. but Stuffy can't fly because he has no feathers, like birds do. if i had feathers, could i fly? i think i could and then i could be like Big Bird from Seasame Street. Big Bird can't fly because he's too big, hence the name Big Bird. Well I have to go fly. byebye. 010429
Persona if i had a fear, i'd imagine looking downout the rear...of the rickety rackety jet.
if i was crazy, it would seem more than carpet face would see me.
if i could reach down with hand, plucking that river hair strand.... snapping her vein like stem.
Water realeased to drown me.....
only if i was afraid
jet thinking of flying 010621
sheyachern figertypos tips are curving your light up down fire burning invisible laughter catchy feeling from nowhere til i see nothing and everythin none at the different place 011113
Kyuti I believe I can fly
so that I can see you all
walking around without knowing
I am there
Wind blowing through my hair
a sense of freedom
a rush that goes deep into the heart
because yes,
I believe I can fly
ClairE I've never wanted to.

Does that make me a freak?
no because he felt like the third stooge 020112
josie countless dreams of flying.
i vividly wake in my dreams to find myself soaring through skies so simply.
over what i know so well.. as though i couldn't really see it before.
maybe my stars were right today.. sometimes i don't seem to see the things right in front of me.. their logicality.. as opposed to trying to figure out something distant which i think is supposed to be relevant..
phil slipping away from the ground
the trees are my home
taking people to the stars
I see the world from above
landing far from the houses
to take a few tranquil shots
expanding the laws holding
my dreams breaking apart
the breathing floats me
a little shocked each time
believing that again
I have begun
the first time
phil (the first flight) 031113
ferret eye strike two-ply, spying miss none. words my. hey fly meat puss grey have feathers. leathers tickle floor hose. try hose it's fluffy. why bears lame is fluffy. butt huffy pants my because we has toe feathers, psyche birds too. if i had pleathers, would cry die? my tink why could man hen eye could whee hike wig heard from pleasure me wheat. stick Bird hand why free fuzz he's moo big, fence the lame wig word. hell why have too snow fly. byebye.

- Ferret's modifications inc.
lou_la_belle i think i would love to just get up one morning and fly away. Leave all the stress and anxiety behind, rise higher and higher into the glorious sunlit clouds. yes, i think that would be quite magnificant. feel the warm air rush past my face, watch as the houses got smaller bit by bit...the freedom in it would be overwhelming! i could go anywhere, do anything, and not worry at all. and i wouldn't have to care, i could 040505
Frankie Robertson A high flying thing can be nothing but what it is flying on high. 060209
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