whirligirl way too complicated. 000716
filia bleeaaghhh...socializing makes people that way its similar to talking...makes people dumb... 000905
girl_jane not me 020226
bethany is the anitisocial in a big group of socialites. i think they think she's the weird friend. eh, they don't know how wierd they are. 020226
Puppet Delinquency at it's finest 021102
Reverend Lough anxiety......

i fuckin' hate it. what the fuck is wrong...? just freeze up and blurt out complete nonsense.....

is this some kind of a disorder....?
bizzy i don't like socialising. i prefer to sit in my cold room alone. 030924
falling_alone i am anti social, somewhat i suppose. ive learned not to talk...mostly becuase i've lost all necessary skills needed to join in a conversation... 031009
xyz i have nothing significant to say. 031009
Jim ...things make me very sick. 031010
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl social.

One small word.


It can mean so much.

Somebody once told me that I had no place in the social world.

That's fine.

I tried to be like everyone else because then maybe i would be accepted as a human being.

It didn't work.

i don't care any more.
i am who i am.
i wear what i want to wear.
i listen to what music i want to and act the way i want to.
The guy who said i had no place in the social world?
He has nobody now.
Neither do i.

But i chose this; he didn't.

Just a few words to think on.
misstree darlin',
you've got yourself
that's what matters
everyone else
is icing.
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl i like that philosphy :) 031228
Fierce The ignorances socialize together
In their formal parties of six
Maybe to be social is to be understood
Who knows, to be social could be
The end.

iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl i wont let a stranger give me a social disease.

- Madonna
Splinty anxiety. social anxiety. always a hard one to call. 040722
pete the name of the trendy bar i work at 040723
hobbit_Anarchist social? is this like a social gathering? a social problem? a social disorder? social programming? social studies? social worker? A Social? socialism? sociology? either i'm spelling it wrong, or write social enough and it starts to look really funny.

what social? is is domestication? am i quoting a book? i am

socially programmed to repeat what i read that impresses me. but oh well, perhaps it will stop our domestication?

just think about then before you engage in your next

social fornification.

dont buy into society, make it your own, create your own society.

lets start a revoloution, a SOCIAL revoloution. ha ha.

smurfus rex "So, it's sorta social. Demented and SAD, but social...right?" 050125
your mom I'm not anti-social.
I'm pro-alone.
dreamer i'm only social when i'm not lazy, besides social acceptance is not a goal of mine 050301
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl ah uncle smurfus!

breakfast club!!!!!!!
*goes off to watch it again, right after she has more of that delectable vodka*
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