jennifer the Hollywood system. It
produces, in order of frequency, crap,
entertainment and art and probably always will
Brad Very, very astute observation, jennifer. I agree wholeheartedly. The same order applies to the music industry. Maybe that's just what happens when capitalism and creative media are thrown in a food processor together. It's really oil and water, when you think about it. 000528
silentbob Peanut oil that rots your teeth. Brush! With Crest!
When i eat too much sugar i need something to balance it out. Radiohead is on tv...
diana wish that my dream may come true as to be really famous as an international star and be married to the man i love and that we may be happily married and that he should love me a lot much,much more than me 050924
Piso Mojado traffic
church of scientology
Kung Fu YuP,

Madonna sung it.. "Something in the air in "Hollywood"

shame about the "i look sexy" Egos though

Take away the fakery and makeup............you are normal pretty people, the way you always wanted to be perceived i believe.....at least i hope so....

... apart from Britney that just loves to show the world her CUNT, she will have to make up for it by teaching less fortunate people her dance moves.
This is not a publicity stunt, it is selling soul.

Think before making yourself look cheap, you are not nothing, you have talent, make it more not less.
I wish i could move the way you do, i wish i had the beautiful body you have, it is special, treat it like a temple.
what's it to you?
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