amy UNCLE!! mercy, please!

if it were the truth, it would bring me to my knees. and if not, you still made my day... :)

will make time this weekend.
amy sorry, future blather readers, for a post that makes no sense^^^^. 991203
god electric aunt jemima, goddess of love... 010129
LIL CHRIS I'm tried of the way you look at me and think negative. Why can't you see past the things that I've done to the person that I've become? I'm not who you think I am. I've changed. If anything bad happens it's not always my fault. Your daughter is a fault too you know. I wasn't the one who turned her bad it was all the thugs she dated, but I bet you didn't know that did you?!? I wish that you could at least give me a chance but your too stubborn to even try. I know that we're family and we should have each others backs but how can I have your's when u don't even have mine? 020831
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