charles last night i was a monkey, with a big and floofy tail. 991005
valis i don't know if i can sometimes. 991208
erin you always meet the neatest people when you come in last 000127
lizard the saddest thing i've ever known and the one thing that i will always fear. 001115
deb so i'm pregnant?!
(someone at work
told me i was, it MUST
be true, right?)

why am i always
the last to know
these things?

unhinged i saw the last moments of my life flash before my eyes and it was the most scary thing that has ever happened to me. 010126
*Ziima* Always left. 010218
Chrity go to:
Dj Red the one day i woke up
and you were gone
i spent the whole day wondering
what i did wrong

i looked to the sky
to see if you returned to where you came from
i looked to the east
to see if you were rising with the sun

are you purposly hiding from me?
you were always good at playing games
you know i am not good at playing hide-n-go-seek
where are you my love?

i am feeling love for the first time
is that why i cant find you?
are you feeling invincible?
werent we all before we felt love for the first time?

well then if thats it
this is the last time
Perspective_Of_Soul My position in the list of those that reside the highest in mine. 020817
just make every moment, kiss, dance, walk, talk, and sing count-
for it may be your last
taintedluv the last time i share my heart with anyone just passed, i will FOREVER keep hidden my sweetness...what is it with men that they cannot or will not, choose not to be truth. the universal laws of love & being true, being truth, LIVING it. What happened? my heart hurts and my soul is tired. that which i long for shall never manifest or has not been nor shall be made manifest 040127
taintedluv *throws in towel* 040127
Lemon_Soda What is truth?

Remember, we all have lived different lives and believe different things to be true. If this is the case, then by their own mind, no person has committed wrong save against themselves. Rejection and Exceptence...wich one do YOU think is benevolent? This decision will be with you until the last...
Megan Do they really save the best for last.
Or is it just some pathetic way of making the last person feel not so bad about being last.
Syrope always last minute

because i'll always drop whatever i'm doing
because i'm always waiting
because a commitment ahead of time, for something you're not sure you want to do, is just too much for you to handle

nobody wants what's always available

not even me
Child of Dreams It was my last chance at peace and hope and happiness and it was gone before I knew it existed. It was the final shimmering possibility in the darkness. And I didn't see it until it was too late. There was teh end. The end of chances. The end of pain. The end of everything. What is beyond the end? What happens now? There aren't going to be more chances, more possibilites, more openings. What must I do now? What can I do? It was my last chance. And it's gone. Last. Final. End. No more. 050512
duckling this is going to be the last time, i said. i'm never going to be inside this apartment again. 050708
duckling i mean it, this time. 050708
DJ Brian D day of radiation therapy! It's been a long road to this point, but hopefully the cancer cells are all DEAD! 110404
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