charley nnie. 980906
moxie i am you and you are me and and we are all together 981021
robert rocheleau have nothing to say, and we say it anyway.

our words mean nothing - watch what we do.

therein lies the truth.
s blah blah 981108
kirstin ~~ blonds shall rule the earth! 990329
ceorl a handful of the like minded. 990418
daxle we the people are not alike enough to share a constitution
we the people do not share the same ideals
we the people have a tradition of conforming and christianity, neither of which has any rational explanation
miniver We'd play mad, chemical craze,
and tripping nanoseconds behind time,
fell over ourselves, and by the window, and around --
left the bare essentials bare, in fleshly fun.
And always on the run, or under cover,
we'd cry out light for darkness
'cause it suited our gray matters,
and mattered our red-starved-cynical,
metaphysical metabolism for flattery.
Chased by shadows, we would keep
the truth by lying
in the grass, and lying still.
And always heavy in the will to be,
we would beat the nothingness --
trick him at his own game --
we'd be nothing together,
and something tripping nanoseconds behind time,
we'd fall mad, and light would cry dark
to make we happy.
rob we...must never be silent when we ought to speak.

we...must never speak when we ought to be silent.
nice dream we are the world we are the damn children.. 990910
me? we are simple, you are simple, life is simple too... 991110
trakie i have wished forever to be we but it's always just you and i. 991116
wee I am me
you are yourself
we are us
marjorie beware. too comfortable we become with we. 991221
camille me, myself, and "I am" 000103
gaudior a powerful word:

signifies a group combined in strength and love.

we have love / tenemos amor
MollyGoLightly noi 000324
Brad nuestro 000324
sunny we just want to be 000523
vinny you are the one. Dony lie... Vinny...
The one who, the one speekin is the one who looks apon the screen. You however are the guilty party who incriminated two of which one me who did nothing wrong. Dont spread rumors as@#ole
danielle we do not exist. just stop trying to make an us and get over it. 010210
Sol them, us, you, him, her, me, they, theirs, mine, his, hers, ours, yours,
who cares?
mikey we care thats why we spend our time on blather. =o) 010309
Sol Fair enough 010404
melvinwang are? 010504
Miner We are joined in spirit, two parts of the same whole. A life created of us, for we are the attributes and personas that hide in the shell, enthusing this carcass with life. 010512
clay walker and what is diffantly? 010615
NinNy Nu Nu lost 010621
the one we are beautiful when we are high.

i love the way we always laugh at all the same things, and understand every word we both say.
we will always be forever, we are you and i .
emo When we started out in the beginning things were different. Things were new. I was the cat. And he was the mouse. Do you know that game? The cat and the mouse game? You know how in a relationship one person is always the one who dominates. Either sexually, emotionally, physically, mentally, or whatever. It is just that for some reason or the other, they have the upper hand. Why does it have to be that way? I don't know why. It just is, and i think that if you just look at it, any and every relationship is like that. A perfect example are parents. In every mariage there is the pants of the family so to speak. The dominator. This person has the upper hand, no matter how great or small the difference is between them there is always a cat and a mouse. Or its like, one person in the games you play before you get into a relationship is the cat and one is the mouse. You know? How like one person is always the one who chaces the other person. Flirts a little more, plays all the games. All that stupid stuff. So why can't it just be even? I don't know. But it never really is.
Now that me and Josh have been going out for what seems like forever, but it is really like a year and 4 months, there is a cat and a mouse between us. I think I play the mouse. Though he is the one that i feel i chace after more than he chaces after me. Its weird that way. He is older than me and has more responsibilites, and so in that way he is the cat. I am younger and so i am lesser it feels. I don't have a job right now, and i think that in some way he resents that. Almost like he is ashamed of me in a way. that makes me feel bad. Maybe i just have low self esteeme or i am depressed all the time or something. i dont know.
all i know is that sexually, we feel like we are always going through the same old motions. I went through an abortion, and yet, NOTHING has been consciously changed. No form of birth control is being used to prevent something like that from happening again. God, i could be pregnant right now. i have no idea. I was on the pill for a while, it made me break out and gave me back aches, so i stopped filling the perscription. My mom doesn't seem to be phased by the fact that i am 17 years old and i have already been pregnant and had an abortion. All she seemed to worry about was if me and josh were going to take the bills into our own hands and pay off the debt. Sick isn't it? Yes i know it is. The whole idea of abortion, i never really ever thought about it. Even when i knew that i had to get one. I guess it was easier for me to do it, because i had no other choice, if i hadn't thought about it. So i didn't. Untill that day when i got a ultra sound and i saw the little head and heart beat on the screen. Plus , i didn't even know if it was Josh's baby. I had cheated on him with a guy i know. God forgive me. I know people who have had abortions, i had heard rumors iin school about people. And i saw stories on talk shows about 12 year old girls getting pregnant. They seemed like scumbags to me. But i didn't see my self as one. But what makes me really any different from them? I sound ignorant for not having used protection, because of course the pull out method doesn't allways work.
Now i am scared. God i hope i get my period soon. Like tomorrow. Please God.
So what else was i going to write about...Oh yeah, so right now, i think that me and josh sexually are like in a rutt. He even told me today that he is sick and bored of life. I don't think that i am good enough for him. All we ever do anymore is have sex when we see each other. We haven't really done anything that i really really had fun doing in so long. I'm so unhappy but i care about him so much. I don't know what way i love him either. and when ever he says it to me , i say it back to him because well i guess in a way i love him too. He matters to me. He's who i think about all the time. But how do you know what love is? then again, how do i know that this is not love? I contradict myself too much. I don't even know anymore. I doubt myself too much. I think too much. i eat too much. i sleep too much. i weigh too much. i analyze too much. Sounds like a Deftones song. Before Josh my life was more important. Now my life with Josh is more important. Our future together is important. In some ways i can see that. In other ways , we have two totally different dreams and assperations. i want to go further on than he does. That really bothers me. When i go to go away to a four year college, will he wait for me to get my education so i can do with my life what i want to do? i mean, what will he do in the mean time? will he still be waiting for me at home when i come back , or find out what i want to be and where? will he go with me if i have to? or will he want to aspire to bigger and better which i would LOVE to see! I know he could do that. Just thinking of that happening for him makes me happy. But is it in our reality? I guess thats what really sux is reality. The reality is that im going to have to go to a two year college before transfering anywhere i want to go. and i don't know if i will be as motivated then as i am now. or if my grades will even be good enough to do that. i know that i can do it and i know that i will do it because i want to do it. i want to go to Boston University. The school is huge but i don't care. Thats what i have set my mind on and there is no changing it now. I want the city to swallow me up in it. I want to dive into the local scene and be absorbed into the college atmosphere. I want to start my life. My real life. After all, up untill the end of this year, it has all just been training day for the real world. It's out there and thinking about it is scary. Dude, and if i even think that is scary, i have been to china , and seen the slums in mexico, and where ever. That is scary. The way people live there. They are just a number and though they might not all be poor the majority is , and the population is huge! That is SCARY!
I don't know what needs to be changed in me and josh's relationship. The sex part or the spending quality time together part. or both for that matter. I think that it is good that Christmas is comming up soon, it will be a chance to give him a gift that really comes from the heart to show him how much i care. Im thinking about just getting him stuff from now on for just no reason at all just because. Because i want to. That is the best kind of present, the one that is unexpected.
well thats enough for now. i need to talk more about sex, love, and my relationship, the way we communicate, and the things we like to do, the friends we have, the friends i don't have, and the way our future is unfolding. But for now, that is all.
the one well.... 011130
ClairE "So why aren't you two together?"

"We don't know. But it's a we. It's not that he doesn't know and I don't know."
Toxic_Kisses No one understands that when I say we that I'm referring to either my mom and I or My Guy and I, just bc their not in my/our presents @ the time being does not mean I have MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) and no I DoN'T think its hereditary like certain forms of depression now would you just get over it? _ShEEsH_ 020118
Jack R. Ouji We are God.
Thou art God.
The cat is God.
The taxi driver is God.
The prisoner is God.
shatazap no one 020528
- . 020803
silentbob we are so weird. whatever happened to the old ways of blathering things where people would just blather under normal words, whatever came to their mind? its so rare these days to be able to spot one word in all the linking_of_other_words. its like those words don't even exist. 020918
daxle silly bobby, you weren't even here for the "old days" 020918
silentbob and i never said i was. what i consider the old days is different from what you consider the old days, and i don't really like what i blathered in mine. but at least back then people blathed under words as opposed to chain linked weird... dna strands. 020918
Computer We are consumed each day. We have our livers eaten by Butterfalcon 021024
rob we are rob. we are. 030512
emo we are all the voices in side my head.
jane there was never a we
or an us

we is ew backwards for a reason
Glory Box sit in the same spot pinpointed four stars on a map so close to touch hands and smile into each other's eyes.

the magic of the three of you plus me makes me giddy with grace and gratitude and i am wildly lucky to have been where you all were this night last night.

together we four could fill the sky.
Death of a Rose are blather strong.
become greater then the whole.
realize that time and patience tempers all things.
pool our resources and fight the good fight.
belong here.
know what its like and if we don't we ask questions.
Moi Is everyone alone or all we all toghether? 040218
Moi Is everyone alone or all we all toghether? Are we here to please each other or just to survive ourself. 040218
Moi Is everyone alone or are we all toghether? Are we here to please each other or just to survive ourself. 040218
x twisted x but if we are the body
why arent his arms reaching
why arent his hand healing
why arent his words teaching
and if we are the body
why arent his feet going
why is his love not showing them there is a way...
there is a way

antioch xxvii...can i go back yet? please...just let me go back.
illusionary_reality we are nothing.
everyone's always saying quoting the -we the people- shit, but in reality, WE are nothing.

then again, what is something?
otterpup talking to nicole via the instant chat at work...

"i have a meeting in a half hour, must prepare, bbs"

"ok, good luck, speak soon"




that 'we' was from me.
apparently my hands needed to say that to nicole.
i had nothing to do with it.
they typed in a w and then an e and then pressed return.
and i sat and stared at the 'we' that had been created by my hands.
and i thought 'what?'
my hands needed to say 'we'.

so yeah, we.

is very tired.
halacious A will rock you 041120
johnny hostile We are all devils devil diablo
I loved once, and now I fake it.
At least I have the security of knowing that I did everything possible to love. I was not just a spectator, I got off the bench and got really beaten up.
frodobaggins me myself, [and don't forget me!] oh...ok and you... -and me- fine fine, all of us are we. 050322
lovelark we two contiguous being lie, juxtaposed of breast and thigh 050323
trox we is the truth the only truth and that is that but there is no that only we in a perplexing mystery but who cares what i say i am fat 050411
sugar is a beautiful thing. 050918
Nepenthe We're all so unhappy, I can feel it. 051115
no reason she we'd me

"what are you doing this weekend?"
"tonight we're doing this, tomorrow we're doing that, this weekend is the only time we can go"
etc. etc.
i don't like it. where did YOU go?
dosquatch We is the bread that is baked of You and I, that unique and heady mixture that brings out the best in us both. We is stronger than either part alone, or even You and I together. We is team. We is One.

We can be pulled apart, once more into You and I, but the process is painful and full of regret.
endless desire I am a we-er.
I continuously we us.
And I think that he likes the we.
Because she never we-ed him.
She only me-ed him. All the time.
So maybe some men wouldn't want all the we.
And maybe he doesn't always want we either.
But inclusion means something
to the frequently excluded.
And so we go on we-ing together.
today Go 150215
what's it to you?
who go