Quintessensual Hardly Was There Need for Pardon :
Away to Paris II

Let's meet there where we will,
sight unseen and souls already knowing,
on a crowded, chaotic, lonely platform,
in this city of winds.

We will leave then on the earlier train,
for the tenor and alto preludes
for Paris.
If you wish, we may whisper poetry
holding hands.
May we sing?

You must know surely
this adventure will be many toned and hued?
Blue, some;
Red, spontaneously;
White, we shall see,

The stanzas will come in any order.
The white and red, they may come together
if you wish.

Copr. 1999
Qunitessensual granted, reluctantly, for a time 991221
valis do you have any grey poupon? 000102
db Pardon is love, wandering of the self.
Ego on vacation.
Opening new windoors,
Welcoming a long distrusted friend.
zoe to excuse by devious reasonings 000419
s.s.s. pardon
while I leap
that faith
from point a

it's been lovely
but i have
to scream now
Thyartshallshant Me 001230
rockstar me, while i crawl into a corner and die,
because you couldn't just leave me alone, you had to get revenge. But you went too far. I only broke your heart, but you broke ME, my entire reality.
nomatter pardon me
while i burst
into flames
I've had enough of this world
and it's peoples mindless games.
emisarlyra pardon me and my feelings for my one and only.
pardon my thoughts and faults for my one and only.
pardon me and my love for adrian.
sandra Pardon me,"Do you have any Grey Puepon'? 050323
sugar but dont mind
while i spontaneously combust.
three words take_it_back pardon return 110613
what's it to you?
who go