Q Stumbling across blather on the way to someplace else and then never getting there happens to people all the time. So you're among similarly situated. Welcome, make yourself at home, and just forget where you thought you were going. Now where you were going is right here.

ferret sometimes i want to go somewhere on blather and i think the link is in a post and it's not, i hate when this happens. then inevitably i find a post that i thought it wasn't but it was and remember that that's where i was trying to go. i love it when this happens. 030119
charlie i happened across blather quite accidentally, and have been hooked ever since. my grades are definately suffering for it. 031202
scorpion heart life happens. 040530
D.- Shit. 050530
whitechocolatewalrus we all make mistakes
i know i make a lot of mistakes
like the one last night
oh i hope nothing bad happens
stork daddy "well you ask me if i miss my baby, i guess i do, everyday. i don't like it but i guess things happen that way." 050531
what's it to you?
who go