jade synonym for beginning. 980828
blind unevitable. 980914
dallas a chance to get really drunk 980916
Dallis Celebrate. Its done. Its done. You can still know it, But you cannot have it. Like or Dislike. 981118
jessica closure. finality. conclusion. no more. it's all over, nothing can be added or taken away. it's the end. 990922
trakie too late 991116
jennifer My life isn't going anywhere anymore... I thank everyone who has been there for me, and
especially Jerry for giving me a chance to work at his theatre... but the theatre is all I
have. My job is dead end, and I can't see the rest of my life anymore... it's not there. I
made an ass of myself with Mark, and I'm sorry for that, and I don't want to talk about it
anymore. Kent told me to get a life, and he's right. But this is the only life I know. I can't
spend my life pining for someone who is never going to love me back, I know that.
It's just that, all my life, no one who I have ever loved has ever loved me back... no one.
And that kills. I find Mark two years ago, and he's sweet and kind and doesn't treat me
like shit. Then he tells me he's gay, and I'm cool with it, externally, but inside I am
screaming... chalk it up to bad karma or what you will, but why am I such a magnet for
people who don't love me... I just want to be needed.
Mark, I am serious about wanting you to sing "You'll be in my Heart". Please keep that
promise, if you can't the others.
I don't know what this entry means. It gets hard for me to live life day to day anymore. I
guess all I can do it just hope that something comes along that helps me. But I am blind,
deaf and dumb, and all I can do is stumble around, hoping that I fall into something good.

I honestly think that the only thing keeping me here is my ambivalence... my fear of
hurting someone else. But my heart is hardening at a disturbing rate.
I'm sorry.
elimeny over?
are you serious?
where's my shot glass?
fuck you.
i don't want your pity.
and no.
fuck you too.
i don't want your sympathy.
it's over?
where the hell is my bottle of vodka?
this is how i recuperate.
yeah, and did i mention fuck all of you?
so there.
jennifer Towards the end of the movie, Andrea makes the comment to Jolie about "how come your eyes are so hollow.... so.... dead?" 991209
SomeoneElse The end is when you are longer content with the brand of cigarettes your store happens to be supplying you with. No amount of persuasion or argument has lead them to sell your brand. So you leave the premises in search of a new store. Goodbye. 000405
Ireland standing on the edge of a cliff...
i've reached the end...
as the wind rushes up to touch me
with temptation...
one more step would be my end.
neville This city is old and dead.

The future is a foreign country.

You know who it is.

Over and out.
misstree with a sigh to begin the silence,
i looked into your eyes,
knowing it would be the last time.

there was nothing else to do,
nothing more to say,
so i got in my car
and drove away.
a.f. there is never an ending, only beginnings 000908
darkseiken the thing that is feared the most 001012
seismic man after the end 001016
Verdulum The End,
of the end...
live again..
I grow weary of the end.......
danielle although there is no sign or evidence that i have it...

ive mentally prepared myself to die of cancer
13lueee if it's the end then where was i for the beginning??? 010324
13lueee if this is the end then where was i for the beginning??? 010324
Chrity go to:
seismic man after the end! 010427
yummyC not today
it should have been. stupid ahrial worried about me and i suddenly felt value and threw up.
fuck this.
chaos the end is the beginning is the end. 010716
kinkazoid "beauty is the end stevo, the end"- sandy (slc punk) 010716
kx21 The Point of NO return... 010716
kx21 The_End... 010716

frozen turd after the end 010801
stark raving mad The end must be near.
You say not, why are we
acting this way.
Violence, Crime, Teen Pregnancy,
AIDS, it goes on and on.
We are all sick and not many
"Things could be worse"
If we don't change, there will be no
more room to sneak that phrase in
to make ourselves feel better.
Sometimes I think we sould end
ourselves before we end it ALL.
We must do something while there
still is so much beauty to save.
ClairE NO! 011126
yoink imagine how great life would be in the 6 months preceding the end of the world if we knew about it ahead of time 020109
Casey hmmm...I'd go get laid 020109
unhinged i was in the bookstore today
standing knee high in it
and i picked up some neruda
opened it to a random page
and started reading

i wanted to throw it across the room
because it reminded me of you
and the tears welled to my eyes
i couldn't by any neruda today
i put it back on the shelf

i should have never said those things to you
i just should have never said them
my mouth was never meant to be opened
because so many things are better left unsaid
i don't mind
my heart just isn't big enough for love
John Calvin Robertson It isn't odd to be creeped out when standing in an empty, and seemingly never ending street. It is odd though when you're standing on one of the busiest streets in New York City.
If you had been there yesterday, you would have seen people walking in a line as large as the city itself and just as wide, too. You could ear cabs honking their horns, and could hear the voices of apartment buildings. Some of the people in the buildings are yelling at each other, some are shrieking in pain, and telling someone, if anyone, to call 911. Some of those voices, especially at night, are not really human, anymore. There are ghost in this city, yes, ghosts.
But today you would find nothing, but the paved streets and some remaining basements of these buildings that had stood on top the day before. There was not a sound to be heard, or a sight to be seen except for the huge mounds of dirt and rubble, on the sides of the street. I don't know what happend. I think i'm the only one left in the city, who knows, maybe on the whole planet. I do know I heard a loud blast and falling stones last nigh, but I just thought that was the neighbor watching a movie on their new DVD Home Studio System. Then I find myself in the middle of the street wondering what could have happend. What has happend to all of my loved ones, and my friends? My enemies? I couldn't even hear the moans and cries of those loose souls that could have been help respnsible, for all that I know.
And what's this? I can see a kitten. Another life form. Could there really be more survivors? But wait. It ahs orange eyes, which are glaring at me. I'm freaked! Oh, my God! It's running toward me. I can't move.

A Bright Light.
reitoei there is no time, no meanign to this word. there is no end and no beginning. there is only now.only the moment 020212
birdmad a_means_to_an_end

Syrope sometimes i post on a page and no one says anything after it for a long time, and i worry that i ended the blather...i'm not worthy of capping a blather... 020420
CJ the end is not always the end it is a chance to find a new start 020421
> of a beautiful story 020806
alora there is no beginning, nor any ending in a rhizome. 021003
xad all sides are beginnings... there just aren't any ends 021003
colDmeshach The most beautiful baby in the whole universe was been born in the best house, in the best country, in the best environment, with the best friends, with the best mind, with the best reactions, with the best crib made from the best factory in the whole universe who make the best toys, and the best pigfeet and the best oscar and the best digital innovation to break off the moon from everyones heart. Everyone had a sense of love in their hearts from the baby and everyone couldn't wait for it to grow old and everyone knew that the baby was Darwin's greatest influence and everyone knew that through those 10 hours it didn't even get a mark and everyone knew if they were human they would give it bad memories and everyone knew that it was the next religion so everyone awaited for the next millenium and everyone smashed in their windows and sealed them with ice and covered them with sand so the baby wouldn't slip on it until finally the apocolypse made the windows again. 021217
zanzi every moment hurts us and the last one kills us. 030423
endless desire every new beginning
from some other beginnings
too true too true.
our lives are so full of ends.
or so full of beginnings.
whatever you look at it.
like that cup thing:
half empty or half full?
jeez that seems to say so much about a person.
mr.decker It is the only object of my prayers (which are insincere) and is the only point i seek (which is apathetically strived for).

In short, it is dusty and i have allergies but am too cold to care/notice.
girl_jane So now it's over. I feel bad for hurting him, but I feel great for doing what I needed to do. 030619
axbit time ends 031113
lollirot tomorrow 031123
laguin it just leaves us feeling abandoned. 031219
PhotoChicken I'm sorry...
but I only want
to be your friend...
yes, I'm afraid this is the end
It was fun, but it wouldn't last
Now let's just put that in the past.
Don't worry, we'll still see 1 another,
You can be like my big warm brother.
Yes, thats true we may get lonely
But you must remember i am not
your one and only.
Life will go on,
we will find our true love.
To them we will be drawn,
that will something to be damn proud of
I'm sorry hun, but if u mind pardon,
the true love for me is actually Shawn!
bully Last night killed us
something inside of me died,
I tried to go out with a smile and a kiss
but instead, you spoke through dry lips.
hey hi 040216
weaving sunlight ...the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time. --T.S. Eliot "Little Gidding"
asfaf aughss 040228
Fierce End whatever is eating away at me
It has been for months
And wont stop
I scream at it
But the acid wont listen
It just eats away at my mind
At my skin
At my desperately pitiful soul
But sometimes I love it
And I tell it
To make me more hollow
Than I ever was
And to end all of this torment
That wears like a masque
To hide this pale face
Full of unforgettable pain.
morganmaddy when will this end? 040331
somebody is simply the start to a new beginning 040401
misunderstood When i go up to see you, everythings perfect. We've got the whole night. We go out and party and have fun with everybody, we drink till we're dizzy and smoke till we just dont want to anymore and i love listening to that crazy music but then i wake up too early and my head hurts and my eyes are just a little blurry, they dont seem to focus and my stomach feels queasy...then i get in my car and drive home..so many miles away. why does it have to end like that? WHY? I'm just not happy when its over and it happens the same way every time. WHY? 040415
illusionary_reality but surely you can't be serious! no good things end in the garden of eden. why can't it be so here?
-i'll tell you. beacause the end is the beginning of something new. so really, there is no end is there? no end to your imagination, to life...-
oh, but there is an end. to my imagination, to life.
-no no. there is a limit, made by your own boundaries. there is another beginning in it. innuendo.-
ailbhe Above all, I don't want this to ever end. But I fear I'll wish it away, spend it worrying about it ending. Idiot girl. 040617
mullet In the end it will be ok...if its not ok, then it's not the end. 041022
f it's o.k.
I'll see you again, one day,
if not in this life the next.
you may wonder why I believe this,
it is because i feel you from somewhere else. some time else.

You are the one that made me believe in myself,
the one that seemed to believe in me,
maybe I was wishing you did.

sorry for my blindness
and thank you for the

what life can offer you,
if you play your cards right.

you will change my life forever..

the special YOU.

take it easy .

..(on a good note).
c never. 041024
f i will at all times
be stitched
to the other end
of that heavenly thread.
kurai i hate when things are over cause so much is left undone. 050310
reverend i'll never look into your eyes again. 050630
misstree when fire succumbs to smoke. 050720

inocciduous systole Maybe Plato smoked Cannabis. 070305
one of many Does anything ever really end? The repercussions stay with us. 071202
Aston Only at the end are you truly free.

Sometimes freedom isn't something to strive for.
fuck YOU yeah when the blood comes gargling out of your mouth, the taste of blood.... yum yum. 080905
deb I woke alone another time
you didn't pick up the phone...
so who is it this time,
and why are "the guys" out so late?

sleep refuses to return
and then you do

you know I'm awake
but say nothing

Morning comes with awkward
feeding upon itself
growing into a thing
wild and mad
and when at last it breaks
I cannot breathe.

You lied again.
You were with her.
You don't love me.
It's done.

And thus, I break.
P never for *me

in *my heart

what's it to you?
who go