dallas remember me.

remember me.

remember my name. and remember my game.

but just remember me.

adam her, that's what they say to me, forget her. how do you forget? i forgot. 990228
drew it'll happen, trust me... sooner or later, you'll stop listening to 'the downward spiral' on repeat, you'll stop writing rants entitled 'fucking hole of pain', you'll stop pulling away from people when they touch you. it's partly about forgetting, partly about growing older and finding out you are still alive and kicking, and mostly about realizing you didn't know what love was in the first place and it wasn't that big of a deal. besides, we need love and human touch too much to be afraid of a little pain now and then... it actually adds a bit of tantalizing spice to it all, once you're used to it. 990302
daxle he said he could forget me if he tried hard enough
he couldn't and now he wishes I would forget he said that
megan him
he forgot you
David Yelled at the ocean,
Drove to Portland,
Called my old friends,
Danced in Septemer rain,
Ate calamari for the first time,
Ran into a parked car,
Helped a famliy on the highway,
Bought a collection of t.s. elliot,
Drove half way to Fresno,
Lost my favourite hat in S.F.,

California is a bountiful state, but it's you I can't....................
king kai as hard as i have tried - i can not forget what i have done to you - but - not only have you forgotten - you've forgiven 000102
******** forget me, forget i ever said anything to you, forget it all, forget that i took your hand, forget that she brought us together, forget the first things i said to you, forget those calls, forget how long you stayed, forget the car, forget the steam, forget it, forget the red and the white forget that she does everything for you, forget that i wish i could. forget that i hardly talk to you, forget that you touched me, forget that you were drunk that night, forget what you said to me, you wouldnt remember it anyway, forget that i wanted to kiss you, forget those 15 seconds you made me count for you, forget how much i loved them, forget that i remember them all the time, forget that we kisses after i finished counting, forget that i picked up that beer, forget that i said i missed you, forget that you gave me roses, forget that you slipped your hand under my bra, forget that u put ur hands into my pants, forget that the light went on, forget that you asked me why i wasnt drinking, forget that you didnt talk to me, forget that i wrote down what you said, forget what i told you about CRUX, forget that i told you you were cute, forget our songs, forget the look on your face when you first saw me, forget the fact that i knew you liked me, forget that i touched that cat wishing it was you, forget that she makes me furious when your with her, forget that you dont want me, forget that you dont want to kiss me, forget that i love your kisses, forget the way you hold my ass, forget these things forget them, forget the promises i made you and the thoughts i thought about you, forget all the times you smiled at me, forget that you said that you would pick me up so early, forget that you smell so good, forget that i miss you, that i want you, that i would give you anything. forget that your hers, forget that your not mine, forget that she owns you, forget that your so far, forget that i love your hands,
forget that i have your ring, forget that i have mine, forget that its not real, forget that you gave it to me, forget that you dont care, forget that you built that fire, forget that i wanted to stay longer with you that night, forget that i always wait for you to be ready for me, forget that i am patient, forget that i always let you let your friends come first, forget that i never hold you back, forget that i dont judge you, forget that i let you do what makes you happy, forget that i see who you really are, forget all of it, because no one cares, only me, you dont care, she doesnt care, and no one will read all of this, cause no one cares, they are all trying to forget something, some where, forget it, just forget the colours, forget the smoke, forget the poem, forget the kiss, forget her words, forget that i said them, forget that you pretended not to know, forget my tears that day, they werent for you, yes they were, forget i lied, forget how i reacted when you asked me out, forget that she laughed, forget your brother, forget that i dont know your mother, forget the length that you hate, forget your room, forget him, i hate him, i wanted you, forget that i wanted you, forget the warmth, forget the hands, forget my favourite spot, forget your hat, forget her song, forget your song, forget our song, forget my smell, forget me baby, forget me. just let me go, let me cry and let me forget you as you have forgotten me. i'll forget how i said your name and how you said my name. we'll just forget it ok?
lizard memories that used to spread a nostalgic smile foolishly across my face now drive me down to sob with a momentum i am providing, innnocently, in my vulenerability.
still the pitiful one.
she's already forgotten.
sometimes i wish i could forget too.
sometimes i think that these are the moments that one really lives.
Steve Eh? 000803
Wh0re Maybe i should forget you.....forget dont want me, did you ever?
its just like that everclear song you know......sometimes i feel like a whore......your whore.....
misstree i want to forget all this...
want to forget what i have left,
what i will never see again,
the lips i will never kiss
that one last time
that was all i wanted,

i want to forget
the warm breezes by the river,
the easy freedom and desperation of the gutterpunks,
the scarlet tang of my first taste of pain,
the snarl that i grew
just for you baby,
when i was dancing
and i hated you so much,
i loved to hate you
because i couldn't forget you.
Robin that you raped my innocence?
that you made me this way?
that you broke me beyond grief?
I won't.
I can't.
Chrity go to:
Sol i remember all my pain, all my embarrasment, they dont make me wise and strong they make me beaten and afraid, let me forget 010418
unhinged just forget about it dear
the way he held you when you cried
the fingertips that brushed your hair
back from your eyes
the sweet things he said
that sounded like they were just for you
your lips his muse
what a fucking lie
you aren't the first
you aren't the last
the way he discarded your hand
the way he didn't hear
the scars he would never understand
just forget about it dear
he's not the man
piggy If you forgot something, did it ever exist? 010620
unhinged you only know that you forgot it in the first place because you remembered that you once had it 010620
white pickets who remembers any way..... 010621
shan and you gotta wonder what you had... but he lied and i don't lie. i have some trust. i'm not even sure i want to forget, i don't want to forget the dreams of how it could have been... 010703
Becky I forget a lot of things. Sometimes I'm surprised I remember my name. I'm not sure why I forget everything.. maybe I choose to? But why.. I mean.. I can't remember yesterday morning! HELP! 010704
nocturnal I woke up today (around 2:30 pm) to find I have forgotten most of the past few days. well, maybe not forgotten, but when I think back on a lot of it, I can't seem to be sure if it was real, or a dream, or what state of mind I was in. It's weird. Like, I thought of something I said to my boss last week, but then I remembered it was a dream and then I was relieved. but then I thought, wait. no it wasn't, I really told her that. I still don't know if that was real or not. and then today my mom tells me that last night I sounded interested in joining her and my dad for fireworks tonight, but I don't remember even discussing it with her. so I figured it must have been when I was drunk. then I remembered I didn't drink anything at all yesterday. this is all very strange. 010704
freak_of_the_week The ultimate destruction.
Obliteration of a memory.
It happens without warning, it happens at will. It happens when you don't want it to, It doesn't happen when you really try to.

In the complex web that is our memories what is the spider that weaves it. We feed it silk with our experiences but who or what (subconscious maybe?) decides to cut down the old webing and re-spin?

Could it be more simple. Chemicals stored in the brain that are re-newed by "thinking." If you don't think about your memorys then there chemical's half-life kicks in and they start to get fuzy.

Lately I find myself torn between the Simple and Complex. Science and Magic.
Faith and Facts.

What does it matter though? We are in fact here (I think) and we should enjoy what we have left. Still I get the urge to fight to restore things to the old ways and work with the planet instead of against it. Why should I care. Things are so fucked up now that I would never live to see that tree give its fruit.

So many questions and mysteries just with one's self how does anyone have any time for others?

The Sane vs. The Insane
Inanna Don't worry.
You are young.
You'll get over it
and soon forget
All about that.
Inanna Sometimes forgetting is
a psychological defense mechanism.
nemo please dont, everyone else seems to

dont be part of everyone.. be someone
i remember us me and find another 020222
blown cherry ********
Someone always gets to my thoughts before I have them.
("You're not the first to think that everything has been thought before" SFK)

Please don't let it take four years for me to forget you as well.
Soulbird may i forget all your bad habits and cherish your good.i like to forget the things that drive me crazy.Like how u forget to ask how my day was,how u forget my favourite things and favourite books.How u forget i would still like flowers or forget that i am still your baby :( maybe i forget stuff too?? no nevermind, forget it! 020611
Perspective_of_Soul I do not care to remember every nice thing you have ever said. I dismissed it as lies then, and shall continue to do so till you say something terrible that shall be the only thing that reflects the truth 030326
marjorie some things are waiting to be unleashed.
the past doesn't wait forever
and neither do i.
giovanna i remembered to forget to remember about her. just forget it i said and i ran away. 030512
the new kid you said you'd never forget. then why can't you remember and forgive? 030709
oldephebe the expedient and inconguous juxtapositions of say eminem and dido

forget my last and penultimate post to the blather _oldephebe

don't forget that wondrous things can be built on the ashes of trajedy
oldephebe incoguous should be incongruous 030709
my little secret I have forgotten my age. I have forgotten my phone number my adress. I forgot my birthday once. I have forgotten my homework and how to spell the word from. I have forgotten many things easily, without trying at all... what makes you different? 030728
camille another word for.. remember? 030911
story of eau cigarettes. paint.

little bit of vodka.
a book. a bed.


or lose yourself in the mundane.
hy thankyou.
the mundane is the only option,
but i needed the reminder
to forget.
x twisted x i want to forget about you. i want to forget i ever knew you. but everytime i try. i cant. why? because something always makes me stay even when people hurt and annoy the FUCK out of me. why cant i just forget..... 040412
misunderstood sometimes people have to go away. sometimes they pretend to care..sometimes they forget what they're doing and who their hurting. 040413
arisu even the most cherished memories seem to fade. 040524
other than Forget?

I wish

I wish

I wish
puredream You make me want to forget everything I once believed. 040610
witchesrequiem I hate to paint..
It reminds me of things I have almost forgotten..
But I love to paint!
Just loath the memories the pictures summon.
pete I have forgotton, and now we stop beside the bridge and talk. I have washed myself on the street's haze that the heat creates. The blocks I have walked, the thoughts I have thought. I am happy that I have forgotton. What was it anyways? Remember the gods of love and ecstasy are always watching, always smiling. Siva and Dionysus, we love you both. I have forgotton. 040611
z and the past is removed 040611
Leland the ability to supress memories is very good, because if we couldn't supress memories then it would become too much to handle and we would be miserable in our fumbleing 040706
love & hate you already have forgotten me, and everything that we shared, everything that we had, is all forgotten, never to be remembered again by you, but it is still kept alive in my memory. Always in love with you. 040707
ofsuch push the thoughts out of my head

what did luxe tell me?
oh yes
"i promise you, at some point you will stop thinking of him several times a day. then you will stop thinking of him every day. then you will think of him less and less - it will happen"

laura told me to move out to him next year

chris keeps telling me to move out there too

but i wont
i altered reality once
i won't be able to do it again for at least two more years

give me just three months
and i can forget anything

and being that it has been about twenty days since he left,
give me just two more months
to forget
to flush the love down the toilet
minnesota_chris *snorts* Hmm whaa?

Yes.... yes, I did tell you to umm move out there. And flush the toilet. Yes.

was just resting his eyes
neesh remember when we rode the sun? 040910
missus forget the past
dont make the pain last
everything happened so fast
but healing is s l o w
i have scars to show
from all the things that have been done to me that were low
if all these bitter feelings will just go
tomorrow will be brighter...i just know
Melisandre Everything you want to forget, will stay with you forever, and come up when you least expect it.

Unless you're my grandfather. He doesn't remember anything or anyone.

Be careful what you wish for.
90623 I wish to forget . . .
to live in something new.
to breathe, to wish, to give, to live . . .
to just be again.
it's like this little girl will never go away . . .
fly away bird, and take my tears with you
Patrick Forget the setting sun.... How often I feel days frustrate me... I am like a C.D that just won't play. Scratched just a little too much but not enough to ruin it for good! 050413
innocent insect don't_remember 050718
no reason i hate forgetting about people who are worth remembering
but i have to forget them for my own good
they cause too much trouble in my mind

i wonder if anyone who's worth remembering in my mind will be able to stay there

oh, fuck that
i have to remember you
there's no way to forget
stork daddy always want to forget myself, but when i almost accomplish it, i feel terrified and guilty. 060807
stork daddy whoever told me that not wanting this loneliness is a sin? 060807
thieums You have already forgotten me
But I can't forget you...
kidblink just don't forget me
cause i won't forget you.

that's what you said.
braininpain can't remember to forget you

gja Its the ultimate paradox isnt it? *tilts head quizically*
If I remember I forgot somemething its not forgotten. And the only things that exist are in fact the things we know. So nothing is ever forgotten.
Courtney Did you forget me? I hope not. Sometimes i wish the best for you and other times I hope thoughts of me tourment you and you cannot sleep.

Why am i so cruel?
Because you ripped my heart out and I cannot forget all the moments we shared before you did.

All the moments that lead up to the slaughter.
evilpunkrawker Why can't you forget about her, like she forgot about you?
Why can't you love me, like i do?
Why can't you hate yourself, I hate you?
niecespieces Some days I want to forget everything I know.
Every stat
every reality
every notion that makes me feel guilty for living.
I want to forget all of the reasons that I have to work so hard in my day to day life to justify what I do. I want to forget and live blindly, not knowing what comes next, not knowing the impact humans have, not knowing that the end IS coming.

I want to forget all that I regret. I want to forget him, my past, my name, my mind.
Forgetting may be the only way to sanity...
what's it to you?
who go