dallas It's good to want things. It keeps you motivated. 980930
kat wanna dance? 990405
alyssa wanna start acting like you give a fuck about me before you say again that you love me?
I guess not.
elimeny Wanna come in?
Into my dollhouse....
Into my world of fantasy...
and make believe....
we can make believe you love me....
And we can have pretty little chilluns...
And a dog, I know how you love your dogs...

Wanna pretend you never said "end"?
Wanna forget how you forgot?
Wanna hide from the world with me?
Wanna relive all our memories?

No? Fine. I didn;t really want to play with you....did I?
Oh well.
So there.

Wanna love me again?
BoofPixie wanna play dress-up til our noses bleed from laughing so damn hard? 000308
La La Why'd ya ever wanna be what ya canna understan?

I canna be what a wanna be without bein what I can.

I understan that I am what I am.
I wanna be me.

Can ya understan?
lycanthrope an invitation that's safe 020303
ear_parcel my mother always said that.

"it's good to want things."

whenever i wanted something in a store.

i guess her mother would make her feel guilty for wanting things.
silentbob I_wanna_die 020304
guess "After a time, you may find that 'having' is not so pleasing a thing, after all, as 'wanting.' It is not logical, but it is often true." - unknown 020304
joda I can feel the wheel, but I can't steer
When my thoughts become my biggest fear
Ah, what's the difference, I'll die
In this sick world of mine
Oh Cmon Guess i wanna be danny...or ted...or steve...or snowbird...or jonathan...or dave...or lindsay...or whoever the hell i was who was so damned different 030804
blistered heart wanna coulda shoulda will 030829
velocipede rider of the 1890s fuck? 030912
realistic optimist eye wanna no waddeye wan
buddeye jus can figger
owt hoo eyeam
eye don wanna beye
in two dair scam
jus wanna figger out
mayohn reye chuss plan
endless desire wanna finish physics.
wanna clean this place.
wanna exercise.
wanna plan this damn event.
wanna fix my closet.
wanna tune the car.
wanna bathe these dogs.
wanna build two websites.
wanna turn in applications.
wanna mail all this shit.
wanna research summer jobs.
wanna plan my life.

I'm probably going to watch family_guy.
what's it to you?
who go