amy are you tired? really? is your homework done? maybe you can wake up early in the morn... 000204
fucked and sympathy is not needed from you. leave me be. if i want to throw away my life, that's my decision. just turn around and ignore. 000220
oh pee um but still
you know that after i leave
you will turn around
to see if i'm really gone
Dis And yet, I have one more concern:

I suspect his ardor fuels your own.

And what sort of routine would this be, my sweet? How many suitors can be summoned over time, just to hold your affections? If you did not tire of the game, I would.
Grace Ooops..
Picked the wrong door.
This room can't be concern..

Next letter over..

Try the "B's, for "Bitterness"

I see no concern here


Go back now, post under "B's"

Somehow I'm not concerned about this..
But kindnes shelps in giving direction (s)..*s
what's it to you?
who go