daxle nobody cares enough about you to poison you, so let it go 990516
Rainer I wonder where Poison Ivy went after she had left.
After she had left me alone and on my own.
Just like anybody else did.
josie if i was never exposed to it, I never would have become my familiar poison. 000628
foolish girl poison? he said it was his favorite perfume. 001113
sammael angel 001113
Shugarhi Now that I think back on our love, I realize his love was just a poison, slowly killing me.

It seems the pain of letting him go is even more...
guess who I was just sucking the poison out of him dad!!! 010710
celestias shadow a drink sir? some cranberry juice perhaps?

yes, i think some of that might be quite nice. fetch me the pitcher.

yes, sir.
xyz too much came undone. 031207
starjewel You, like Rappacini's daughter was to Giovani,
are my poison.

Tainted by jealousy, when I see you with another,
Intoxicated by love, to believe you really cared.

Posion runs through my vains,
because I let you touch me, hold me, dry my tears,
That now, when they fall burn like poison.

I should have known,
Should have listened.
But love causes it's victoms to be deaf and blind.
And now I've been poisoned.

I know not of the antedote to your poison.
Maybe it's him, my other love.
Maybe it's the cold, harsh reality,
that I gave up my innocence for a sip of your poison.

Poison that has no known cure.
Poison that has brought me here.
Poison, I'm addicted to you,
And now,
I will either live or die by your poison.
Brittlez with your goodbyes you poisoned my heart 040127
me? pick yer poison ;) 040127
dreamy stars yes now his poison rushes through my veins
i am addicted to him; he is my drug
and i can't help it when i fall
and i fall over again and again
i think i might get away (not that i'd want to) but he always knows just what to say and i'm a sucker for his every word
i love him so much and i know it's bad but what else is there anyhow that could be more important than him?
dreamy stars the irony

but if he lets me go...

and he might, but not right now
dreamy stars i drink him in and i am stoned

what's better than that?

if he says tonight, i can't refuse
werewolf when he was young, he avoided taking in anything. everything was considered as changing him, robbing him of some purity, poisoning some path only he knew he was on. everytime he ate something that had dirt on it, or had been touched by another person, everytime he bumped his head or scraped his knee, he was damaging his brain, lessening his dominion over the world around him, admitting the world in. and once you admitted the world in, it just took more and more. when he was young, nearly everything was a taboo. he would only do something if it first was passed through the people who loved him. they'd have to eat it, or perform it long before he ever would. but now in his life, there isn't much he could imagine himself not doing. somethings he still wouldn't, but mainly for a lack of passion. it was mainly because, as he had tried to keep everything out, there had just been too much. one thing would sneak in, and holding out from there would seem arbitrary, futile. if your best efforts still could fail to screen out all of the damage, if you often didn't even know what was damaging, it almost seemed one should take what they wanted rather than go around all day in fear. he almost wanted to go and lick pennies all day to makeup for moments of succor he had lost as a child. even when he had kept things out, he had often lost by some other invisible process the very virtues or thoughts he had sought to protect. it wasn't what he kept out that was to blame for his loss of his wonder or innocence, it was what he kept in. so though it had been a slippery slope, he had arrived at the place finally he had seen people and wondered at their disgusting ability to ignore all of the poison they were taking in. 040301
werewolf it turned out, in life the distinction between living and dying was always just in his head. life was in many ways, a poison. 040301
Keil poison Ivy sucks mondobad. I got it and (since im allergic) I died.

not really about the allergic part.
u24 i got the poison
i got the remedy
i got the pulsating rhythmical remedy
sly music referencer i got the prodigy.
i wana love you but i'd better not touch
i want to hold you but my sense tell me to stop...

your lips are venemous poison,
you're poison running through my veins.
u24 alice cooper, "our song".
can't think of another song with 'poison' in it off the top of my head.
Random Think Toxin, toxic revenge.
Revenge is sweet, a dish served cold.
Cold as ice, ice is nice.
Nice as pie, and pie is life.
Life becomes death and death is black.
Black is the night, the night is still.
Still as the grave, the grave is open.
Open all hours, the hours tick by.
By the way, You ought to know.
Know your own mind. Mind your head.
Head the ball. Ball's in your court.
Court of the king. King of the hill.
Hill to be climbed. Climbed into bed.
Bed to sleep. Sleep of the wicked.
Wicked and evil, evil and poisonous.
Poisonous poison.
Syrope no one seems particularly bothered, when they learn that i used to have an eating disorder, that i never got any professional help to end it.

i dunno, i just DECIDED that it was not good and that i wouldn't do it any more. so now i don't do it on purpose, but when i happen to get sick from the meds, like this morning, i realize i'm still fucked up. i still feel the calmest and purest after i throw up. like i've expelled some sort of poison, and am a step closer to being OK.
what's it to you?
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