Quintessensual when things are lonely, hearts are the things 991005
jon are better in pairs 991206
riot ... especially in poker. 000113
deb sometimes they need
duck tape to keep them
i know mine has...
now, instead of a
purpled fruit,
as jewel likes to describe them,
i am a silver plastic pear
as long as you don't rip

i don't want to fall to pieces
just yet
thank you
old hick Working in a warehouse you learn absolutely nothing. Except how to play hearts. 000122
fyngula i find them everywhere. stains on the sidewalk. stones taking their smooth shape. a mark on the side of my dog. what is God telling me?
to love? and not only give, but learn to receive it as well?
silentbob Like two drums beating in one sonic rhthym, we are forever one as long as we continue this love feeling, the overjoyed happiness, the central feeling of belonging, and advanced chemistry.
No distance can tear our hearts apart.
Bound together with barbed wire, distance only pokes and prods, but it does not break and rip the fabric of our still-beating hearts. Together we are one.
opheliac are fragile.

handle with care
jo Beating, throbbing, sustaining and bloody well, necessary in All things! 010115
wallflower hearts cannot be played
until hearts are broken
birdmad all the world is a card table tragedy

and Cupid the trickiest cheat of them all
blaber mouth dont mess with my heart unless you wanna see my true feelings try to be who im you dont see me,im invisable just a shadow in your mind just a bunch of emotions you dont want unless you love me! 020709
drstrangelove i didnt think i had a heart until just recently it seems that all i have found a lot broken heart pieces in my chest cavity. someone needs to poke my eyes out so i can see to put it all back together again. life would really suck if it werent so interesting... 020710
Rower1 I share my heart with my soulmate. Ive given it to her, she looks after me, she looks after my fragile heart which has been broken so many times before, but i trust her, i trust her more than anything, thats why i give her my life, she is MY Angel and I Love her so much it hurts. A friend is someone who reaches for your hand, but touches your heart. 020804
~gez~ what if you lost her...
this is the reason i am scared of getting too attatched in case seomthing happened. please fear stay, otherwise she will tire of me

ah shit now im depressed
♥ ♥ ♥ cheer up 021204
User24 I found a cheat on MS Hearts, search google for "Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F12" or "www.eeggs.com/items/8600.html" 030529
Amithyst Sey Blade hearts will break, but always will mend with the help of friends. 030611
SJ grudzinski The trump of life 040722
Risen What are they, really? A bundle of wishes?

The pump which keeps us going? A traitor? The only true compass we have?

All I know if that mine will not stay quiet.
unhinged physical or emotional? 150304
what's it to you?
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