jennifer Everyday I walk through the halls of my life paranoid of this world.
I am scared of my position, and I know I am too reserved
and too quiet for my own good.
I have calluses on my heart and ears and I am no longer attuned
to the love that I should have been shown long ago.
And I understand I will never be allowed to love how I should and I am still
scared of the cold world outside.
But for now I like my place.
I like the quietness of my own sounds,
and, for the most part, the sobs that escape my sacred lips
are a sound of comfort to my haunted soul.
But one dat, when I escape this hell I live in
I will understand what it means to be unmistakably alive
and I will never have to look back upon those
empty halls that scream out lamentation to my deafened ears.
amy weird feelings secret

(three_words, random)

done for the day, since it could go on for all of it...
Aaron a voice in my head said i'm a closet case. it might be true but i doubt it. i like girls to much. i do mean too much. but this fear inside me that i shall have to side one or the other drives me to leave my closet door open. i'm not bi. i'm ambisexual. but still i sleep with the door open. eat with the door open. go to work and leave the door open. right now the door is open. it's a fear that i may be traped outside with no way back in. i am what i am...... but what am i? 000815
birdmad we were supposed to describe a moment in our lives and the way that momednt made us feel

when it came around to the old guy in the corner, a number of eyes rolled because although he can be deathly serious at moments, he can be an uxexpected source of great comedy too

he spoke:

"When i was a kid, we were terribly poor. We were so poor that while all the other kids i know had closets in their house to hang their clothes, all i had was a nail. I hated it. i swore one day i would have a closet. Time passed, i grew up and got my first real job, and after awhile, when i could afford it, i finally got a closet...and i haven't come out of it ever since."

try telling that story to a crowd of people with a striaght face, i don't think i could.
gwyllynne my apartment is a closet masquerading as such 000816
mmmm Closetland. Have you seen that movie. The interrogater and the victim? A good movie 010322
im nobody who r u r u nobody 2 ? Closet. Yeah. Been there. That's where I hang out when it's all too much and I want to cry without everyone patting me on the back and saying that everything's ok and I'm a good kid. Come to think of it, my hat used to be in the closet all the time but it does not appear to be there anymore. 010730
blooga Hmm... there's an skeleton with an arrow coming out of MY closet... 031116
nemo theres a hole in the ceiling. he probably hung there for 10-20 minutes... maybe more... maybe less. my sister says the human brain can live 5 minutes without oxygen. billy had to hold his own feet up until he passed out. but now theres only a hole... no rope.. no billy. i wonder if he meant to do it... he messed around like that alot, maybe he was just playing and... he wanted to see how far he could go, how long he could last. good job. now we'll never get to see modest mouse, or move out together, or chase ducks at the park, or look at clocks, or do coke, or get drunk together, or watch pi, donnie darko, or bjork music videos... no more cloves, no more glasses of milk, no more rolls, hits, lines, nothing. not for you. no more kisses or hugs or friendly words. no more tears. never again. all because of the closet -- no it wasnt its fault, i guess nothing is at fault. no more waking up early or not staying out late because of work. no more $1,000 paychecks, or guitar. you cant use that new guitar and amp you just bought. your friend came back from california, you could have started a band again... you cant play me anymore radiohead. never again.... but you'll always have my love atleast, you were a great friend... and if there is another life after death, do us all a favor and avoid closets at all costs. 031225
nemo the siloette of his body could be seen against the pale tv glow through the crack in the door -- eyes still open and fixed towards a closet wall. his last thoughts lingered throughout the room. some one's words began to echo in waves silently in our ears... reminding us of the friend we once had. ((billy_mckinney what have you done)) 040308
reptile808 shhh
don't tell
why is he spying and why is she paranoid
and the more people that show up the more distrustful i become and there really is no good reason for it
maybe when it's warmer i should arrive even earlier so to have more privacy
like a closet
soulesswanderer that grendals story, or yours, or just a well known joke I've never heard of?
See: curled_up_in_a_closet
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