The Schleiffen Man i saw my first one today, in baton rouge. A temple of Heavenly Father of the church of jesus christ of latterday saints. t'was a bit smaller than i expected but magnificent none-the-less. the pretty chanddelier in the celestial room was stunning and breathtaking. now i know why they restrict access.... 000704
grendel if she be this,
then i be devoted
scorned she's ruining the best part of my life.
I wish i could ruin her.

ruined temple.
Morelen This scar is more than skin deep 010201
vampers i am your temple
worship me
show me your love
show me your soul
share your mind
princess of the dog
what a great band!!
artie Temples do not have to necessarily be concrete. We can make so many things into our own temples
i used to do that alot when i was younger and still do sometimes
but they dont feel the same way about me
Perspective_Of_Soul Desperately i rub my temples with my fingers.
I have that feeling in my head, that one you get when you eat too much ice cream.
It stings my mind like a dagger of solitude tearing my skull with one swift movement, severing my mind from the social reality i am supposed to be in.
I wish my blood was spilled because of it.
Like a river of bubbling black tar with a glossy crimson sheen only the living blood can provide.
Darkness take me..... i beg you.
~gez~ your body is a temple which i worship 020826
.fallen the sanctity of my temple has been breached.... much akin to having vagrants piss on the altar... no longer sanctuary... vile ... mustneed big ritual to re-purify ... to wash it away and make new.. 040404
story of eau maenads have none. 040404
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