quill across the seesaw balancing blue, only a step to cold zero 990907
alida red is the sky at twilight when i realise i have made a great mistake. i sing to the stars and wish myself home. 990920
me? Cellar doors were open
For the storms were out that night
The night reflected from the leaves
The sky was still too bright

I saw her passing as the wind
Was rising in the air
She rode upon a red bicycle
And she had red hair
valis the color of sex, fire, and blood.
not a calm color.
amy passionate coincidence 991219
Quintessensual then she said "It's a red light. You can go now." So you did, and that's why you're here blathing. 991223
riot lust, shining lust. 000113
_ _ 000307
BoofPixie my senior prom. 000310
the red flame the hurricane the color of my hair 000408
apple 's are red. 000527
laomedia exuded by the female volcanic body who displays the internal liquids to an external air as it oozes a symbolic cosmic order of living continuance. thick alizarin red outflows from the mind mimefied by simulating a corresponding colour in the hair. the loss of passion and vitality on a monthly basis considering the skin reddened by the blood of passion is whitened by the state of anaemia and the stagnation of flows upon death. 000909
foolish one i've fallen in love with a red 001004
jennifer i'm the red flame, the hurricane.

i laugh when i read in magazines that boys, guys, and men alike are aroused by red heads. that while they may screw around on friday nights with a tanned-skin, blonde-from-a-bottle beauty, they secretly wish she were a red head.

i laugh because i know it's not true. it couldn't possibly be true.

because i sleep
in my bed
with my
red hair
all around me.

and i wake up all alone.
with my
red hair
all around me.

if you were me, you'd think it funny too.

lyse i like pink better. 010131
Lyle McMahon A love letter that shall go like this:

Red with black edges
Something similar to a wildfire
Or simple like ignorance in a hailstorm
Something similar to a concussion
Something similar to a hailstorm

An apology thesis, or rather the skeletons of an apology that presumably will go like this:

To be assembled within the next thirty days
Must contain only vowels
Unnecessary precautions (like stoplights at intersections)
An ant stepped on by a marathon runner

The plans to build a nuclear rocket:

I am profoundly still standing
But cannot tell if I am still alive

The plans to detonate shall go like this:

First, we circle the perimeter and check for open spaces
Then methodically search towards the center
People tell me there are blind spaces all around us
And empty places all inside of us

A love letter may go as follows:

Like rings on the tables when you forget a coaster
A statement in which none of the equalities are equal
This is such a beautiful place. I wonder when I can get the hell out.
When the subject has multiple shadows of differing lengths

Or a love letter may not

tell me if you like my words
Allie is the color my back turns, as I sit in the sun waiting for you to care. Waiting to be noticed and appreciated. Tomorrow, I know my back will hurt, and maybe need some Aloe, but who will put it on for me? 010506
rubydee i trusted my skin to a boy
too easily absorbed in a book
and feel asleep..
my white skin having not seen the sun
for eight long months of snow
suddenly subjected to two too many hours
on the beach
the color that resulted is not really red,
more the leg warmers i wore in junior high.
and that was thursday. today is sunday and still the smarting and tightness keeps me from sleeping and when i doze i dream of water and swimming in the frigid ocean, making me have to get up and pee.
Fire&Roses Red was me. I was your fire. Your passion. Your love. You melted me. and formed me. Your cool blue tempered my raging fire. I needed the coolness when my fire overwhelmed me. When the passion took you and drove you mad. Your blue kept us here. POISED. Standing tall in the fire burning and melting and falling down, but alive. You kept us alive. 010723
abraham lincoln Red is rose, color blue is a voilet, heres my number baby when you get home dial it up, i'll be your man and you can be my lady, and we could get right upstairs and get busy baby.-DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince 010805
MisterFunkadelic ooh, baby there's two of these!

red and blue!

i guess i better put my bootsy shades on when traveling between.
god 6. The World Looks Red
Push it away
The world looks red
People with fish eyes
The ground sucks
Walk on my fingertips
Displacing the fog
The weight of my body
is too mush to bear
The memory drained
the life from the dull
An ocean of insects
worked like a sheet
the immovable fact
Buried my mind
in a horse-hair coat
in a pile
on the floor

Push it away
The world looks red
People with fish eyes
The ground sucks
Walk on my fingertips
Displacing the fog
The weight of my body
Is too much to bear
The memory drained
The life from the doll
The ocean of insects
Moved like a sheet
The immovable fact
Buried my mind
In a horsehair coat
In a pile
On the floor
forgetful_experimentor in old russian, it's the same word as "beatiful". Red square is actually "beatiful square". 011119
bloodjetpoetry blood jet poetry gushes, my microphone is turned off, rubies have bled onto the paper, my vocal chords are turned off. the cells now spatter. i have no voice. 011119
zenfishsticks sometimes my eyes turn red.

like red-eye in photos, but in real life. light reflects off of them just so, and you can see the demon inside.

don't be afraid, child. come closer.
kelli crane my mother told me never to wear red. Clothes, lipstick, nails. She says it's slutty. 020112
pralines&cream My mother told me the same exact thing when I wanted to get a red bra. 020113
Miffey red is my favorite color.
It implies fire, excitement, danger.
It's a great color, there's power in it. There is evil in it.
I drive a bright red car.
But it's a metro, and there's none of those things in a Geo Metro, trust me.
girl_jane If somebdoy were to ask me what color I thought represented hate, rage and fire, I'd say red.

If somebody were to ask me what color I thought represented love, passion, and desire, I'd say red.

god crummy firetruck ran over my tongue. 020403
kerry red....
red hot sex
red hot chili peppers
red devils
red jellybeans
little red riding hood

and then there's always the colors...

fire engine red, candy apple red...


my friends say i look good in red
User24 miffy, you may like to see 020410
red its my name 020502
Mahayana a color whose hue resembles that of blood or of the ruby or is that of the long-wave extreme of the visible spectrum

blue blood blood orange
oh precious stone of red corundum
ruby-throated hummingbird

red clothing
[the blather'er in red]
[the girlfriend in red]
[the blather'er in red]
red hooded sweatshirt
zippers up & down
with drawstrings to pull her nearer
when inches from my lips is not yet
close enough
zippers down
sweatshirt hooded & red
red clothing :red desires:
one that is of a red or reddish color

long-wave extreme

a pigment or dye that colors red
a shade or tint of lust red

[{if you only knew... how irresistible red is around you, youd perhaps never would shed those hued layers}]
daves alter-ego goes faster.

At least that's what Dave's theory was.
The web page has long since gone, and my memory is insufficient, so I'm afraid I con longer relate to all of you why it is that Dave thought red went faster.
He had a red bike and all.
Used to ride it to uni accross the harbour bridge :)

Now he's gone to join the science circus down in Canberra, so I never see him anymore.
I totally freaked him out for a while. Emailed him when he didn't know who I was. But I was so much like him in the emails he thought I was his alter ego :)
Casey Behind my red-lensed sun glasses I can see the world anew. I see a red couple making out by the 6th Avanue street light. Their lips are interlocked and their tounges poke and puch out each other's red cheeks.
I look down at my red shoes and scrape them along the red sidewalk
azurebreeze French Fries drowning in vibrant red ketchup. 020512
originalredman im flattered [i think hence..] 020518
Sailor Jupiter Red. I hate the color. The color of blood. The color of times that haunt me. 020519
freakizh red reminds me of a sensual person that will eventually die.

something like gia. although gia was more like pink. angelina_jolie made her red.
jane i painted the inside of my door red today...and it looks so fucking cool because it reflects the yellow that filters in through my window and integrates itself throughout the room 020621
pushpins vivid blur of passion
you were my red for a night
and those sheets
you lie about
danced out of spite...
and wanting
a fast paced intensity
ringing loudly
in its jealous spurts,
and longing
but with feisty vigor
shouting at the top
of (its lungs?)
and aroused
with bits of curiosity
still jumping around my vision
you are red
I am green
we attack eachother
so seductively.
yoink south of the border 020817
kill rhythm i met a kid today. his name is mike. we called him red. he is pretty cool. he has a babyface with a goatee. pretty cool huh 021011
nocturnal I would just like to very strongly second what Jennifer said on 001022. I don't care what magazines or anything else might say. red heads are not what guys fantasize about. I too wake up alone with all this red hair that does me no good. don't get me wrong. I love my hair cuz it really is an awesome colour, but as far as being a guy-magnet, it just ain't so kids. 021011
littel_elf wow, red. I wasn't looking for it... the red version, that is. didn't know it existed till someone mentioned it in a blathe somewhat obsurely.

But I feel more comfy here. I don't know anyone there. Not yet anyway.
me list 030219
ferret hmm, it's HER color all over HER arms, HER hands. She won't tell me why, she laughs and dismisses it and i don' know why. of course, if i was HER i wouldn't tell either, sometimes it becomes HER whole being, red blacking out the blue, the mental bruises all fade away in a single cut. she does it to HERself, i don't know why. 030219
anemiccinema red..
amazing sunset. streaming down on your face.
how I hope for the chance to see you under such light.
we speak of such things seperately.
of the things we enjoy.
how I hope for the chance to share with you such things
User24 My online nickname used to be red
because I always used that color.
Mahayana - Amitabha 030813
oldephebe cerebral red heads
yet sexy
with some moxy
and a light sheen of freckles

I love reheaded women
nick the vampire cries bloody red tears

Maybe you think it's wrong,
just because it left me soaked in bright red blood.
If that's true then why do I feel like I was just baptised?


I better wash this off too...
bluten my mother slowed down for a yellow light. i practically got whiplash. and i was late for band. but she said that she always stops. i said to only stop when you can do so without causing damage. damage is getting rear-ended by the car behind us when they really have no intention of stopping, even for the red. damage is when my teacher doesn't care my that my neck's in one of those collar things. i can't play in the band anymore right now. so rushing through the yellow wouldn't have mattered anyway. and my mother says not to comment on her driving any more. 031105
booglah blah 031118
jessse commies rule! 031203
time_warp i wear green just to keep my redness from being so blaring. a dark, dried red. primal dreams and pungent urgency. it should be tiring to be so red, but i ride on the crest of my own motion. as long as i keep my footing, no damage is incurred. and when damage does strike, the power of boom is unleashed, and everything goes a little more red... 040109
her royal highness the quirk i wore a red dress to your funeral. it was my mom's idea. she said it looked pretty on me, but i thought i was being disrespectful. she made me wear it. i wish i'd worn the black skirt and the blue shirt, because you liked blue. i was wearing my blue sweatshirt that day. i still have it and still wear it and it makes me think of you. i got my necklace out a few days ago. i'd forgotten how good it feels to wear it. i'm going to get some grape bubblicious before my exam tomorrow. 040331
somebody the lil red dress is so much more clasic then any lil black dress could ever be 040401
pipedream red is my colour.
so i've been told.
i look good in red.
i like red.

blood is so pretty. maybe i wear red so when i bleed it doesn't show.
... black and red - party
red red black red black black
fritz Ruby red nail polish with powderdust glitter.

I only wear red. Revlon 480 - Firecracker.

Five coats in dim lighting makes the most beautiful color possible to create.
... ______________________8888__8888888
________888 8OO888888OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO88888888888___888
__888__MOOOOOOOOOOOOM8888O888888888888OOOOmOOMm88888 888888___8888
___88__MOOOOOOOOOOOO8888O88888888888888888OOOOOOMm8 88888___888
tr he called me red. 050201
Turkey Red.

Red. It drips slowly, splashing on the tiles. Slow-motion, as the droplets fly, radiating from the impact.

A finger runs through them, drawing. First, random lines and swirls, then on to more complex geometric shapes. Simple, clean lines, white tile and sharply contrasting red. Patterns within patterns within patterns.

It needs something. Think think think think think. What’s missing? What does it need? Pounding fist on tile in frustration. Suddenly, the hand flattens on the cool surface, and the other reaches for the glinting, wet knife. What does it need?

….more red.

The drawing gets more and more complex, as pictures start to appear in the formerly random lines and curves. Vague, shadowy figures and faces jostle for a place next to glaring eyes and wings. What is it? What does it mean?


The hand swipes through the images, smearing everything into a blurred jumble of streaks. Red on white on red on white, fingers scrabbling in the wetness. The fingers slow, weakened.

What does it mean?

birdmad ...

damn, the return of the blather_white_screen
yoink i thought there was a green also, or a purple, or something, i forgot 070619
crazy_hope it's all i see
because you always
what's it to you?
who go