jennifer himself
grendel the Devil... 000528
Midori What a crazy language we speak. 000809
caveman Giving into temptation
leaving pride behind and stepping into a whole new realm...
It starts to sting and never again will the hurt cloud my mind,
This time I've been mistaken;
In which time has been forsaken...
A sea of red flows down my fingertips and hurridley puddles on the floor.
Now I dream about it, all my sins are lined with guilt,
So long as I live in this nightmare.
Each day begins the same, as the cigarette smoke fills my lungs, the sun peeks over the horizon.
When will it ever change?
The people, the places, all of those innocent faces trying to lend a sympathetic hand...
If it worked like they said it would, I'd give everything to see life through.
My stomach is tied in knots,
Fear adds fuel to the fire,
Throwing caution to the wind, running across state lines
Looking for a scapegoat to blame...
She said, He said: screaming " where can I hide?"
Last in line, infanatley running out of time
Go and find the answer at the bottom of every bottle.
Getting up to quick
Taking two steps back
Better ask before I take too much away from it all.
( Lost it in the blink of an eye)
So I climb a top the highest mountain
to look for where all of the good times have gone
I bought myself a map to help me find where to look,
But it all ends up in a puddle on the floor...
yyyo a dick, not a vagina. 040101
shmooka ever wondered what guys think about? i think this word is a reflection. but sometimes i wonder when they're looking at my legs, are they actually thinking about celery? or porkchops and applesauce? one time i looked at a guys leg and immediately thought about an ice cream cone. (trust me if yuo saw this leg you would too.) 040411
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