~gez~ we shared great times together. packs of sweets, but sometimes the most soppy things are the greatest. such as our great love, i hope i am not alone in this world 020820
angie feelings, thoughts
hopes, dreams
its all out there
for everyone to see...
i wanna run and hide
like i so often do...
when i have to hear myself sing
or watch myself in any situation
but something keeps me here
allows me to keep giving
the desire to be noticed
sometimes is given the chance
to overcome my fears

how i would love to take some words
take them back
and keep them as mine forever

no puedo
Xianificent What isn't shared? 070731
Syrope i thought we might have been approaching a place where we could talk, like we never really have. we've always skirted around the important things, maybe because you went off to school just as the important things started happening to me. i thought you were too immature to relate...and i guess while i know you still are, it at least seemed like you were suddenly mature enough to listen.

i also thought you were coming over for lunch to cheer me up, until i found out you were holed up with him, too. so.

at least now i know why he gets veto power.

and in case he fumes when he finds out i told you what he asked me not to tell, you can assure him that i only told you what you already knew -- that the whole thing happened in the first place. i refrained from telling you how bitterly and profusely he declared his regret.

i suppose i'm ok with this "selective sharing" trend. you started it.
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