me? i fall from my perch
from which i've been watching the little people do their little jobs. i used to think how they looked like ants down there, mindlessly, or even mindfully going about their tasks, but never aware of all of the other activities going on just around the bend. i always used to wonder what drove them, why they would do what they did, if they thought they were important, if they thought they were changing something... they were always changing, but always the same. little ants, doing little things.
then i fell.
i don't remember how or when it happened, but suddenly i was in their midst, doing the same little chores and errands that they did, but i could still see,... but i could only see the ones around me. things stopped making sense. there was no longer any great plan, or layout, and everything was always changing... even returning to the same place, things would be different. new colors. new shapes. always always new sounds. the smells. the thoughts. what new and unique thoughts! i forgot the perch so far above,
valis for god's sake, don't jump. fall backwards, looking at the sky. 991211
gaudior season of change, beauty and death.

don't die now when i need you.
fyn gula when he fell the damage was unbelievable. when people looked at him, they marveled at how beautiful the bruises were. they thought he had painted the colours on until they touched his face, saw him wince, and realized what they were. so people stopped touching him because they felt bad, but he thought it was because they had grown tired of the colour, or because it had faded, but when he looked in the mirror, it was brighter than ever. 000125
birdmad shadows 001004
Brown i walk up the stairs and when i get to the top i climb another set, after i've done this for what seems like hours i lean back and take a nap as i tumble downwards over everything that i stepped on. if i wake up before i reach the bottom there are still many people left to be killed 001203
TheLove I do it every time I look into those eyes. I fall all over again. I pray every day that one day I'll be able to stand on solid ground, and stay there while I examine the depths of your eyes. But I think Somebody knows I'm not fully sincere. Because what fun is life if you can't fall in love? 001220
Dafremen ...is the best season. It's like that time when the temperature is the most comfortable and the colors are their most beautiful. I think it's during the summer that each and every leaf that knows it's dying changes from the same green as every other leaf to its OWN personal shade. It's as if they're screaming "LOOK at ME! LOOK at ME before I am gone and through your memory, I will live on." 010219
slipping slowly into madness
such a nice fall
such a safe place to land
silentbob third_season 010823
amicus is so marvelous. crisp. sunny. fresh air. invigorating. glad to be alive. 011121
gelfling I watch you fall
falling soundlessly through the sky.
Quietly, without panic.
A calm and sombre expression on your face.
Your pace quickens,
faster the air rushes past you,
faster you leave it behind.

My wings are feeble,
can I catch you in time?
Gelfling has little strength,
little speed,
but gelfing will die to be your soft landing.

So sit here and watch you fall I must.
Falling with such grace,
such thoughtfullness,
such wonder.
Confusion remaining the only parachute.

But is it gelfling towards which you fall?
french there are times when I have fallen so much that I don't know if I'll ever regain my lofty perch. 020718
gelfling Into gelflings' arms you have fallen
more happy and more at peace gelfling could barely be.
Strong wings bear me along,
fully healed by blue eyes ablaze,
and now staring right at me.

Maybe now is time to discard parachute?
Or at least let gelfling help re-pack parachute until you begin to fall again.
*nat* one of the few few words with good, bad, and in-betweeny meanings. Think about it, im not doing all the work for you! 020811
i never said i was perfect. when i stepped outside this afternoon it hit me...
the sky above... blue with light blankets of pure white clouds.
the brisk air, the light wind, the mild sunshine.
each burst of wind sent the brittle leaves rustling and falling to the ground.
leaves... green, yellow, orange, red, brown.
crunching and crumpling
on the first real fall day of the year.
i can drive you home the butterflies fade and the petals dissapear with the bumblebees.
the wilderness is set on fire... yet the air refuses to comply.
beauty in change.
the air is as crisp as the apples ripening on the trees.
it is a time for comfort, safety, and belonging.
boyfriend weather.
hannie I never knew the reality of falling, the emontions that proceed to call my name, drawing me slowy towards the edge. Is this life, is this how my days are supposed end? Falling, over and over into the depths of your soul while you don't seem to notice...? 021027
Shawn The air is clean and the sun has set.
You say what I've been waiting for, even though I didn't realize I was waiting.
I hear it now, and it fits like a puzzle peice connecting the thoughts in my brain that I never knew were broken.
That's what I was waiting for and now I know.
I smile and want to laugh.
I smile and want to cry.
The overwhelming need for this moment to never end is never realized but just exists.
I realize you
and holding you
and kissing you
and watching you
and it is all here and all at once.
There is no way to express this, but I know I can feel.
So I just close my eyes when you leave.
And fall.
Kleh Ver ~

All fall. . .


Sad, this is, and full of strife,
that none shall dodge the dreadful fall.
Unless they forfeit claim of life
and rot in their own spirit's gall.

One is pain,
the other death.
To what gain
should I draw breath?

If none but this: that one might see
the love given to them and me.

*silent screams When i fall in love, my needs suddenly grow and i throw depressed fits if i don't get the attension that i so much crave. Do you think you can handle that?...because i can't!! 021206
jane i don't call it fall
i call it autumn
much more poetic

but more things rhyme with fall than autumn
angie Only the dead have seen the end of war."
morphine. oh i will fall
at the exact same time that you WON'T.
Perspective_of_Soul Jumping, jumping.
Tearing, tearing.
Dripping, dripping.
Falling, falling.
TheMarryMeGirl i have fallen
and so has he
or so he says
and sometimes i can tell by the way he looks at me
but sometimes i think of how hopeless life can be
and i dont let myself believe we can be together forever
because i feel sure that something must go wrong
like it usually does.
achenar we're going hunting, we're hunting bears.
are you going to come along?
run fast and don't fall
we won't turn back for you.
crimson That forest had not seen me since summer, and, in my absence, the trees had all lost their jobs and forcibly become strippers. 030924
thespacebetween im falling
spiraling in a tornado of sadness
not understanding
throwing open arms at him

and he doesnt care...

he doesnt even hear me crying...
hsgatincamail journey
x twisted x its seems you always fall the hardest the first time.

of course, i wouldnt know. i have yet to fall in love.
suddenblue let it fall
let it rise
let it be and let it slide
let tomorrow come and take my time away...
ofsuch i will catch you 040430
lou_la_belle if i fall
i'm afraid i wont be able
to get back up again
brush off the dust
and walk on
like nothing had happened.
though i suppose no one is the same
after such a fall.
it changes you.
BitterSweetDream SO. AFRAID. TO. 041028
Staind_And_Souless I will always be here to catch you. I will be your safety net. I love you. 041028
BitterSweetDream Falling, falling, falling....

DropAndRiver A thousand satin dreams
Dreams of this and other things
Flood to me as I am coming down,
Cutting through my habitual lies,
Falling down into my own history.

A thousand satin sentiments,
Nestled in nostalgia and falsehood;
All I want is a little quiet,
That piece of home to see it through.

Leaves rustle in fragile tones
Speaking to me in that condescending
Hiss, as I'm trying to complete a walk,
My walk into submissive mystery.

I am a million words for a moment
Until I am wordless and discharged;
When I tell people I'm alright, I'm
Lying. I'm really bracing myself for

The Fall
no reason makes you long for things you don't really long for

i'm going to try to start calling it autumn
xevex Fall is here
the leaves fall from the trees
before each breath of the wind
while turning to orange and gold
as if in unison, natures glorious code
a secret that not one of us knows
she breaths, there is life in the leaves.
deb You fell asleep early
so I didn't get to
talk to you before bed~
It occurs to me now
just how much that
lingering conversation
by the light of the moon
means to me~
Something is missing
and sleep doesn't wish
to come...
I dream of you
next to me
but know I will wake
to cold pillows
on your side...
Wish you were here,
this bed is awful empty
without you
And I wasn't going to
so hard
so fast
this time...
someone forgot to tell
my heart, methinks...
Phil This is a good season for some outdoor fun.

It has been a long road and I forgot how many falls have gone by without my friends, on the inside of a car, stiffening my soul for the dark winter.

This is a good season for outdoor fun.

It comes and goes and may soon be forgotten; but, I will be there.
flowerock Decaying leaves and crisp air, golden sunlight and stillness in the wind. Dark mornings.
We did have a beautiful hike. The weather is changing... today even the sun is cold. The squirrels are out collecting and hopping, tempting my little doggie... pumpkin pie spice time.
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