typhoid all these memories.. will be lost.. in time.
all these memories.. fragments of information, taken out of context, jumbled around and rebuilt into a new metaphor for existence.
memories to go.
i bet you've already forgotten.
silvre can't combine to create a future. living in the past gets me nowhere. i have to create a new destiny every moment and let memories live in picture-books. 000803
lizard my wanton eyes speak of your smile
in a language i never understood
(except in that place that i don't touch
hidden in the back of my mind)
i avoid mirrors
for fear of the hollow pupils
i have found as my own.
the ephemeral presence of you
strikes me if i lie still
and with all of the hope that i can scrape
from my soul
i wish for your presence again.
i am greeted by my silence,
but the memory of you never leaves me..
Mel-Maegamarth My mind, is full, of you/you dont want me/Take me, I beg/You dont want me
I obsess into your eyes/You look into mine]Can you not seeI want youI need youI wont be with out you
sabbie and my memories
are like water
and i cant remember
what we did yesterday
and all time
dissovles into one
and i have only ever lived
last week

but wandering around blather
little memories
like little daisy butterflies
flutter around my head
and i catch them carefully
and spread their petals gently
to show me their heart
and its like experencing
for the first time, all over again
the things i have done
and i commit what they tell me
and i dream out loud
by posting my poems
abms haunt me 010330
katie legacy of life from the ruins
memories of life from the echoes

blood of the earth
the tainted forest



after all
c i remember the time i sat with you in the chapel, and i was crying, and suddenly and totally unexpectedly you laid my head on your shoulder and put your arm around me. we just sat there for what seemed like hours, with me just crying and you just sitting. i will never ever forget that, it will be a memory that will be there forever. 010331
david streever memories of tomorrow and yesterday never

my dreams are my own and i will fight for them

such a vivid dreamer such a tired waker

don't think you can save me by cutting of my dreams

don't think you can save me by killing my dreams

my dreams are more real than you are

you could die if it'd meant i'd keep my dreams

my dreams are my life and i would kill for them

i would rather rule in hell then serve in heaven

i would rather cling to falsehoods than let your truths destroy my dreams

i would rather be in pain then lose my dreams

i am my dreams i am my dreams i am my dreams i am my dreams
Becky Memories:

Of waking up and days anew
Of sleeping in
And friendly few.

Of laughing softly and crying more
Of holding closely
And open doors.

Of endless lives and lively ends
Of dreamy nights
And thoughtless trends.

Of greener pastures and open skies
Of life and death
And broken Lies.
Rayne memories are what keep you alive in my mind and in my heart. They are what cause me to remember what we had and how I lost you. If these memories didn't exist would I not miss you? Would I forget you? Would I no longer love you? If loving you hurts, let me be in pain. Let my heart remember how I love you! 010419
like rain. after we've faced such emptiness, can things be the same? can you ever speak to me with the same certainty of heart? and, if you do, can i believe you? 010430
skg memories held in my heart so i could
always be with you

i don't want to let them go...
cludgefucker My brain seems to have intentionally fogged up most of the more unpleasant ones. Fuck you, brain. 010517
nocturnal dude, I told you I was perfectly willing to give you the other half as well. wanna rethink your rejection? offer still stands and will remain until I have to go back to school. 010517
snow_angel We got really high and decided it would be a nice gesture to wash her dads car. So we put the money into the car wash and began to slowly pull ahead. The water rushed on and we realized that the windows were STILL OPEN. I was Laughing harder than i ever have before, and everyone was screaming as they frantically rolled up the windows. It said to pull ahead, and She pushed down on the accelerator and we sped ahead.... I was still laughing my ass off as we jerked the car back and forth, trying to get our moneys worth without fucking up. within a minute of entering though, the "please exit slowly" sign lit up and our car was still covered in soapy foam. We ended up having to go through again, this tyme a LITTLE more cautiously. All that for nothing, except one hell of a funny memory. 010605
forever of what. Of crying, of fights, of beign mad at eachother, of not talking, of nothgin. is that what i am supposed tohave memiories of becuase that's what i do. i know that there was smiles, and laughter but i don't remember. 010613
distorted tendencies your memories are the recordings of your lifetime. if you don't have a memory of something, did it even exist? 010823
echo PL
i went to pet a hampster and it bit my finger wipped my finger out but it was still hanging on and i ended up lonching it across the room untill it hit the wall, i felt so bda but it was teh funiest thing, everyone was laughing, my finger was gushing blood and the nurse got pissed at me cuz i was touching a rodent
echo sorry im dislexic 010824
kerry i wish i could go back and erase all of the memories i don't like. i would erase you and me at the creek and you insulting me and the one where your mother made my mom cry and the one where you told your mom all these lies about me and i would erase your brother being mean to my little brother's friends and i would erase you calling that little boy gay

maybe you all together.
student another name of a local strip joint 011209
whoknows remember_a_day 011209
kitten on drugs that's all we have...but for all the good, that one bad memory will widen the gap between us for the rest of our days.
hold on to the good memories...and start making some new ones without me
Aaron small but happy memories briefly pass me by, but i don't hold on to them... a lover gone away... but some of the memories still remain.. will i feel hurt if i hold onto them.. or will they make me depressed as i let them go.. if i hold on... i still think of her.. if i let them go.. do i push myself away.. 020316
yummychuckle andrew smiling. 020316
BS Memories, it so easy to leave me... 020406
reitoei some we want and lose. some we hate and keep. and some are just obscure, poping at odd times, triggered by some unknown element of our minds 020406
silentbob on the almost_famous dvd commentary cameron crowe said that the scene where anita leaves home to become a stewardess, the whole look of that scene, what she was wearing, how she had curlers in her hair...
it was all based on this photograph he had of her the day his sister left home. i liked the idea of a scene based on a photograph. Practically the whole movie.
Arwyn I don't expect anyone to read this, much less take it seriously, but I need write this, so please forgive me.....

I must have been eight or nine when mom brought him home... He was this tan and black ball of hair. All excited to have a home. We named him wolfie short for Wolfgang Amadeus... we're a musical family I suppose you could say. He was like a little brother. He had to sleep in my room and he had to be in the bathroom if I was taking a shower and growled if he heard anyone coming near it. We would wrestle.. and play together... he would sit on my feet to keep them warm in winter and beg for scraps during dinner. He was like a little brother... almost. We watched out for each other. He would supervise my work in the garden.. he was wonderful at it.

Today, I got a really bad call about him. My mother told me he is going to be hit by a car. Which is code for he's going to be put to sleep. He's my dog.. my baby. And I'm never to see him again. He's never going to greet me at the door when I come home this summer for a visit. She won't even let me come home to be with him. She's not going to be there and my puppy is going to die alone, or worse he's going to die, with someone who's not family. I can't believe this is happening... my baby boy, just going to die. And I know this sounds so incredibly odd. But I grew up with him. He's been there for me/with me for almost 10 years, and nothing hurts more than knowing that i won't get to see him just once more. I'm sorry... *sobs*
stacey memories are what enjoy most about my life, my friend past away a year ago and all those memories are still with me. all those times that we wpould call eachother up and tell eachother what we thought about the boy next door. I just wish i could have more! 020511
Kate My worst childhood memory occured on a very sunny Saturday when I was about 4 or 5. I remember my dad taking my brother and I up to Westlake to visit my grandfather, and then he decided to take all of us to his work so he could pick up a piece of equipment he needed. The building consisted of offices, and then a huge warehouse sort of building with lots of big machinery and shelves, and it was dark inside because my dad only turned on a few of the lights since we were the only ones there. My dad took us all into the warehouse. I was walking slowly or turned to look at something else, and the next moment, I was alone in this huge, dark warehouse. I called for my dad and ran all around trying to find them, but they were no where to be found. Finally I found an exit door and sat in front of the car outside in the sun, crying. I was so afraid that I would never find them, and I would be stuck all alone in a scary part of Cleveland to me. After a while, the three of them came out and consoled me. As a result, I was terrified at night when my mom would turn my shutters on the windows so that they made shadows against the wall of my bedroom, because they reminded me of that dark warehouse. It was a long time before I could erase that fear! 020511
Who Am i??????????????????? I don't have any 020616
kerry a log of all the things that have happened to me
if i could i would forget all the unpleasant ones
somehow, they are the memories that like to stick with me the most
devalis they run through my veins and keep my heart pumping, but it skips a beat reminded of why we're not making more. 020818
sylvia plath maybe forgetfulness, like a kind snow, should numb and cover them.
but they were part of me. they were my landscape.
spiderweb he gave me memories. lots of them. i can even conjure up his voice to go with those bits of fleeting euphoria.
i can see us spending the next fifty years together. (what he really meant was the next 8 months)
once i got him to drive to a dark dirt road where nobody was around and take off our clothes and do naked cartwheels down the road.
he got me stoned for the first time. he liked to push his opinion on me that stoners were so much more sophisticated than drunks for some reason.
he really did everything he could to make me feel inferior to him.
we waltzed across my best friend's front yard once.
he used to make me tapes.
one of them was called Music for You and it had songs like i just want you from ozzy and stinkfist from tool on it. i still don't know about the stinkfist bit and exactly what he was trying to say to me.
he looked nice dressed up in his suit and trenchcoat for prom. but i also enjoyed him in his jeans and tshirts.
he would never take off his socks. in the two years we dated i saw his feet twice. once i absconded with his sock after much struggling and the other time was in the shower although he commonly showered with me in his socks.
he didn't think i was beautiful. and he told me that.
but he liked my smile.
he said he'd always be there with me.
he also said he cried when he EMAILED me to break up. that's probably a lie.
because he lied again when he said he didn't cheat.
but even after 2 years 9 months and 4 days i still remember the first time we kissed.

and i still would like to kick him in the balls.
Nathan88 being asked b a division one linebacker not if but who i played football for...that was cool cuz i dont even play

how'd you see that? theres no way u saw that! no one on the bench or in the crowd even thought that pass was possible ((last baksetball game (tear))

i miss playin sports...but i think id miss partyin more
sarah keep my heart weighted much so that i cant move on from the past...i just have this fear...a fear of letting go 030311
phil it's interesting remembering my life, my recolection has slowly been improving for the past couple of years. It makes me feel better. 030327
Scorshie Yesterday I realized
I can't find
My first memory
Can one really know
the very first
from the other
or so?
delial when they seep into my mind
sometimes they fill me with joy
you know, the kind of joy that
paints a smile across your face
and you don't even realize it's there
until someone inquires as to the reasoning behind the grin
and you fall back into reality

sometimes they leave me with an empty feeling
a growl in my stomach I try to hide
but am unable to muffle
it's a hunger i can only ignore anymore

sometimes i'm left wondering
'what if'
[something you shouldn't ever let into your mind, I know]
you can't go back and rectify things
that have already been covered and buried, right?
unless you want to risk ever more dismal results by
digging up the past

but it happens to me pretty often
i dwell too much in the past

you're a broken link in the chain I wear around my neck
and when i'm worried
and I run my fingers along the length of it
looking for some sort of comfort
counting each bead, each braid, each twist and turn, each facet
i'm reminded of you by the scratches that are left across my fingertips

or something like that.
Fire&Roses I built my castle on the edge of Elysium and I chased my firefly memories through the hazy mists surronding those golden fields. Shining so briefly as I sought for them and fading again in a moment leaving me alone again. Some shone so bright that in their light I was alive again and some lights were gray and dull. I chased my fireflys aching for their light in this field of endless night and dreading what would happen should I catch one. 030724
andyness I can't help but be bombarded by the past. I don't know why it happens so much. some say that it happens if you're not satisfied with the life that you are living. I know it's not that... I'm happy with what I am for now... I still can't seem to figure out why. 030827
delial "meeeeeeemories, on the corner of my mind ... scattered pictures of the way we werrrre..."

Big was a cool movie.
x you can fix that shit with enough poison 030828
camille 030926
u24 sad times. happy memories.

isn't it funny how your brain looks at the past like it's a refelection in a pool; indistinct fragmented images and emotions rippling up and away into nothing, when at the time they were so pure, so clear, so unrestrained.


isn't it funny. yeah.
fucking hillarious.
ferret she cuts and she scratches
to get rid of the pain you've caused
she sits back and she watches
as tears stream down her face to the floor
and all she ever wanted
was a little comfort and warmth

the scars and the bruises
like midnight maps to her memories
illuminated against
the trees

and all she ever wanted
was just a little comfort and peace
and all she ever wanted
was just a little comfort and peace

it's all she ever
it's all she ever wanted
it's all she ever
it's all she ever wanted
it's all she ever
it's all she ever wanted just to be free from this pain...
danica i remember hurting so much. giving and giving and expecting there'd be something left of myself, and in fact that i'd be more of a person. bleeding to keep alive, sleepless with failure, bitter with loss and love and a combination of both. denial of everything i had become, i'd smile as i was diagnosed again and again and again... i'd smile in the hospital. where jacqui swallowed things. checker pieces, pen caps, med cups, switchplate fragments, anything to make her disappear, she said.
i'd sit in the corner behind the generic wood bed that jessica the liar set up for me and cry and cry and cry. and mary ellen saw the green marker cross i drew on my ankle sticking out and thought i'd tried to tattoo myself. and i wanted to laugh but all i could do those months was cry.
i'd cry for the past and impossibilities, and love, and lack thereof, the future, the emptiness i felt, the pain i felt and inflicted. but i never cried for help. and thats never what i wanted.
i took of my shoelaces, and one day i fell on my head off the monkeybars for the pediatric kids. the waffle kid. we laughed cause he scarfed down waffles in the cafeteria. valencia yelled at us, and we got cafeteria privileges taken away for a day.
but really, we looked to laugh or feel anything, just to forget.
(i apologize for this all, guys. it just kinda came out)
xyz dead dreams 031207
falling_alone things that i can never remember...please refresh my memory... 031207
Mandijabster J: Whaddya looking at that don't have any good times.

R: I have lots of good times!

J: Name one...

R: *pauses to think* umm...I can't remember any

in order to have memories or good need to remember them. (elephant brain transfusions)
Adam With each passing second, we forget to remember what was now, and we experience what is about to be then. Our memories feign authenticity, and even our expectations wear an amorphous mask of accuracy. And now the mask subsides to reveal the fleeting truth. And then it's gone. Or was it ever there in the first? How long have we been here? Are we here yet? All we have are our memories. How easily we forget ourselves. 040130
paper heart She told me, blessed are the peacemakers. 040514
luvvy we try to hold onto memories because they make us smile...
we try to forget because they make us cry...
but memories are all forgotten...a story is passed down from generation to generation until one person doesn't care...then it's forgotten.
Staind_And_Souless Of you.
Of us.
Killing me.
Loving you.
Wnating you here.
barbra MEMORiES... like the corners of my mind
Misty water-colored memories
Of the way we were
Scattered pictures,
Of the smiles we left behind
Smiles we gave to one another
For the way we were
Can it be that it was all so simple then?
Or has time re-written every line?
If we had the chance to do it all again
Tell me, would we? could we?
Memoriiies, may be beautiful and yet
What’s too painful to remember
We simply choose to forget
So it’s the laughter
We will remember
Whenever we remember...
The way we were...
The way we were...
tyler whether sad or happy, they are always necessary
although they bring pain, they are a part of everything, and although you may want them erased, you cannot erase a part of yourself
anomalous more than i thought i thought, i think 050419
almost doesnt count Will you remember when I'm gone?
Will you keep the memories
and hold on to the leftover wisps?

If my memory serves me right...
It was three months ago today.

Tell me
Will you remember?
Will you keep the memories?
roy batty lost like tears in rain 050421
rachael have you ever retired a human by mistake deckard? 050421
j f sebastian i made them. they're my friends. 050421
Zoe memories of what we used to be. we were so in love, and determined to make it work. now we fight all the time. neither of us love each other anymore. why can't we just let it go? why can't i just let you go? those damn memories of how it once was, and how it could be again maybe? 050422
bellyfire "Can't they just be pictures of old times, reminders of people and places that made you happy once? Can't you just look at them and remember how it was?"

I find that I cannot...
Dragonflye Memories accumulate
over a lifetime.
Children have very few,
and for the most part,
they’re happy.
The older we get,
the more they burden us.
Maybe memories dull
for a reason.
Maybe we can only take so much.
They say some people
die of old age,
but I wonder
could it really be from
the buildup of memory?

(Deposits clogging synapses
instead of arteries,
filling us until we live in it,
and then become it;
death joining us to the ghosts
we’ve always held within.)
Syrope at dinner we talked about the old days...when i was young. my brother insisted on staying home by himself, but i always had to go with my parents. wherever we went, if i got a treat or some candy, i would insist on picking one out for him, back home. all he ever did was steal from me and humiliate me in front of his friends...and mine, actually...but i continued to put his best interests first. then my mom commented "your daddy? the same way. was always thinking of himself" and i felt like i might cry. maybe the reason i block so many memories is that if i really realized the patterns i have gotten myself into, i wouldn't have a reason to go on, to keep trying. i see how futile it all is, i do. 080813
In_Bloom Cherishing what has been good in my life is excitement for the now and a push into the future 081031
lantaren So maybe that trip down memory lane was a terrible idea!

Some things are better left forgotten.

Also the more things change, the more they stay the same apparently...
what's it to you?
who go