me? The mirror sees the man as beautiful, the mirror loves the man; another
mirror sees the man as frightful and hates him; and it is always the same
being who produces the impressions.
-- Marquis D.A.F. de Sade
amy the mirror is not making anything
wailer is gonna brake one of these days 000121
Christy The image hasn't truly changed. The eyes are the same deep brown, but they shine a bit more. The mouth is still small, but its corners tilt up ever-so-slightly. The shoulders are still broad, but are now squared to face the world. The hips still curve, but they have been smoothed by loving hands. The fingers are still long, but stretch in a languid caress. The image hasn't truly changed, but the woman has. 000426
friar tuck Many years ago, the image hadn't truly changed. Same sad yet hopeful eyes, same sandy debonoir hair. Same smiling lips.

That image didn't change for a long time, thruogh many lovers, thruogh many years. And thruogh many changes, unrevealed by those who saw the image; even when that person behind the image strengthened and broadened.

Eventually, though, passing time caught up. The passing years added veins and roughness; the passing emotions--actually, not passed, but held on to--added lines of sadness & regret.

I held on to my youth for a much longer time than most I know. I now wish I'd made better use of it than to watch myself dodge the consequences of my mistaken thinking.
...or like mirrors,
which percieve the fuller being
while the flatter creature
dreams itself only in angles.
Damian I know there must a way to reach through and let the glass become liquid cool tinny water, to find myself on the other side of this flippant portal, and I'd like to find out everything over there is backwards. 000714
grendel is not my friend

but it and i maintain an uneasy detente
psycho insomniac I hated to look into the mirror. I would cry if I caught the reflection staring back at me with cold eyes and that damn grin. I hated that grin. It seemed to say "Are you happy now? Look what you've done... your not beautiful anymore... your not cute anymore." I used to be so fucking cute...
I used to be skinny, too. "Damn, your fat now! You have to lose at leats 40 pounds if you want to look good this summer. You have to lose it if you want him to notice you."

Now I look into the mirror only to realise what a beautiful, caring young woman I have become. Now I realise all I did was grow up. "Your even prettier now...Look at you, just look." My grin is gone...
Now I smile.
birdmad mirror mirror on the wall
yes you make
my damn skin crawl

wish this tv remote would change that fucking channel too
silvre the person in the mirror isn't me anymore. i guess i thought it was once. but no longer. i have realized that what i walk around in all day isn't me, but what is inside that is. nothing will show that. not a peice of glass or some type of clothing. sometimes you can see it in my eyes, but i don't see it there. 001011
ashley reflect me. lie to me. tell me how ugly i am. how fat. take away all semblance of self esteem. please. to love myself would be sacriledge. 001019
tourist I used to claim that the person in the mirror was real and I was just the refection. That way I was not held resposible for my actions, after all He did it not Me. Through the years I quit saying things like that ,And I don't think that I ever really believed it.
But I still am told that I refuse to take responsibility for anything.and the guy in the mirror doesn't look at me much any more. But that's my choice.
beat ...in the bathroom
please don't speak
ass facely (heavy timbaland beat)

my name is botchulism j and i'm here to say i'm just a stupid mothafucka from around the way.
i got a chicken in my hand and two on my dick- an' when i open my mouth i'm gonna make you sick
startfires it's all smoke and mirrors and they're nothing without it 001024
ass facely it's all true 001024
marjorie the problem with mirrors is that they make everything backwards.
you think you're seeing yourself.
really, you're not.
ass facely the paper between the mirror makes me sad that i can't go.

-capt. beefheart
Bachelorette We are in my bedroom, on top of the covers. It is 9:38 and light pours in through the window. I turn my head to the closet-door mirror and watch you fucking me. I am delighted, my eyebrows gently arched in surprised. 001129
melynoz two sides, truth and distortion: which side do you live from and by which are you seen? 001231
pat sajaks ghost both 001231
twiggie i want them all to dissapear 010102
pathwrat there is a thing in me that hates mirrors
inside i have a noble picture of myself
and if i can take a moment to compiose myself before looking into a mirror,
i can almost approximate this picture,
put my best side forward, so to speak.
but most times i pass a mirror unawares, and it shows me a wormlike capering toad.
it crushes my dreams about myself.
it makes my internal justifications seem false.
it undermines my belief in me.
unhinged give up belief

you will feel much better in the morning
justme and if you don't, break all mirrors 010111
deb as a little girl
i would stare into
the bathroom mirror
for hours
pretending i was princess leah
with my braids curled around my ears
and later,
when i kept hearing how
beautiful i was,
i began to stare again,
trying to figure out
what exactly they saw
that i didn't-
now, i glance
during the morning ritual
cleaning piercings,
brushing teeth,
fixing this mop of hair that just
won't grow fast enough...
but there's this mirror
in the living room,
in the corner
curio cabinet~
you look into it
and see yourself reflected,
but not backwards like most mirrors-
you see yourself the way
you look in pictures,
the way everyone else sees you-
still gives me shivers
moonshine I can capture your face in the eyes of others. 010119
Sintina I love pressing my hands against it.
Because if you tilt your head to the side, you can see your fingers pressed upon the glass on both sides, it just always looked neat to me.
jen*ever i don't look in the mirror.. i don't like what i see staring back at me, everything is clearer.. i'll never be what you need.. it's not me.. so beautiful and free 010206
elana a false reflection 010309
elana they are retarded! 010309
Paragraph The fucker in mine never stops staring at me, I swear one day... 010312
monadh I wonder if other people
see me the way I see myself
mikey never. because we each are the worst critic anyone can be. when we look in the mirror we see ourselves how we wish we could be...not how we truly are. 010312
alegra I'll be your mirror
Reflect what you are, in case you don't know
I'll be the wind, the rain and the sunset
The light on your door to show that you're home

When you think the night has seen your mind
That inside you're twisted and unkind
Let me stand to show that you are blind
Please put down your hands
'Cause I see you

I find it hard to believe you don't know
The beauty that you are
But if you don't let me be your eyes
A hand in your darkness, so you won't be afraid

When you think the night has seen your mind
That inside you're twisted and unkind
Let me stand to show that you are blind
Please put down your hands
'Cause I see you

nemo i hate mirrors 010605
Mike I have walked past this place a thousand times and I have looked and not seen.
never realy looked. stared
time passes and doesnt tell you its gone.
I looked and saw a me
yes a me........... not the me.
I looked today.i looked and did not like it NO NO. I did not like it.
when did time pass and how did it go....
That person looks scared of his own mortality. I am bloody scared. I am.
he is looking at me with my eyes and I can tell he doesent like it. the skin. the hair. time.
Alexander Beetle I looked in the mirror the other day and
didn't move for half an hour
for the fear that
the stranger in my bathroom would attack
TaterHead ...what seems to be, isn't at all, but if you slip, it, too, will fall... 010804
Jewel When I look in the mirror, youre what I see. When you werent mine... I had no reflection. 010914
KammeO How do you know it is you in the mirror when you have never seen your own face without your reflection?
GTE= God Talks to Everybody.
. : * p s y b o r g * : . I look in the mirror too much. I'm not vain, I just want to know if my hair or makeup is screwed up. Or if I have a stain on my clothes that's out of my field of view. I just care about how I look, that's all...really. 011024
Dafremen Scales measure weight, mirrors measure insecurity.

Remember that.
Magnum What if they lie?
Loki materialized
-never to tell the truth
not god the paper between the mirror makes me sad that i can't go. 011106
Tjousk the mirror can show more than can be seen otherwise. does it show what isn't there? 011107
Kat you shouldn't trust the mirror.
becauuse it doesn't show you your true self. you put on an act because you know you are looking at yourself. so you act and look the way you want to see yourself. it's in your mind. it's not natural. anything that isn't natural is not real. anything that isn't real doesn't truly exist.
DannyH Why do they reverse left and right but not up and down? 011108
ilovepatsajak i dig that, kat. 011108
ilovepatsajak i always observe that people change the look on their face before looking into a mirror. especially the abbersnobbies in the morning bathroom crew. 011108
ilovepatsajak the grave that you refuse to leave, the refuge that you've built to flee the places that you've come to fear the most is the place that you have come to fear the most. 011108
sphinxradio quicksilver souls they claim

mirrors scare me
kx21 You - your Mirror's image = ? 011201
reitoei i look into the glass, the gleaming, mocking mirror. a man stands before me, waving. that's not me. no not me. the mirror lies. even now the evil grin spreads on the monster of the glass. not me. not me. he reaches for my hand. dont touch the glass dont touch the glass. ill be dead trapped on the other side, sucked into a two dimensional world of dancing shadows not quite real . closer closer. dont touch the glass. closer. dont tou.... 011228
elen cherry charles good poem by sylvia plath 020106
tit i am a cracked mirror.
in me you are reflected and obscurred.
the image is real
yet different from reality
your words are turned into thoughts of love
your ways are those of a lover not a friend
in me you are what i need.
what i want
what i might have
but only alice dared to venture in to the looking glass.
and hers wasnt even cracked.
cheer-up-emo-kid the only mirrors I have in my room are the shattered ones that I make into artwork. 020524
Perspective_Of_Soul I smoked a cigarette tonight and looked into a mirror.As i sat there looking at my ugly face it began to change.
I saw it alter before my very eyes, the imperfections becoming so overbearing, i had to shut my eyes.
I stubbed out my cigarette and left the room.
thea and bears and cats and cartoons and dreams and the scribbles of youth are much plainer than clear reality and i prefer them... so. and if the bear and the cat and the cartoon could be real perhaps i'd never want for anything. 020826
poeticmisfit Glass peices are sharp.
Break me, I am your mirror.
Use me to make yourself bleed
marz i see myself
i do not know
where i am going
where i have gone
who will show
the real me
is there one?
i cannot see
p2 mirrors scare me

whenever i look into one
after a while
i don't recognize the person
looking back

and if he came out
to kill me
would he be
as strong as me?
who would win the fight
to have their place in the world

i take solacement though
in knowing that mirror-me
probably wouldn't want
my pathetic life

lucky for him
i hate looking in the mirror
so he has time
to go have fun
in the mirror-world
instead of standing across from me
wondering who the hell i am
no use for a name i look in the mirror now and i dont even recognize myself anymore. its like im looking at a picture of someone entirely different. even though i am 16 years old i feel so old and ugly. i dont know whats wrong with me. i used to be so beautiful and vibrant our at least i thought. i dont find myself pretty anymore. i have no idea what happened. something inside of me changed that made me feel less confident. someone must have told me something...or else i just told myself. im comparing myself too much to other people, beautiful people. models. movie stars. people who i would love to look like. i dont know if anyone finds me attractive, or if they ever have. i guess it was all in my head that everyone thought that i was all that. i still wish i thought that even though its not true. at least i was more confident. it doesnt really matter about looks though. looks have nothing to do with what kind of people we are on the inside. but i feel like im being judged by everyone. that if i dont look as good as they think i should they'll think less of me. why does this have to happen? why does everyone have to judge me so much? i just want to go out in the world and be myself and not have to worry about other people not accepting it. if only it were that easy 021223
Diamond broken like the soul I see when I look deep into his eyes. He hides a secret that his eyes cant keep. They shout it out even though he turns his head.

He knows I can read him like a book. I dont know why he lies.
tulip bruises it stood there screaming at me,
it pressed bleeding lips against me,
when it whispered and moaned insanely i turned the mirror away,
it leant tired tear streaked cheeks against me,
it spat at me and snarled at me,
it giggled at me,
it left lipstick marks on my cheek,
it spent hours staring at my every detail,
it has curled it lip at me in disgust,
it has stared at my with empty eyes,
it has licked my tongue,
it has stared at me with the deepest shame,
it has tried a million different ways of looking on me,
it has grown so skilled at only putting on the expressionw which it likes that i dont know what it really looks like,
it is still the ugliest thing i have ever seen.
niska you know what to do if you're looking for answers. 030523
User24 see: rorrim 030901
jane jerk_off inthemirror by_myself 030901
antithesis mmm, yeah 030901
User24 I believe it's only unlucky to break one if your reflection is in it at the time. 030914
Carly a mirror never lies. Its your relection, its ur true image. Its how u look to the outside world. This world is so image conouis that ppl spend most of there time infront of mirrors prefecting themsevles. I hate mirrors!! You can put on a false smile to the world, but the mirror see's ur true feelings. ITs showen in the reflection of your eyes. That cold sad look. I look away! 031021
Death of a Rose you devious little user24

quite like it.
gwyllynne rope

(should've trusted that sixth sense)
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl i want to move that damn sheet of glass that stops me meeting the only person in the world that understands how i feel, the one person who i don't have to talk to because she already knows my thoughts, my every action.
she wouldn't make me feel better, though.
after all, she's only me.
or maybe i'm her.
why is it so damn confusing?
must be the vodka.
misstree there's nothing new she can teach you, though. 040220
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl she could teach me things that i shut out, things about myself.
that way i could possibly learn to live.
cinzento I walked past a mirror today and looked at myself and thought, "You look really weird without your glasses."
You have glasses? you ask.
Well, no. I've never worn glasses.
Why did I think that?
kookaburra why dont the makers of the goddam rearview mirrors just design a mirror that show objects as close as they appear? 040519
minnesota_chris it allows a wider field of vision, so you can see if there is a car in the lane you want to merge into. 040520
Joy It is not the mirror that is shattered. It is reality. Reality is broken. I, the so-hated mirror, merely reflect what there is. Mirror has no color, no identity, it is whatever is around it. I am the mirror. The hated mirror. The feared mirror. The mirror that will show what you do not want to see. You and I are the same. You are broken. So am I. 040707
illusionary_reality mirror mirror on the wall,
have i ever existed at all?
Karma ...4162005. 4172005, 4182005... 050419
3 hours ago 1 more Filipino worker killed in Iraq 050419
3 hours ago 1 more Filipino worker killed in Iraq

reue so if you didn't know me, would i look mean? i've been told several times that i always look pissed off. that people are scared to talk to me. 050828
reue so if you didn't know me, would i look mean? i've been told several times that i always look pissed off. that people are scared to talk to me. 050828
no time for sergeants i wonder...
do you ever step back from the mirror
and see the light?
the brightness?
You are not mere atomic mass
spinning in some vice-grip-mastered plan
of an apathetic universe.

You love.
You *are* loved.
earthen molecules shift with your every breath,
every step,
with every beat of your heart.

step furtively, but step.
breathe attentively, but breathe.
love cautiously, but love.

strength comes with exercise.
what's it to you?
who go