Wes! mom .. is it really necessary to wash them before i eat diner? 991203
trakie wes, i can't ask my mom that, she teaches microbiology and immunology. if i ask her that, she'll proceed to tell me all about the germs and nasty stuff i could get without good hygine. i just wash my hands. 991206
Tess left_hand holds my cheek
my eyes fall
lessons fall off my ears

long rest
home soon

science again
and my room.
typhoid the hand that bites gets fed... 000117
Christy His hand on the small of my back was the most comforting feeling in the world and the only part of our relationship I miss. 000320
gayle hand in hand
he and i go
through life
through love
through hell and high water
and sometimes
even through happiness
dean-bean I have thin hands. The knuckles are all bulgey, and when I get nervous, big veins pop up and worm arround. It's kind of scarry. 000330
girl i think hands are important. they do alot of things. that is not why hands are important to me. hands are used for touching, feeling. hands absorb more sensation than possibly the heart. i use my hands as symbols many times. when i love someone i want something to symbolize then on my hand. the left hand is always reserved for romantic love. the right is for anything else. when i am hurting inside i cut the palms of my hands ro punch walls.
another thing about hands that i like to observe is the maturity of hands. i used to have guy friends they were both 18 but one had man hands and one had boy hands. i can tell the difference between man and boy hands very well. girl and woman hands i have trouble distinguishing. i think i have girl hands sometimes i think i have woman hands. my boy has man hands. hands can tell you alot about people. why do you think a handshake is a proper greeting?
skiblu the things my hand's have gone through...
If I could access my memories through my hands the world would be a stange place.
tourist SLAP!
crazy love.
barnaclebill My first date.
no I don't deny it.
She was your's too mate
or at least you tried it.
emersonjay dirty
i guess you can't beat them. there's nothing they can't do. not much they won't do, either. them and the brain. look around you. was anything built without them? probably not.
what a mess you've made, hands. you talk to brain right now and see about cleaning this up.
Teddybear Give me your hand and I'll pull you to saftey

Give me your hand, and I'll shake it like a friends

Give me your hand and I'll kiss it, like a lover

Give me your hand and I'll give you a high five as if we won.

Give me your hand and I'll wipe away my tears after sadness.

Give me your hand and well leave together.

Give me your hand, and I'll hold it forever
devotchka i love hands
touching them
holding them
a baby's soft hand
a rugged over-worked hand
my boyfriend's hand
grandma's old wrinkled hand
i could stare at a hand for hours
hands say so much
small delicate hands
large masculine hands
my best friend's hand
i love them all
like rain. hers are so beautiful that i can't help but churn inside when i am holding one of them and it is lifeless even as my fingers try to rub the past back to us.

if you met my eyes right now, could we stop it all from happening?
clearblaze the things that make and end our destiny, if destiny is to be or if it is fake is in our head but they way we act on that is the desion of hands 010428
sweetheart of the song tra bong I have Jesus hands.

All cut up in the middle.
el fagtastico "I spray paint THESE ARE MY HANDS..."

Miles's are tan and strong with ropes of veins in his wrists sliding up under the skin of his arms.

Miles works out.
wes that which holds long after death. the grip that doesn't let go. my last living memory of you. a tool of touch. reach out and direct your senses. 010522
Fire&Roses His hands are beautiful. I don't tell him this. They are such a small part of the whole of him. They are not perfect, but they are beautiful. Mine always finds his somehow. I love to look at them when I hold them in mine. Guys are sometimes uncomfortable with being described as beautiful, but his hands are. 010725
pianoplayer84 mine play the piano. they are not beautiful- they are small and thin and i think they are ugly but i am luck to have been blessed with their strength or else i may not have ever been able to make the music i so love to. 020215
optic discretion hands are so wonderful. and so evil. they do so much good and cause so much pain. its what you choose to do with your hands. mine play the piano too. they become lost among the white ivory keys, as i slowly drift into a state of surrealism. i love the piano. it lets you release yourself. just like blather. 020518
emily the second If only I had a gun how good it would feel to blow a huge, bleeding hole through this hand. 020818
crimson This guy, he had amazing hands
They were strong and large with a tan quite calm
Like I could have curled up right then in his palm
It's the only time I've ever felt safe
He had no demands
I was wrapped up in him and his warm, slightly calloused hands
emmi i took your hand and moved the light to it
i saw your short deep head line and your long clear life line
and the one important relationship in your life- not me.

i twisted your hand to see your children
i compared yours to mine and boasted my longer fingers- i can do more than an octave.

you started poking at my breasts
i ignored

your heart line doesn't branch for me
but your life line does
Substance I like hands,
don't like feet though!
misstree they are so long and deft and elegant and capable, when i look at them the air distorts around them, as if they are too much for this world, and their fingers wrap my hand and calm it like a baby rabbit, trembling and soft. 040402

Xeneth Sparda

I can't believe home is the only other h word in blather! I mean, what the fuck?!

Good for many things, bad for others. I give them to people who deserve them.

I don't give one to me for this blathe.

Xeneth Sparda

Either that or I've had one_too_many Goats. 041203
Forming Mind His hands were caloused
Like a million years too many.
The back sore and used
acquanited with the hardest memories
the rough whiskers mixed
combine with a musky fragrance
a belly soft and round
a perfect pillow for the soul
combinations of hast and perseverence
unchallenged glory and growing accomplish
all put forth in a single day
shallow, lifeless eyes
loosening grip
clammy, sweaty forehead
you can't purely push on
where to go when you know
life's hidden secret that it keeps
when you leave
there is no glory
crying eyes and empty goodbyes
I have seen the eyes of death
capture the strongest soul I'll ever know
what hope is left for me?
tr mine are warm all the time, it's like I have fire inside of them. 050129
marz i tried to hold yours before it was mine to hold. 050620
chiselmouth I want to break my hand against your face. I want to twist my will into you like a knife's edge. I hate hate hate hate you so much i cannot think it. So much i cannot look upon you. So much your name will not come to me. It breaks in me, splinters in me, pierces into me. I cannot bear it. 050806
me a hand for that

purple gravy boat is sitting
lime green plate is so unwitting
maybe to you this is an odd
paper break in the facade
get up, wander down the many halls
each door has it's unique call
An "eat me, drink me" sort of yell
is this heaven or is it hell?
commercials playing, am i stupid?
sit and think of kids and cupid
blink and then the world is blurry
slow down- unclear in a hurry
why is it that the normal ones
can speak of bowls and death and suns
pocket books, speakers and fence
but I'm forced to make some sense
mother snoring, father giggling
bugs bunny running, jello wiggling
brother sitting, watching blankly
canary yells at coyote frankly
So much going through my mind
are my temptors mean or kind?
good or bad just an illusion
keep me hooked on my delusions
are you completely nuts, they ask
i still refuse to don a mask
i stand up tall, I give a wink
though they don't get the way I think
and so it's reality, for me
it won't make sense, don't try to see
where I'm coming from or going
just go outside, it might be snowing
brand all my history and all my future is written there on 070503
where is Vit? where is Vit (Wit) ?

what happened to him?

please tell me.

my first boy.

i loved him, where is he ?

he was poor, no home, i need to find him, i looked before but couldn't find him.. Patia .. Thailand.

his family lives near River Quai...

a bridge.. where my dad was saved by a can of coke.

is he dead or alive ?

truth is all i need.

don't say it then... i worried and worried and worried ... do not say to me that you are going to kill your self and never write to me or send me something i know you are illiteratre but if you just tell me something shit... i won't stop thinking about it.. never.. i will worry forever and be sad that you said that to me.

no i need an answer NOW !
mistery it's ok

if you can't tell me.
sinnysinnysinsinsinsinnysinsin my friend swears that the saying "I know it as well as the back of my hand" is a masturbation gag 070717
In_Bloom Do you catch me looking at it, ever?
I'm not very adept and concealing myself so maybe you have seen me...

I imagine to reach out and cover it with my own, just for a few seconds. No words given but to see if you can gauge from just my touch that I am still me

And everything that really truly matters between two kind people
Is fine
olive lately i find myself looking at my hands and recognizing features of them that other hands that belong to other people, namely members of my family, share. my cuticles are deep like my grandma's and torn like my my dad's. my nails are round like my brothers. and my fingers are fatter at the bottom and skinnier on the top like my moms'. my palms are square like my sisters.
when ever i look at them i recognize a different person's hands.
its kind of weird.
it just started happening.
i wonder if its because i'm getting older.
what's it to you?
who go