paste! as the yondermatologist checked the skin of many from afar, a single raindrop fell into my soup. 011209
sprhrgrl ::shwoooooomp:: 021216
User24 vortex, the word, reminds me of an old happy hardcore MC chant.. something about the cortex, too.. Robbie D? yeah, that's the guy. 031027
grendel in the light of the black hole sun origin point of the_lowest_note 031027
in groups this was one of josh's favorite words.

wherein wishes are granted.

and may i remind you that the world is on fire?
Allgoodpeople which way? 031211
unhinged night_watch
in russian, with subtitles
Lemon_Soda Unhinged = WORD 090309
unhinged and if the third movie would have been in russian, if it even ever got made, i would have been sure to go to the theater. hollywood fucks up all my cool mysticalish dark trilogies by never making the third one.

and then years later they make a third underworld movie but it's a fucking PREQUEL. where's the damn end to the damn story assholes?
what's it to you?
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