dallas through the drains and through the gutters through the night and through the shutters 980827
megan him. but with him it's more like [rawl 990303
Ned just about the most vicious word around, it's as vicious as luff is gorgeous 990926
alida underneath the stall door
slowly along the tiled floor
closer and closer
to the edge of the clif
you sime a greedy smile and let it slip...
Kevin home after another long night. I have no willpower left. The last ditch effort to anything. 991112
m You crawled away from me.
Slipped away from me.
I tried to keep ahold,
but there was nothing I could say.
You slid and crept away
and there was nothing I could say.
So what you're trying to say
is you don't wanna play.
But what you want and what you need
doesn't mean fuck to me.

Because I can see your back is turning.
If I could I'd stick the knife in.

This is love.
This is my love for you.

Get up.


Say you won't go.
riot I scraped bottom, rock bottom, and only managed to go halfway. 000113
miniver Rar.

Come sit by me.
The Schleiffen Man crawl - the name for a fly without wings. 000526
Tank certain people make my skin do this... 000804
guitar_freak the only thing you can do when you are as drunk as a guitar freak!! 001113
Shugarhi Crawl beneath your tears and let them cushion your fall from grace, falling down on to the thorns of disgrace like me. 010517
her royal highness the quirk i want to crawl back in bed this morning. true ive already showered and stuff, but leaving him alone like that... tres difficile 040317
what's it to you?
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