drew the power of suggestion


the placebo effect

psychic phenomena

manifest destiny

call it what you will, there is some noospheric power we wield, eager to break the silly rules we have set before ourselves.
ever dumbening not the adjective
the verb

i love my neighbor jill
this word falls from her lips
not infrequently
she teaches me things without even trying

be careful what you ask for
and the astral

what if we don't know what we want
what if what we want isn't right
what if we manifest the wrong thing

it gets sticky when you ask
with shaking voice
and blurry hands

what of this next meainingless flurry
of someone named:
Keg Girl
Red Head on the Peninsula

did i
ever dumbening i had dinner with my now-ex neighbor on sunday. the same word leapt out again. we talked of work and money and love, of struggle—personal, societal. of darkness and light. we talked of gardening and prostitution.

and sure enough two days later, i happened across someone posting a want ad, looking for a gardener. and then today, an artist reached out to me, someone through whom the earth seems to flow. a picture of her from the side reveals a tatoo of a bee on her shoulder.

jill recently set up a bee hive in her yard.
silentbob Expanse. Road. Yellow lines like perforation as the divider between us and them. We were traveling by van, our breath fogging up the window, carving hearts, stars, and games of tic-tac-toe in the mist. The green of the trees went by in a blur as we traveled eighty miles per hour, the sun breaking through the space between and seeming fluid, like a movie. It just went that fast. The rubber of the tires slapping against the asphalt complemented the beat of our stereo as we carved land in two with our presence. Like we were claiming it for ours, just because we were passing through.
Our luggage was packed snuggly in the back as we’d found the perfect system to make everything fit and still give us enough comfortable leg and breathing room, but barely. We ourselves were like cargo in that van, being shipped from one city to another, tipping our hats like street performers to the audience and then packing up and moving on. Products. Merchandise. Objects. Goods and services. To be adored and remembered but transported on. Like a virus infecting every possible nook of land we could reach.
Cargo was really the most appropriate word.
Spinner could my wishes manifest in reality...
I've had my prayers answered, maybe not the answer I wanted, but definitely the truth.
The truth is always manifest for those who wish to see it, live it, propagate it...
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