conspumtive hatred
larval stage from the inside

(will these dreams still follow me...out of dark obscurity)
startfires it's never as warm
as i would think
it's like i'm not even there
you're not touching me
you can't fucking touch me
i don't feel it
kate i will not be sucked from my world into yours. 001122
lovers lament up my soul with your manipulations. you bring my feelings to the boiling point and then pawn it off on someone else. how many years have i played the game with you? watched your lies, your sweet innocent. .., you get to people. then you fuck them. you fucked me. and just to let you know that you're not doing all the work. . .i'm gonna fuck you. 001123
Fly I wake to find my eyes burning.
Maybe i deserve the pain for my thoughts last night.
birdmad from the center of my chest to the tips of my fingers

but now no longer in anticipation of the next touch

the path i sought to leave behind beckons me again
(yes, back into the waiting arms of the night-time world...but will i be able to pick up where i left off?)
speedfreek--> prepare to burn in Hellfire, 010428
ever dumbening man 011116
angie we used to burn...or should i say
you used to burn
bernie...haha thats what you called people
that was funny
phase shift
blown cherry places I shouldn't go,
things I shouldn't read
Why do I do it to myself,
when it hurts so fucking much?

I have no reason for crying, and yet the tears eat like acid into my cheeks and eyes.
I can be standing around doing something else entirely, but then, some random thought will attack, and it's not even a case of letting myself think about something, the thought is in my head before I even realise it.
And then it's there, in all it's magnificence, bringing me untold pain,
then I have to gulp back the sobs to take the next ticket.
Though I must admit, crying between customers is something I have become rather good at over the last few months,
even if I do say so myself.

fuck this burning.
it's fucking my head
fucking my heart

fuck winter too.
my body isn't always this cold.
phil today 020729
white_light Crescent moon vs Industrial glow
Limelights, spa steam & cigarette smoke.

This love is like a cigarette,
didn't know of love till you touched my lips,
my mind wafts upward through the trees,
leaving you burning here with me.

Shimmering bodies beneath the surface
Breathing, sleeping, screaming purpose

This love is like a cigarette,
smoked it gone till you forget,
I loved you like you were never gone,
loved you like you forget-me-not.

Burning love, flaming hearts
Charring ash beneath the scars

Muted opera, surfacing songs,
Loved you like you were never gone

And i'd do it again.
I'd do it again my friend
I'd do it again
like it would never end.

This love is like a cigarette,
smoked it gone till you forget,
I loved you like you were never gone,
loved you like you forget-me-not.
blown cherry I'm so fucking angry right now.
I need to get out.
I need to go at high speeds and crash my car into something good and hard.

I need to destroy.
gerti rouge One of the worst thoughts in the world has to be imagining yourself burning from the inside out.

I'm slightly frightened of spontaneous combustion.

On a happier note:

The smell of burning leaves is one of the best things about autumn. For me, at least.
whome MAN! 031105
sc burning burning always reminds of desires lost found but desires allthe same. i dont desire to punctuate. unctuate. to ate to ate to who 031218
pipedream leaves and garbage
the smoke fills my house i
can smell it in my hair quite
akin to the way
i could smell you on
my skin, sometimes. burning
leaves and garbage, what a
summertime smell when afternoons
stretch into infinity
shimmering in the heat and
smoke. smoke and sweaty backs
what a summertime thing.
me? wow 040811
star_lite_star_brite The way you keep fucking with my head. 040811
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