dallas One day everything that is the same now will be different and everything that is different now will be the same. Then no one would know what to ridicule and what to embrace. 980919
Bob Dylan The line it is drawn
The curse it is cast
The slow one now
Will later be fast
As the present now
Will later be past
The order is
Rapidly fadin'.
And the first one now
Will later be last
For the times they are a-changin'.
emma it's hard enough to know what to ridicule and what to embrace now. 981024
OTK as sitting, only less boring
as eating, only more to the point of living
as smiling, only more anooying to those around you
Wally The thought of living in a world full of crying babies and stunted growth gives me a headache. 990924
jennifer dreams come in waves
crashing into my soul
battering my hopes
with little remorse
dragging me down
into depressive

{see "movement"}
camille a reflection of imagination 000103
kevin i think snow is falling, cleaning. 000120
FooLmOOn so... Do you know what Thought did?
well... He planted a feather and thought a chicken would grow. the silly bugger.
amy would be 000404
Free Thought has its roots in the past. We can only know about the past. The experiance dosen't become knowledge until we've experianced it, So thought is never new. 000410
notso You have a button.
1. how many times do you push it?
2. what happens when you push it?

1. 1, 3, or as much as you can.
2. Things get better... or worse... or perhaps pressing the button reverses the process of pushing the button?
Q-Dogg is the substance of our mind
and like all things of substance
is an illusion
emily ...i thought about him today--just a passing thought about the way he held me the other night...just held me and didn't say a word--it made me smile... 000707
skiblu You should be very careful about thinking about thoughts, or at least your own. 000724
aaaarrggghhhh!!!oooooeeeeee!!!!!!! i think about ghosts in ...aaarrghhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! 001016
stephen always remembered, never fading: wichichaka. 001029
kate thought it would have worked, if only i was a different person. entirely." 001110
Seth Where does it come from? 010314
Aimee Who knows where thoughts come from? They just appear! 010314
kx21 From
The Spark of idea,
The Ingredient of Q_As,
The Product of Mind...
monadh you know what thought did.... 010314
unhinged the thought of....
i can't even say it now
the adaptability of the human soul
makes me sad to think i could have even thought it
so i can't say it now...
but no
i still don't think you are selfish
for wanting it too
i remember all too well what that
feels like
Chrity go to:
bloody potato chip go to:
Casey Each thought and idea that races through my head is only side tracked by my thoughts of you 010708
caveman Confessions of a lonley heart
I know thatI've said I love you and to this day I swear I still do.
In my mind I can go back, To the very first day I ever laid eyes on you.
Your smile, laugh, beauty, haven't changed and I wish I could change the mistakes I made in the past.
Trust is an issue that's on the table and I'm coming to you with my heart on my sleeve.
It's been two months since we broke up and since than I've been all choked up.
Some mornings I wake up and swear I can feel you,
Just like those times when I'd stop by and we could crash on the couch or make a day out of it and go to the beach.
Days like those are set in stone,
Carved to perfection, in a mirrored reflection, of how I thought love should be.
Now that I've had time to sit back and think of all the things that went wrong
It must have damn near killed you
I wish I had the answer, to never see you hurt again
There are two promises tha will always stand,
I promised to never leave
I promised that the way I feel is honest and true
So you said you'd give me another chance
and that means everthing to me
Inanna Thought is a form of energy. This has been proven by Vogel. 011015
lovers lament so once upon a time
i thought you were my savior,
laid next to you in bed
but now my love is over
you entered into her
took her in the warmth of purity
and that will never leave my head
it's a picture imprinted for eternity
so leave me with your lies
told to ease a wounded heart
keep telling yourself you love me
and thinking you've come so far
and keep on fucking me over
because you know i'll still be around
this is the slave you were looking for
this is the love you've found.
saulpleureur Is it there? is this what the Great Ones saw , heard , felt?am i there?Or is it a mirage , an illusion ? Too slow for TV , too swift for movies , this his how you write a short story. 011026
Inanna Sometimes I am glad that others cannot read my mind/ thoughts. Occasionally I meet someone else who has the power of mental speech. Is it a gift or a curse? 011026
nemo llama 011104
Pati :) The different thoughts we stand to receive,
are all indications of what we believe, we will not admit what to us is not right,
as a way to release all our anger & spite,
We'd rather they fester & pain start to dwell,
Knowing one move could send us to Hell,
So we cure it & numb it with things that we crave,
that change our perceptions and ways we behave
Then for a while, no pain is felt,
The qualms of our mind have started to melt...
Until we see a reality settle,
We're just like a rose who offs its last petal
Throughout our lives the same way we go...
Our minds are sane we use them to grow...
ClairE always in the past_tense 011128
kerry sometimes i think all my thoughts are piling up and growing stale and dusty in my mind... does anyone else? am i alone here? 011206
calypso calling i thought
and i think
and i will always think
that you
never thought
never think
and will never think
ClairE Just like hurt, always in the past tense.

Thoughts float away from us, a mere product of think. Think is the chain it snaps free from.
kki i thought fuck you 020122
Glennaieve we lie entwined, hearing only the beat of each other's hearts
the trailing end of the dream, transforms into the thought,
leaving me breathless, hopeless
to ignore the idea that
gives me such joy
still I lie here hidden,
yet exposed to all
ashli anybody can think about anything at anytime. Thats what makes us scary. We can say whatever we want whenever we want. To some none of it will ever be true... so how do we know whats true. I could write anything down and you could believe anything i say... you also dont have to believe it either. Words are shawllow but at times can mean something 020317
Qazual I finally figured it out...
The chicken came first!
...Wait...Not the egg came first. Yeah thats it the chicken arrived the sametime the egg did.
Or something like that.
silently_she_screams i luv my thoughts...they always ask the questions i want them to ask so then i can give my answers....I have whole long conversations with my thoughts are betta than my real friends.

my thoughts make me i thoughtful or ..... crazy... i think im a very thoughtful crazy person.
kx21 Cow_mu:-

The thought manifests as a word;

The word manifests as a deed;

The deed developes into a habit;

And a habit hardens into character;

So watch the thought and its ways with care;

And let it spring from love;

Born out of concern for all beings.

As the shadow follows the body,

as we think, so we become.

Source:- Sayings of the Buddha

Love: M_species of Ten_Supreme_Hearts...
mahdi icy fast drops cool and freeze.
don't fear to drink.
Sarah When I think of what I thought back then, I'm ashamed and I'm appaled. 030828
CM Every thought I think
inadvertantly leads
me back to you.
lenore why does everyone ask what my thoughts are? it pisses me off. if i wanted you to know, i would tell you. 031019
Frak blather seems sort of like a big collective of thought, if people's brains were all stuck together and they were all thinking at once, in response to random words and the thoughts of others. at the very least though, it seems better than the borg. 031103
clockwork thought is the most essential point of our existance. never stop thinking, its all you have when your body dies and detaches you into void or infinity. exercise your thought. hone it into a weapon of destruction and terror. shape it into a feather to fly in a breeze. be prepared. think 031124
pansy white thoughts
not able to be caught, just as fog
white doves
still exist in my mind
dancing with trees
flying around
catching the youth
till the sun rises up
I try to exist
with the last breath
smart/stupid thoughts can be like a hamster in a wheel, constantly running and never getting anywhere.

they can be the ultimate form of self-destruction or liberation.

they can spark revolutions and create masterpieces or enslave us.

when centered on yourself they tend to suffocate and make you boring.

they are the very seed of anything original. they should not be censored, but used ineffectively they become useless.

when you quit using them you become easy prey.
horizontal playout are shaped like purple monkeys and swing through people's minds spreading rumors. 040127
babysquirrel kerry, you're not alone. mine like to pile up into huge landfills that are so rank it chases all the others away. 040127
emily post_office 040212
zeross Do you have control over your thoughts? When you get a song stuck in your head, can you will it away, or do you need to replace it somehow? When you can't go to sleep at night cuz you are just so anxious, can you put those thoughts to the side and rest, or do you need to take a sleeping pill? When you start to rationalize God, when you fail to comprehend the infinite, when your whole life flashes before your eyes in physics class...are your thoughts doing that to you? Can you take those thoughts and stuff them, pack them away and just go live again? Just go feel the grass, and the sun, and the chill breeze, and the frigid cold lake? Go add two blades of grass and two ladybugs to get a whole bunch of nature?
Ha. Can you come back and think? Think about how fun math class can be, sometimes. Think about the lessons you got from that great novel you just finished. Think about how you're going to destroy your brother in Soul Calibur. Think about that beautiful song you heard on the radio.
Sometimes I can. Sometimes I just can't. Do you, can you? Do you have control over your thoughts?
zeke i do not think in verbal language.
i have to translate into english when i speak or write. it is always approximation. when i remember what i said i often cannot remember the form of original thought. it has been subsumed by the process. language, for me, defines what i can know.
thought =? 040611
Moon kx21 M Spice of Common_Mind in the Circle_of_Concern of Universal_Mind... 040611
. i.e. Parallel_Universes 040611
Finger From...

:- the_new_blather_debates
depressed man it hurts. bad. 040719
hsg is there an end to thought? 040920
me is the only thing i can think of that can manipulate time. 050827
Mitche I thought of clouds today
Sun shining
Beneath my body
Reminding me of a book
Once read
ungreat i thought it would be ok. i thought i would be ok. and i'm about to find out the truth. 070909
jio jio 100215
Doar thoughts are my heart,

and you always end your sentences with,

talk with me.

don't end the sentence,

just talk,
Doar but you don't wish to talk. you escape into another heart. you are taking a toll on me, a very heavy toll. I been here and tried my best. You still torture me, why do you do this?

I've bled here,
and there is no sign that you have recognized this blood.

you respond or relate,
and still this blood flows, out of my heart and life.

cannot you respond to this?

you are distant, even in emotion.

i am tired.

what's it to you?
who go