Shar Just stay there.
Don't move.
I'll be right back.

The ambulance is coming. I promise.
senser this still life
is all i ever do
there by the window
quietly killed for you

they drive by

like insects do

they think they don't know me

but they hired a car for you.
whirligirl "Why doesn't the one in the middle dance?"
"We imagine that its weight and position must make it a kind of counterpoise," Henry answered....
"Has he a tiger by him for any particular reason?" Mr. Coningsby inquired. "Fools and tigers seem a funny conjunction."
"Nobody knows about the Fool," Aaron burst in...
Mr. Coningsby was about to speak again when Sybil forestalled him.
"I can't see this central figure," she said. " Where is it exactly, Mr. Lee?..."
Henry leant forward suddenly..." Miss Coningsby... can you see the Fool and his tiger at all?"
She surveyed the table carefully "Yes." she said at last, "There-no, there- no- it's moving too quickly I can hardly see it- there- ah, it's gone again. Surely that's it, dancing with the rest, it seems as if it were always arranging itself in some place which was empty for it... it certainly seems to me to be dancing everywhere."
nameless This is so funny just now the song "still" by Macy Grey, and the still thing was from "go" not on perpuse! 000621
mrspace my grandpa had one back behind his shed. we weren't supposed to know about it, and we especially weren't supposed to tell grandma 001219
danielle still these words shatter in my mind and then blur.
i cant see anything anymore.
still are the sounds that nothing can hear.
im still standing here.
still alone...
tit i used to love you.
i still could.
sapphire_ drowning in stillness
empty of laughter, of words
empty of people, beloved

the evening settles
i know the blue waits outside my windows
but i do not look

alone, the solitary tries to merge with the bells of memory

and fails.

i still care.. and still, you don't believe me.
jillian if the earth wont be still then you and i will.

i want to know what he sounds like through the hum of the dialtone.
i still want him to hold my hand.
jillian. if the earth wont be still then you and i will.

i want to know what he sounds like through the hum of the dialtone.
i still want him to hold my hand.
shade let the river move
around your hand

let it contain you

free from your
Dafremen : ) Every day. In the river...just another splash of water among all of them.

(No folx don't act as though you think perhaps I've flipped my lid. I've made it perfectly clear that my sanity was never there in the first place. I'm happier than I have ever been, my kids are absolutely thrilled by the idea, the ride intrigues them I suppose, or perhaps the glint in mommy and daddy's eyes are calling them out to play. In any event I'm alive again thank gawd. MY life and time are mine and I am finally free. Now, let's see...a butcher, a baker a candlestick maker?
stiller am i still here are you still there? 030602
me waiting 030602
ryguy76 ...The way I wish she would stay in the morning so I take all of her in. Remember without changing. Emotion taken out of time, like a jazz musician past his prime, truth long gone, tainted, but still sweet, better that it may have been. no. just different. Everything else has continued. The moment is gone, and I can only move further away. I'll try again tomorrow.
...I will be hovering around it this evening, getting me closer to daylight. Fire it up, ahh Kentucky. Making it easy. nectar, poison, aphrodesiac, lover, friend...friend. I forsake you.
...doing the same regiment morning and night, and Im too old for that.
helly not moving 040407
me still still 040531
finngwen the way the only two I've ever loved have me feel-so still inside. they
make my insides match my outs
and then I can let go
and that's all it takes to wear that
ethereal here. still vacant. still melancholy.

still still.
Jess Still here! 040712
witchesrequiem It really dosen't matter how many days come and go, things are STILL the same. We keep aging and so do or stagnit stories... heartache, friendships, suicides and whiskey. What has changed? Not a damn thing. Just our hair cuts and faces from age.
No matter how far you run from places, things and people. some how it comes to full circle again in many forms.
:) s_e_e_d_s___o_f___l_i_g_h_t

violet strangt i still love you.
broken ladder.
denial I'm still your home. 060726
denial after all that has happened.
after all the tears, and kisses, and hugs, and anger.
you still haven't made the right choice.
. in love with you.

all these many years later
& i still don't know
what to do with all of these

(i love you)
now please vacate my heart
. . 091217
what's it to you?
who go