haldan all made of tin i swear, for you. 991223
profane this is our concurrence, our symptoms, our disease:the sentences we pile, stretching meaning for our miles, as hard walked as any march through any valley, cold and clear. 000126
girl premenstral 000328
dean-bean Did you know that syphillys used to get you institutionalized? It did. Then they realized that a group in the asylum all had a similar set of symptoms (a syndrome). It turns out a geart number of their delusional megalomaniacs had syphillis. Turns out if untreated syphillis makes you go nuts. Go figure. 000328
twiggie it's from sheep. 010101
... i've got every syndrome from every illness, its terrible even though i forget about it after a few minutes... actually its not that bad, shows good empathy abilities.

i guess,

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