typhoid whoa, wait a minute.
why does the us gov want to regulate my sex life?
who gave them that power?
and who gave the power to be able to decide what i should and sholdnt know?
isnt that the media's job?
grendel question it when it is not sensible

over throw it when it is unbearable
Adam in pissed off mode Those who have it often abuse this power that so few of us ever truly feel. They believe that because of their ability to fuck others over, they are demi-gods, allowed to pull the strings of the innocent people whose lives they hold in their fists. Well fuck that! Sometimes I wish humans never had the big brains that we do- the world would be far more just. Fuck the system before it fucks you 011128
ClairE Ooh, I love it when you talk like that, Adam.

Autho-i-tay. Ha, ha, South_Park is one twisted show...but it sure is sweet!
ClairE (add an r) 011128
Glory Box You have it and I wish you didn't.

And sometimes you weild it like it's a weapon to be awed at.

You don't scare me at all.

But it makes me sad how slowly we drift apart.
celestias shadow and you use it like a torch... 031020
Say there fella, mr. hershey hitler - and you Queen of The Narcissist Mountain she of the siesmically unstable and irritable bowel syndrome flexing her flaccid autocratic postures of imperiousness - so you guys stride in here with an assumed (but yet UNEARNED) air of authority, (that's why it's so absurdly third interstitial rib ligature tearing funny) And here's the part where we're supposed to scatter like acoven of querelous cats or something who've been existing on a subsistance diet of discarded Big Mac Bun crusts and the dross that runs of after the snow melts as it wends its way into the sewer.


what's it to you?
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