blown cherry Who and what we are is undeniably, or arguably, some product of our environments, but at the same time is inextricably intertwined with something more intrinsic to our inner beings than this. Some indefinable substance, label it "the mind" or "the soul" or simply a "complex array of electrical impulses" if you so wish.

But whether any singular trait of a person is attributable to either aspect of influence, can any less importance be placed upon it because of its origins?
It still makes me who I am.
Or am I just made up of so much surface?
Blake Thats not what I meant. I'm saying that all the reasons you gave were extraneous. That, since its enviromental, you should be proud of the enviroment. Eh I'm just being an optimist at a pessimist I suppose. 020903
: just love me and it wont matter either way

jenjen we are all products of our environment. 030402
thieums It's out here, and it's trying to get you ! Better avoid it... 050111
hsg climate_change 061016
what's it to you?
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