daxle "it's easy to see without looking too far that not much is really sacred" 990515
miniver It is true, they say, such worlds
had been no small design,
nor when the time that came had passed
was left not nothing, not too much less,
nor even hardly wind blowing dust
around that crest, fine furled,
or marching sandmen in a line,
over there where had been
the riverwalk before it was clean swept
by the rain, and before the old vines
began their weeping once again.
Nine Volt Jesus if i could, i would construct a temple

a marvel to behold from without

and an utter vacuum within
a seething void

i would consecrate it and declare it true

that Nothing is Sacred
rachel if you need any blueprints- see your local religious meeting place 000716
MollyGoLightly sacred is a tiny, tiny word. 000727
sabbie sacred and profane
undone but holy
i am a goddess
in my own right
Q Is nothing ... ?

Should anything be?

Raina some things should...

with all that goes on in this world, there should be some things that shouldn't be altered or diluted.

Now, from a religious standpoint, I don't think so, but then again, religion is not sacred to me anyway.
Glory Box I miss John.

Our friendship was sacred

But now it's gone.
heel turn ...cows with secret sauce 001126
gwyllynne I believe in nothing;
everything is sacred.

I believe in everything;
nothing is sacred.
G_wiz13 the freindship between my dad and me was sacred but he died a year ago. 010213
Inanna Sacred Sun

Listen up you say
Lightning strikes the vortex
Crying angels like bats
Screaming albino text
Peace love and joy to you
to everyone
Red rocks hide caves
of dragons
Manifesting as doves
suntans fade
Hair turns gray
Who are they?
Not the mage
We've all played
the card
Of the fool
Guard your ward
And your deck
Of cruel
This may be a waste
of energy
your mind had
a bitter taste
Wyrd O
You're mad

Copyright 2001
sphinxradio makes me think of church and the color red. 011231
kerry my heart, don't break it 011231
ClairE You look like scared, and you and he are all wrapped up in red and his body. Sanctify. Sacrement. We create what is sacred to ourselves. Like falling in love. 011231
ryro Everything you choose to remember .. or forget. 020803
werewolf you need not see that i spiral through life, that responsibility seems to me an extravagant pride, for the strong or the lucky. You need not know that in the lights and rancor of the world i sometimes wish to drown, to stop making sense of, to look at as absurd, as flashes of lightning in a cloudless sky.
i can still live this way.
Why should you care that i feel almost inauthentic for my third dimension when faced with the smiling games and movies and heroics such simple decision trees seem to make possible or that sometimes between a simple song and a complex world, i yearn for nothing more than the song to be enough.
these are not the most important places to see what has become of the sacred. look into the temple and see that it is empty.
that nothing is sacred is not a complaint after work, it is a distance in my eyes. do you not see it? does it not feel like there is nothing it cannot consume?
psa holy, holy, holy, holey
he holed
he howled, he raged
as I laughed with him
at his justified anger
ironic looks exchanged
sacred? Did i make that up?
this world, this mind
it's all sacred?
vulgarity is sacred?
profanity, sacred?
nothing need be sacred
just as long as I can worship it
at the source
all coming from the same chalice
the outside is inside out
moebius is child's play compared
sandra Jesus Christ has a heart that is Sacred and thats the closest we humans will be to the true sacredness of a living and breathing man/GOD, who actually is so Holy/Sacred that he gave us his beloved, the freedom to long for sacred and holy things instead of vile profane foolishness that ends in the death of many peoples souls, as they spit on sacred, the mock the holy and deny their place in Gods eye. 050323
hjfjdf There must be some non-negatory reasons we have words with connotations such as this.... 090803
In_Bloom Skin on skin 090803
() (blather) 090804
lialei that which is irreplaceable. 210509
daf see also: of_freewill 210510
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