Sutor actions are extremely undervalued in our society today, especially among the supposed "liberals" or "progressives."
Instead, reading, writing, thinking, philosophizing (which is actuallly a word), debating are held in higher esteem. I would argue that anyone who claims to be a liberal or progressive and whose liberalness or progressiveness is evidenced only by their bantering about racism, poverty, the environment, gun control, etc. with their fellow "liberals" and "progressives" is neither liberal nor progressive. You won't become either until you write a letter to the Board of Regents urging the reinstatement of affirmative action, call your Senator about increasing school lunch program funding, attend a rally to protest development of your national forests or gather signatures on a ballot initiative on mandatory trigger locks or take whatever steps necessary to move your vision or opinion closer to reality. Then, and only then, will you succeed in being the liberal or progressive you claim to be.
Q Hmmmm, seems awfully familiar.

It felt really, really good to write that, didn't it? Oh, sweet exhaustion!

Blather just doesn't do it, does it?

By the way, did you vote in the last election you could?
amy familiarity and personality are sometimes breezes that float from person to person, especially when they are friends.

and i am all word and no action.
but am thankful for those that will keep me on track to action, eventually.
BoofPixie lets go out. get tanked. get some action. fire up the truck and park by the train tracks. i'll be there directly. 000310
socialretard that come from your existance in my direction are full of hidden agendas that you are too afraid to back up. that are pushing me away.....i can still swim in your soul through your eyes, but your weaknes is pushing me away. 021208
lou_la_belle I wish I could take it all back
but then again I don't!
debating endlessly in my head.
I guess I shouldn't worry,
but i do wonder...
What do you think of me now
after seeing my impulsive
and slightly degrading
What do I think of myself for that matter?
I don't know anymore
I just don't know.
ofsuch speak louder than words 040430
what's it to you?
who go