silentbob squirt shoot spurt 020421
K.R. "Ancient Pagan" The seed's relaxed remains after
The sacred phallic thrust that reached
From a differing polarity...the true
Ambrosia, so sacred of the soil, of the cosmic Dust and seeking spores that drift thru the limitless expanse...So are the phallus and the seed and so the thrust of life...Upon the Cosmos' grand geology...We are givers and begetters, all bipedal folk...
phil Inside light waits unabashed on fingertips, devouring any sense of the darkness. Outside is trapped in emptiness and wails in unheard agony. Time blows on it's back as it faces the sun; quenching it's thirst in the pain. Voices echo in the wind, like nightmares turning doorknobs and clocks and chimes. Jealous fangs unhinge, The silence from outside blasted in anger, like souls pulled into an airless corridor, rips into the distance. 030328
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