hotmatty my girfriend's pet-name for my penis 980820
eric yellow 980903
dallas this is what I named my pet monkey.

he was so noisy and I used to tell him to shush all the time.

shhh, my monkey! shh, it!
velouria begins where it ends-in nothing 990215
daxle similar to that, 50% chance of being shit. 990416
James it,spit,spitfire, carhire, cornflakes, toothaches,tantrums,teardrops,never stops, moving on,ex con, exhale, paschendale,fail,feast,beast,beauty,bright,shite,showers,shamen,fame, fortune,fickle, fastidious,avaricious,vicious,vindaloo,portaloo,untrue,unreal,deal,dead,dark,dublin,disco,nightclub, pub,paris,pretty,precocious,pre millenium tension. 991021
missydissle something with meaning 991028
DX SUCK IT!!! 991128
amy in London, the inheritors of Beatlemania are maybe still debating over whether the song at the Millennium Dome celebration should be "All You Need is Love" or "Let it Be". what a no-brainer! get over it, mates. 991228
apr!l -*o! ambiguous it!*-
HS english teachers say to avoid it.
heh heh
HS english teachers say to avoid using the word "it".
there that's better. ; D
miniver "We all float down here..." 000311
a it is not what you think. 000313
anti you can never quite put your finger on it 000322
apple what is it? is it a bird, or a plane? is it loss or is it gain? perhaps it's a girl with a red balloon. or a siamese monkey two minutes too soon. 000527
TheJellyman Sometimes it happens 000623
Dark~Sky666 well i don't know what to do!!!! last night i had 2 full glasses of rum and a cupple tokes of weed and i was fucked up and i keep on doing this i can't help it mabye i need help i don't know you think i should go to some candy store and fuck some monkey up the ass or something like this or mabye billy bob could cum and rape me on a speeker wire and then i would get like cut and i will bleed till i puke up cd's liek marilyn manson or something. i was walking one summer day and it started to snow and i was all happy and shit cuz i thought it was summer but it was really winter and when it was raining i fell in the snow and i landed on icon ya know from the computer you click on them and you go to see a movie called see you tomorrow and you'll die or something and when your at the mall and some guy comes up to you and says he an he she and he slips and falls on his feet and he said ouch my ackeing ear lob and dives into the pool and he buy some crack from some girl who is waling by the bus that is go so fast and thin as anythong the cat looks so kool he's up playing pool by the butterfly who is flying away to a better place in the sun it soooooo hot i went up there one day =and i dead and came back down to see my lover he said no let me be up there asnd i will dead tooo so he went to the store and left me in the rear of the bus that was going sooooo fast and i was skipping of the bus and he said bye and i said die and he cried and went to the moon and sat down a had a shit and he ate he own shit and my gerard came back and said he went to he hospitil 4 testing andf he found out he was not live ing so he went to the drugstore and buoght a cowboy and she said to the cow boy i want a rid on your cow ok so she did and so went and rode on his bug and i was sooooo big ans hairy and smooth their was like no hair on it at all and i fell off this house and i broke my bellybotton and i was dead!!!!!! well that was my day how was your's?????

Thyartshallshant Ya kno, has anyone ever told you that drugs are bad? Almost as bad as using the word "it" to describe someone elses genitals.
Lunakittey Bring the knights a shrubbery 010222
Sol well it may come as a surprise to yu to learn but it has come to my attention that it is quite a respectable thing to carry it on after it is well and truly finished, although it is almost as incorruptable as a rhino on speed, and almost all my emu's have caught it and now they cant stop doing it, it irritates me how much of it is extrudable from a turnips pension scheme, if they can get it why cant I? and if it is really worth as much as it is implied to be why do we give it away? it makes very little sense but then it never does, i suppose although cockroaches are notoriously capable of withstanding it (not without the aid of the teenage mutant ninja jam donuts though i hate it when they arrive on their little whiney bombardier beetles, dripping grease and suger all over the living room carpet, i should set the hog s on them, thatd teach them a thing or two about the meaning of marsupial microscopy, but dont be too long the electron beams damage their pouches and make them develop horses, wwhich is always entertaing especially watching them try to walk in low gravity, their cups and saucers flying around all over the place, poor things 010402
Chrity go to:
ladybird scary clown found in drains....Carolyn and I used to pretend the river at the back of Dundrum shopping centre was the Kenduskeg and I'd be frightened walking past without her

Is that how you spell Kenduskeg?
sasha why do we call sex "it"? 010704
Lon It really hurt us to see there heads on spikes. 010906
ejo it is just wild 011025
Claire monstrous
Clara Bow.
I want "it".
i like it.
haha, i have to use "it"
for it.
"it" backwards is "ti"
bzzmel is a tit 011207
...... owwwwwwww 020209
.... ow 020209
Dinushsh Segway/Ginger/It 020317
mistie it is that scary clown they made a movie about which i watched upstairs w/ my cousin and then was unable to go to the bathroom at night for quite a while it most certainly not a fun movie/book for a little kid such as i was then thank you very much. 020603
dH. it's been 3 years since i lost it. my precious ear worm, re-repeating the comforting words of progress.
my empty head screams for attention but silence has rendered the image deaf. they do not hear me cry.
it does'nt know of the pain as it slips through time. a snapshot of reality only known to it'self.
my existance rolls on, until the the moment the fingers of mother earth unfold and absorbe my essence.
my concience joins a greater, and i am in heaven with you once more.
ladybird Now the river at the back of Dundrum is gone. They built a motorway over it, and over the fairy ring (which will make it a very unlucky road to drive on). Marlay Park's all messed up too, and they're selling off my old school. I feel so bloody old. 020715
joepriest C'mon, Just say what u hav 2 say! say wot u like! just say it!! 020830
.. would you please stop it? 021031
coldMeshach "Treat yourself to a little indulgence"
....It tells me....

Find me in the picture????
No, Where are you?
No, Where are you?
No, Where are you?
No, Where are you?
No, Where are you?
niska was clear it had to be done. 030308
qazual i see it slowly slipping away moment by moment, the moment i no longer own it. it being that thing that makes us exist and rhythmically ticks clinched in a tight fist, i just cant grab the jist of it. it being a little less control but letting go is harder to do when attached at the crotch, ordered sex by the minute. it being a secretive smirk, secrecy lurks only to prey on lips concealed with a sealed kiss of the infinite. it being an infinite minute measured in hours and months. to name birth and death as it goes and comes as it flies by to fast to say more than hi. did you see it? 030403
Grace ~yes
but a child's not an "it"
a name is..
but not a newborn child.
or any person..
endless desire its haunting
its hunting
im hiding
im hurting
its chasing
its living
its loving
im lonely
im longing
im crying
its living
im dying
its desperate
im falling
its never catching


i am dizzy
it is spinning
i am screaming
it is hating
i am praying
it is mocking

i am controlling
it is controlling

its never there
it never helps
its always there
it always helps.

where am i?
someone stop me
someone find me
someone catch me
bc it isnt doing its job.
silentbob isn't even filled with words anymore. just words_linked_by_underscores.

what happened to the days when people actually had things to say that could be filed under one word?
jane will not happen again, bobby 030528
User24 silentbob - underscores are evil and must die. see


(an interesting irony there, actually)
trixie tag, you're that thing that you are 030617
we_have_lingered i wanted to blather so much i wanted to put my words down on paper i wanted so badly to have something to say. 030815
Jesus It is I, be not afraid only believe- 031025
????????? wre are we and were do we go from here 031123
thespacebetween is one fucking scary ass clown
if you havent seen it
you need to...
panther is trying to communicate ... i just know it... STUPID SAUSSAGE LINKS!!... any one got a bandaid? 031214
cheetah i think you mean sausage. idiot. 031223
estarocks i love he, she, it---this! 040612
mockingbirdgirl is 040713
p2 the slumbering mass
shows no sign of life
and the people continue on
content in their ignorance

but this ageless demon
finds no rest in its sleep
and its name being invoked
it awakens with a rage

its appetite for destruction
seemingly insatiable
it tears apart everything in its path
and tears down a part of itself

so full of hate is it
it eventually wears itself out
until it collapses once again
into the helpless mass it was before

and the people rebuild
and eventually they forget
and they continue on
content in their ignorance
Lexzy Who would have ever known...
It can mean so many things.
like it's going to rain.
I like it.
It's rather large.
You like it.
I want you to like it too.
Why not?
Well fine,
I dont like you either!!!
person this website is weird. my website is weird. It is called I like cheese

Rikae Arson I don't know what it is. 060721
***r@|\|$c3|\|d3|\|@|_*** it can be referential or non-referential. 060903
Hehehe Don't say that word!
How can I, if I don't know what it is?
You said it again! I said it!
sdfgsdfgsdfg It's not 070531
Roy! Brand Clothing Co. L.L.C. 1993 it smells like space 071111
kiss it HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 080215
It It 181203
. Then_here 181203
what's it to you?
who go