amy i might be smart, but i am one of many. nice number. 000226
valis fuck the needs of the many!
sometimes the few just happen to be right, y'know.
jaded_wings F-ellow

im sure thats what it means
phil not many 030417
god does not rhyme with mall 030417
pete tired eyes pear through the glass, hoping to travel beyond the senses to a peaceful point without movement. her eyes faded from his mind's eye, forever recorded close to his heart whre they can bless him during the times together, and taunt him during the times between. either way, he smiles still, knowing that reglardless of how few remain to see and stand in the wind, his eyes can see what the dreams hide, merging reality with truth, a dazzling light.

aloof and alone, whree the winds blow soouth and the giants weep at the fortress of man he stands in silence, hoping that the world he knows crumbles away before her glare, leaving a moment's respite from the heats of hell, which bubble around his soul iduring the darkest night to leave him alone with himself.

disjointed this may be, directionless and lost, entwined beofre and after the infinite waves of the dying gods of his youth, the boy steps back into a feverish state, hoping for once that the times betwen would not come, knowing that that hope was in vain, and he is afraid that if they didn't come that he might miss that oppurtunity for growth and the reallignment of his soul, to better match her own changes.

a friends news, and a new friend's eyes, daydreams rule while the cookies burn unthought of in the glory of men's eyes. the boy sighs again, holding his pillow tight, trying to sleep through another restless night, knowing that one day soon he'll have to stand before the moon and accept what she has to say in resolution to what she has already done for him and his own. dreams cease as the twilight fades and he peers into the fragments of society that remain untouched, where angels lose their way.
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