typhoid up and down pacific ave lookin for a birthday present, amber you like, but all they got is this cheap crap necklace rings etc, tons of that already. then this little shop, the last fucking shop on the street, with a way overpriced amber mushroom grove and a little silver/amber butterfly pin.. gradient from brown through yellow through clear. nice.
even though you say i needn't get you anything
silentbob chaotically
so pretty, so fragile
reminds me that life is beautiful and how rare it is that we get to experience one of the real beautiful things in the world, and how easy it is to take it away.
silentbob Yesterday I went outside
With my momma's mason jar
Caught a lovely Butterfly

When I woke up today
And looked in on my fairy pet
She had withered all away
No more sighing in her breast
I'm sorry for what I did
I did what my body told me to
I didn't mean to do you harm
But everytime I pin down what I think I want
It slips away - the ghost slips away

I smell you on my hand for days
I can't wash away your scent
If I'm a dog then you're a bitch

I guess you're as real as me
Maybe I can live with that
Maybe I need fantasy
A life of chasing Butterfly
I told you I would return
When the robin makes his nest
But I ain't never comin' back
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry

absent but still present I got my wings in
fly away
to the sunshine
basking in the sunshine
I got my wings
without you
kx21 A Butterfly flapping its wings in
Singapore could pluck the string(s)in You and vary the Hole(s) of U...
Tank i prefer to call them flutterby's, it makes so much more sense, and we all know how much sense nature makes... 010722
birdmad hurricane_trigger

the mandelbrot equations

the smallest conspiracies at the subatomic level

charged with trespassing electrons

i can be inert when_sleep_comes_down
Allie So colorful and full of life
Frail and thin
Hold it up to the light
See right through it

Chop chop chop
Light dark light
Fan blades temporarily block the dim bare bulb
Dark light Dark light
slow slow slow
Wooden table
Two chairs
No Windows
Too much to handle
Run for the door
Small window of oppertunity

But once you touch the wing of a
It's already too late
absent but still present i love watching butterflies dry in the sun. i saw one on the asphalt of the parking lot and as she ran over it with her expensive audi i cringed. 010723
kx21 From Duck_tale:-

A Butterfly flapping its wings is as to
A duck making its Quacks...
kx21 A Butterfly flapping its wings is as to
A Duck making its quack...
machines of loving Gollum don't place faith in human beings... 010730
Sol flying powder.
translucent paperwing
sweet sunlight tears.
falling flying fearing
toward the moon/sun sisters
living pallet.
ellen cherry charles erin likes to wear wings every halloween,
not butterfly, per se,
she wants to be a fairy
ClairE like she was the butterfly, and he was the pin... 020107
Mahayana: Zakah: well/ i am glad the butterflies approved /of a lips meeting

ive been writing a lot lately, esp. since we havent been communicating as much as we used to, or as often as i would like to myself, in your presence.
so i finger weave & twin words through & through and they keep such intriguing company

speaking of hips, yesterday I had composed this lil ditty about such spaces

clovedly contured hips
soft crimson velvety velvet kiSses
blushed cheeks all whisperly aglow
clovedly contured hips

fantasies do come about/often/when we find ourselves with time on our minds-hands

& my mind wonders as it naturaly does ... whos couch were we on, what did it look like was it soft & cushy, why were we there where were we going or coming from wonder what was going through your mind wonder what was going through my mind in your fantasy
what was i pondering about during that seconds moment in time wonder if in that fantasy if my tummy felt butterflies as well wonder what made you kiss me wonder if it was as you expected it or if it was more
wonder if in RL {real life} if you blushed after u thought it wonder if i could have had input into your fantasy *if* i could have gotten you to sing for me after that kiss

fantasies do come about/often/when we find ourselves with time on our minds-hands

fantasies are fun {weird/silly/amazing/questioning/etc.} 2 have
are even more so fun {weird/silly/amazing/questioning/etc.} 2 reflect upon afterwards

[[[I 'pose i am just 2 easily amuzed tee-hee]]]
Billia its wing
a moment in eternity.
adalaide pink socks and jelly shoes
sunny day
skipping outside...
with a net in hand
a jar in the other
the monarch butterfly
it was my quest
many a sunny summer day
lost angel Why do such beautiful creatures die so early, and ugly ones live so long. Is it so that heaven can hold earths trophy's or so that Earth can be reminded of its residing imperfections. 020816
The Heart of the Fire How nice to be a butterfly...
Cloths are easily shed; nose and chin, flat nipples and thighs and belly are soon wallowing in the blossoms. My tongue is not skinny enough to lap up the sweetness, but I feel the sun on my wings...
sprhrgrl he flew away with a piece of my heart

larger than a butterfly should have been able to carry
scifininja one time i caught a glimse of the orange cat who i could not stop loving after he died. i looked down to find a caterpillar. i kept i, i let it go. and i cried. it was wonderful. a black and orange butterfly. 030720
skye and as you wrote words like butterfly wings, now i think i understand. 031107
pipedream one of my favourite things.

flutterby...that's a sweet, very apt way to put it.

fragile beauty, flying past in loopy zig-zag pairs...you always make me smile, what i would give to be born one- but with iron wings
grindmath is sara 031114
pansy take away my dreams
cause they lied to me
today I saw a black butterfly
and this is my bitter reality
puredream where did you go? 040630
witchesrequiem Transition!

Tapping the vein.
pansy now even butterflies are black.... 040705
J Fly, flutterby 040913
Deomis last year's biology assignment

I took the bottle from the shelf and put a few drops of the stuff onto the cotton ball. I dropped the ball into the jar and tightly sealed the lid.I rested my head on the counter to look at the beautiful creature.
Like an angel trapped in some web, the butterfly threw itself wildly about its little cage of glass.
"Does it feel pain?" I asked silently.
The creature finally stopped its thrashing; the poision in the jar was taking effect. I could see the gentle thread wings laying tattered upon its back and the spasmodic twitching of its little legs.
Finally it lay still- forever dead.

I turned the light off and left.
tr love to watch them.. and yet i am afraid to touch... 041218
case the things that replace the innocence thats lost in the madness. 091209
dafremen Butterfly

The stars alone know the path that you are on
I'm only here to keep you warm
It's no surprise
That you light the way for all the souls you come upon
it's so much brighter than it was
in my life
So come inside and find a place where life is yours
and so much warmer than before
Take the time
We'll do the same and things will change 'til all is right
But Butterfly

If you lose your faith
in the humans race
look behind you
and you'll see my face there

The day I looked into your eyes it made me smile
because love knows its own kind
And by and by
I felt the need to help you grow into this life
Keep your tiny hand in mine

And if you lose your faith
in the human race
just look behind you
and see my face there

If you lose your faith
in the human race
just look behind you
see my face there
and when life is hard
there is always time
to search my arms
and there I'll find you
. _______________________________________________________________ 151024
flowerock The butterflies have been out in full force recently, floating and flitting around all the tree flowers. They dance through the air_space, is it the sky if it's not all that high above us? We saw a gorgeous white one today and then a fuzzy furry caterpillar resting on a broad textured leaf, black and yellow with spots and long white tufts, I pet them, I hope that was ok.

I want to see the monarch_migration while there are still monarchs to migrate... where they gather in clusters in new Mexico (or is it mexico?)

My step dad called my mom his flutterby, he's sweet, someone has to be sweet to her... it can be difficult to see her goodness through her muddy_mean exterior... I'm glad she has him. I'm glad we have butterflies to flutter by...
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