psyki the scent of her
i have a spare
sometimes we stop and sit and stare
i think of her
when i'm alone
i call her on the phone
the softness of her touch
(i like her so much)
she's my favorite blanket
she's my bunny rabbit
the void "in the greenroom
that is really green
we smoke green"
~~~nichole who is andrea

and I take out my notebook
and I write
because I scare myself with thoughts.

"I don't need a relationship right now.
I just need a pillow...
will you be my pillow"

and I curl my knees up to my chest
and bury my face in my hands
and she takes the notebook from me
and writes the word

m your pillows and bedsheets fragrant haloed rays of morning sun
i burrow my head deeper
DarklingDuck When I was a kid, my best friend's little brother called breasts "pillows".
Now I know grown men
who use them
that way but
call them
There's just no poetry in grown up souls.
unhinged "it's like the cool side of a pillow..."

we all know what he's talking about.
abms when i have no one. no one to cry with. no sholder to cry on. i just lay my head on my pillow and cry myself to sleep 010405
marissa lavender and lemonade dance like a fairy on my pillow. my pillow. soft
whimsical indivuality spurs through the cottons crack. citrus spikes my room. my room. my pillow. fly to the moon. ride to the moon. i will. i will cloe. we did. we did cloe. we went. were gone.
thspacebetween often has my pillow served as a sponge to soak up my tears as i cry myself to sleep
im not emo or anything just really genuinely sad...
monika everyone cries into their pillows sometimes
even I, who appears hardened to most people that encounter me
I only act that way to keep people out
I've been hurt one too many times
all I ever wanted was someone who understood what causes my pain
why am I denied that?
no reason pillow is a funny word
wollip is a funny backwards word

i think i should hit the pillow/wollip
what's it to you?
who go