unhinged it's hard to be sad when those little munchkins get a face splitting smile on their face when they see me because that means it's time for their violin lesson.

i want to eat them when they do stuff like that. or at the very least, give them a nice big hug.
ever dumbening learning 070607
unhinged the other day the first thing my four year old told me was 'you look pretty'

unhinged some kids learn better right after they wake up, especially the hyperactive ones. they focus better when they are tired and/or just woken up.

the way he watches me when i play for him is totally cool. i can watch his little sponge brain soak it all up like a little mad scientist. 'ahhh, so that's what i can do with that thing.' his mother told me he likes to pick out melodies on the keyboard. he has a good ear. i think i'm gonna get this kid to write his own songs on the violin when he's a little older. kids are amazing sometimes.

don't ask me to be a monolithic figure of authority in your child's life. i think kids are too cool for that. it's nice to talk to a five year old about five year old things. it keeps a lid on things for me. children know everything more vividly and simply than adults can. if they don't like something, they don't hide behind courtesy. little kids tell you what they think if you ask them. i like to know what my students think about the violin and school lunches and emo bands and the weather and music_theory and the price of gas.
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