amy think about your relationship, think of something to buy. buy it, wrap it, give it, unwrap it, take it, thank-you, over. 991225
Free We have our being in the past, our thought is founded upon the past. The past is the known, and the response of the past is ever overshadowing the present, the unknown. The unknown is not the future, but the presentThe future is but the past pushing its way through the uncertain present.This gap, this interval, is filled with the intermittent light of knowledge, covering the emptiness of the present; but the emtiness holds the miracle of life. 000424
sim do you remember when blue was a feeling, grey was a word, and one was number?

do you remember when love was forever? now and forever, love is for lovers. do you believe that real love is right now? could we be having the time of our lives now?

(do you believe this?)

now every day is like summer vacation, christmas and birthday rolled into one day. now every night is a special occasion, where will it all end, maybe next sunday...

if you believe that love is forever, can you conceive of anything better?

do you believe this?
do you believe this is love?
love is for lovers

do you believe that love is a sure thing? you say hello and I hit the ceiling.

do you believe this?
do you believe this is love?

sykoze there is no present.
we only live in the past.
it takes a few fractions of a second for the signals from the receptors all throughout your body to reach your central nervous system, and that is all that it takes to separate one's image of reality from the actual reality of the moment. Not only that, but all our actions, all our fears and desires, are all based on past experiences. Even future dreams are based on the projected possibility of similar dreams in the past coming true, a mental poisson distribution.
Therefore what we see as reality is never what really is there.
kx21 Dreams Minus Memories? 010902
Casey I give but never recieve. I don't think any of my friends even know when my birthday is. 010902
Inanna Now is a gift. That is why it is called a present. 011212
pansy Walking from the past
Entering the present
I try to exist
With my last strength
With my last breath
How will I know this is the end?
Lemon_Soda The past is a memory.
The future is a hope.
The present is life.

So live.
. . 040127
june Screw it all! 040127
pansy i'm not afraid of death... i'm afraid that my live will never begin...
i don't want to breathe
i want to live
and my present?hmm... my only hope is in the future, cause my present doesn't exist
N8 right now 040616
bum bum olivia i came here from using this word in the "right now" sense, but my birthday is in 9 days, and i am looking forward to presents.

and i like the present, too. minus some things, i'm the happiest i've ever been.
*ikonaj* he. did. not.

this is where the present troubles bubbled.
djstar well, its almost Christmas? I don't expect her to make a collage or buy me a t-shirt -- I don't know what she'll present but there is an expectation that I will be supportive of her dreamy baby-to-be. Just ask. 121215
Mr. McGreg Give me a book deal, and I'll give you a cake.

Ohhhh, I live for that.
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