andrea to me, i think there is something
magical at work
as we all lie asleep in our
warm beds with
dreams of our days to come
passing through our minds
i suppose, even the angels come and
dance on our pillows
sprinkling us with grace and faith
guiding us where we beliong
a true testament that God
is always near
gaudior life is a supposition.

we make our safe havens with angels and blankets, but the only true safet is to be found in love--elemental emotion.
bethany an english techer once said...there is no "supposed to", there is only will or will not. 030218
gippa Don suppose you were as smart as you think you are, and as dumb as you reeally are. If your were as smart as you think you are you would know you are as dumb as you are. 030506
selkie you are who you are. 040708
IO1011 I know it but I don't commit to it. I suppose I love you, I suppose we should play Scrabble, I suppose it's the way it is built. 060814
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