erin are going by until u think of me ,pick up the phone and call ,god damnit!

*I always do this if he doesnt call or does its a test of if he loves me...i am pathetic*
paste! marinated fencepost goes good with noodles, but not poodles. 011212
god i think i left my wallet in the mall in my mind. 030406
Nathan88 turned in to hours last night...god i was bored...$20 better spent elsewhere shoulda stayed home on couch and watched a movie..woulda been more fun 030407
Amithyst Sey Blade time... ticking away slowly... in escapable. past is gone, future awaits, right now is the present so what does it take to move on... ticking away slowly with it's even hands... tick, tock, tick, the sun is down and now i am dreaming and here time is none existant. 030605
Bullet voila 040405
17m nothing is wasted 041219
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